Tomer Hanuka’s Melancholia Poster (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release this new Melancholia poster by Tomer Hanuka later this week. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has two colorways (each with an edition of 120), and will cost $45. It goes up Friday, March 16th at a random time. Visit

Click the images to see them larger:

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  1. Anyone know if Mondo will drop the new Akira print by Silent Television. I think that is better than the Stout print.

  2. From what I have heard the Akira print was sold out and will not make it online. No confirmation has been given for AP copies.

  3. This is kind of a disappointing print. I really enjoy Tomer’s other works, but this just seems stale especially considering all the wonderful imagery from the film.

  4. I haven’t seen the whole film so I can’t comment on that, but I do love Tomer’s work. Glad it comes in two colourways and it’s a decent price.

  5. Absolutely love this. Tomer’s got such a unique hand. There are about fifty films I’d like to see him do posters for.

  6. Should this site be renamed to “Mondo Posters”?

  7. Approximately 20 posters and prints on the homepage and only the Hanuka is mondo related. Try again.

    On a side note Hanuka rules.

  8. @Taso, well the owner of this site works with Justin at Mondo.

  9. I havent seen this movie but the print is beautiful

  10. Taso, on a site about posters, do you really think I shouldn’t cover the Mondo releases? Does that make any sense?

    I didn’t even say one word about the gallery opening, but surely you consider scheduled on-sales (which will likely sell out) relevant news, yes?

  11. loved this movie. what a bummer!!
    the print is really nice as well but i can’t get past her
    f a r s p a c e d l e g s

  12. I do think Mondo should be covered but a lot of good posters get missed out on this site and Mondo sure does get more than their fair share of coverage.

  13. Beautiful landscape imagery marred by anatomical discrepancies

  14. Taso, even if Mitch wasn’t a part of Mondo, most people will want him to cover the releases every week, They’re a huge part of the current poster and art industry.

    He does a decent job of covering a lot of great art. There are obviously a lot of releases he doesn’t deal with either, and it depends on his interest in the art and his relationships with the creators of the art work.

  15. I like the style, I like the colors, I love Tomer’s other work, but the title text font and placement is an unfortunate choice IMO.

  16. Tomer never disappoints.

  17. Despite my comments about Mondo, I agree, this site is a great resource and I really appreciate Mitch’s hard work.

  18. That took one minute!

  19. @Admin, since you work at Mondo, how come the print runs are small on some of the prints that would sell out even if you guys printed 1000 of them? The new Akira (seriously) only 90.

  20. They are meant to be limited edition. That’s part of the appeal.

  21. However, I will say this. This week is a bad example of normal coverage. I have been traveling all week for SXSW, so I’ve had hardly any time in front of a computer.

    PS, readers, artists, etc, you are always free to email me with releases that you think should be covered. Sometimes I miss things.


  22. AP Akira will not be released from Silent TV, he said in an email to me that only MONDO has prints- so I think we’re out of luck.

  23. @DD, I think there are more than 90 people in the world that like Akira. I remember reading it from Marvel Epic when it came out. I was floored. So, printing 90 is an insult to all fans around the world. 1000, 2000, 3000 copies are still limited editions. The appeal should only be the artwork not the limited amount. All regular prints should be released like what Olly just did for his Pokemon run and keep the variants limited.
    @PC, I got the same answer. Nice guy.

  24. @natas, I think it is deeper than, “release more posters.” I’m sure it has to do with licensing, collectability, and for certain releases having a low number may actually help artists increase their popularity. Mondo isn’t out to screw people (facebook would tell you otherwise) and from what I can see have actually have helped several artists. This is all my opinion, of course since I don’t actually know the business side of things, and am relatively new to collecting posters/art .

  25. I think Mitch does a great job! Its not like he’s just sitting around twiddling his thumbs waiting to get news of a new print and blogging about it. The guys probably got a hell of a lot more on his plate than just telling us about the newest prints that come out each week. Im sure if he didnt miss a a single prints release this would be more than a full time job…Not to mention there’s a hell of a lot of prints coming out each week and a good majority are somewhat lackluster IMO…we’d probably all be bored.

    Whoever thinks they themself can do a better job at poster blogging, I say go ahead…If you think you’ve got what it takes.

  26. If it is a Mondo print and Akira it will sell at 500 at least. This will bring more exposure to the artist…a lot more than 90 will ever do. So, why 90 admin? What is the reasoning? Are mitch, justin, and rob creating a demand so they can flip the prints they receive for free and really make money. Think about it. They have control of all aspects of releases, as stated in their interviews, and they know what sells or they would not be in the business. So they create the demand on the secondary market to sell their personal prints for the market price.

  27. @shawn You don’t want to start making accusations like that. That’s a very bad idea and bad karma. Mitch, Justin and others have done amazing things with Mondo. Don’t start bad mouthing them. You should be happy that mondo is as popular as it is because it allows them to get awesome licenses, like Akira.

  28. Wow Shawn, in all of my years of hanging around poster sites, that has to be one of the dumbest rants I’ve ever seen. Take one second to think things through before you post them on the internet.

    We each get one copy of a poster, do you really think we’d make more money on that one copy than making the edition larger? Seriously. That makes zero sense.

    Editions on a couple of the posters were kept very low on purpose to be special items for the folks that came to the gallery opening, waited in line for hours, and showed up to support the new space.

    I apologize if you feel entitled to have a copy of every poster ever released, but please think your arguments through, this one could not have sounded crazier.

  29. @Shawn Hahaha You’ve figured it out! Its the “Great Mondotees Flipper Conspiracy!” Now that they know you know what they are up to, I would go and hide. They could be outside your house at this very moment!

  30. I love what Mondo is doing. I love movies and I love illustration. I’ve been blogging about a lot of the illustrators Mondo is now using for years. I don’t think people realize the amount of research and Art Direction that goes into finding the talent Mondo is sourcing. To see guys like Killian Eng, Kako and Silence TV now doing posters is fantastic.

    It’s affordable art from peers that I genuinely respect and the work they are putting out has been a huge source of inspiration. It’s also affordable art and I’ve always kept out of the art collecting game because of the expense.

    I for one am very glad Mondo is around.

  31. Oops I repeated myself there. That’s what you get for writing long comments on your iPhone.

  32. @Admin, you are still avoiding all the questions. I never stated that I feel entitled to any of the prints, just wondering what is behind the reasoning of releasing 90 copies of the new Akira print.

    To quote you:
    “We each get one copy of a poster, do you really think we’d make more money on that one copy than making the edition larger? Seriously. That makes zero sense.” Again, you missed what I was saying. I never said you personally would make more money off of your personal copy by printing more of each poster (even though that would allow more people to get their hands on a print…which is better for everyone). I stated you could make more money on your own copy if you need the money and sell your own copy on the secondary market because of the demand you guys create. You guys create the demand by having a low supply which in turn creates a secondary market of “flipping” and raises the prices. Economics 101 Supply vs. Demand. Seriously, almost $300 for the new Akira print on ebay. Olly Moss’ prints going for $1K. His “Neighbor” going at $300. To name a few that could of had a higher print run. You guys know this happens, and if you print more, the more gets into the hands of people that really would like the prints. It is the same thing with colored vinyl and small press runs. After years of limited vinyl (SUNN O))), ISIS, Mastodon, Converge, Cave-In, Botch, Desert Sessions, etc), the labels got smart and pressed more vinyl and did second, third, and more pressings to allow people who appreciated the vinyl format to get their hands on it without paying the secondary market prices. This in turn made everyone happy. The label sold more vinyl (more $$$ for future releases), the band got more exposure and stuff to sell at shows (more money to keep the band together), and the people did not have to pay the high secondary market price. You know about this because you also run OMG Vinyl. So, that is what I was trying to say. Not trying to insult, just figuring out why such a low print run when you guys know that many more could be sold…which in turn makes everyone happy. From the corporation that hold the original license to the private collector.

    “Editions on a couple of the posters were kept very low on purpose to be special items for the folks that came to the gallery opening, waited in line for hours, and showed up to support the new space.” Doesn’t everyone who buys a Mondo print (either online, at the store, or at the gallery) support the new space. Again, not saying I am entitled. Never did. Since the three of you got your own and probably some of your friends also, that does not leave much for those “came to the gallery opening, waited in line for hours, and showed up to support the new space.” Kind of a smack in their faces especially when they are on ebay right after the opening.

    @DrewDaCollector, Why should I be happy about the Akira license when there are only 90 produced and only the three get a copy each (probably their friends, too) and those who live in Austin get to have them? Good for them. I am happy for them. The same goes for the Tyler Stout edition.

    @Whiterabbit, I see them already.

  33. Exclusivity is bound to piss a bunch of people off, but it doesn’t make it wrong!

  34. sounds like you probably should have gone to the opening if you wanted the prints from that opening. if you want something to be special, make it special, keep it special.

  35. Shawn is just pissed cuz his dumb, naked, unemployed ass didn’t get 3 copies to flip to put new shoes on his white trash kids.

  36. yeah! there is a big gap between homegirl’s legs! WTF! Shawn get over it man. You cant win them all. Not half. Not even a slice. Im just happy I got a few mondo prints. I dont think this will live forever with them selling all the time. After a few more years, other peeps will catch on to the game. its an ever evolving game thing. I just follow this cause its fun for the moment. Cheer up dude :)

  37. Shawn, you misread Mitch’s post.

    He said that he would never make more money from creating a high demand through a low edition than they would by printing more posters…

    What you are suggesting makes no sense at all.

    Let us do the math.

    You yourself quote a price of 300 on eBay for the Akira print. If, like you claim, Mondo are keeping the edition at a low 90 in order to boost the secondary market to that price, their three posters would fetch them $765… that is equal to the price of 17 posters.

    Mitch is saying that if they were trying to get rich, they would much rather print another 110 posters and very likely make $4950 in an hour, instead of gambling on getting a theoretical profit on eBay.

    The prices involved simply aren’t NEARLY high enough for your theory to make any sense.

    Do their track record of fast-selling posters make their next drops more likely to sell out, yes. But, that does not mean that there is a grand conspiracy, just that they are being smart about steadily building a sustainable business in a market full of really shitty business models.

    As many people on here will tell you, there are a lot of poster artists and related businesses out there with stacks and stacks of posters they will never get rid off.

    Striking the perfect balance between supply, demand, profits, expenses and output is not an easy task. I would say Mondo is doing a great job in that area.

  38. @Kim, I am not talking in general. I am talking about the Mitch, Justin, and Rob’s personal prints. Their own value is high because of the demand they create. They each have one copy of everything printed (including variants). So, by creating a demand for the prints, their personal value is higher. How many prints a year does Mondo release including variants? Over 100. Average market value of a Mondo print, I would say $150…probably higher due to variants. So, one could guess…they have at least $60,000 worth of Mondo prints in their personal collection due to the fact of a high demand and low supply. If they created a higher supply, their personal value would decrease. If they wanted to fix the secondary market, they could easily do open editions, reprints, etc.

    @Stoney, Me gots thre (me thought me count high) wat u cal those fanzy thangs…”shoes” for me rugrats. Attack my kids…very smart of you. One day I hope someone gouges out your eyes and skull fraks you.

  39. @Knock Knock, There is an echo…in the canyon. It is not about winning them all. Like I said, I never felt entitled. They create the secondary market and profit from it…if they need to. Just pointing that out. They could easily fix things if they wanted to. But, they are not.

  40. Shawn you couldn’t be more misguided here. Just let it go.

  41. if you want it play the game…. buy, sell, trade
    that’s what collecting is all about

    and lay off Mitch, he’s about as honest as they come

    It’s just a hobby

  42. holy hell this is some delusional shit…

  43. @dd, I blame the internet… and maybe the water?

  44. If you want the goddamn print so bad, then buy it on the goddamn secondary market. Period. End of story. Quit your pathetic whining.



  45. I’m only a casual collector, I have some Kevin Tong prints, Crosshair, Delicious Design League, etc. on my walls…

    So, here is my $0.02 …

    I do wish more artists out there would release 2nd editions (unnumbered) with new colorways. Hell, I don’t even care if they’re signed, there’s just some prints out there I’ve never even sniffed the chance to get since I’m working when the majority are released.

    I simply cannot afford to get them on the secondary market and would much rather support the artist directly. Granted, I can certainly appreciate licensing issues and what have you.

  46. Shawn: the point still standas that putting out larger editions makes them a lot more money than manipulating the market ever will at that price point. Is that really that hard to wrap your head around?

  47. Flipspirocy theory!

  48. …Even, if you give them nothing they WILL find a way to argue about nothing.

  49. …Even if you give them nothing they WILL find a way to argue about nothing.

  50. shawn is the worst

  51. Is this for real? There’s no way anyone is really that stupid right? What is this kid like 17? This is why I don’t read the comments on here. What a whiner

  52. 60K!!! I’m cashing in my Mondo collection and buying a boat.

  53. if you wanna talk some crazy rumours, how about the FACT that “tyler stout” doesnt exist and all of his prints are drawn by an army of laborers in the very same chinese factory that produced beanie babies? and who is the largest collector of beanie babies? mitch putnam.

  54. mondo is actually perfecting a great business model. i’m glad big corporations hasn’t penetrated this hobby. mondo reminds me of an underground band that’s getting super popular. the good news it that mondo is catering to both movie fans AND collectors, so instead of printing 1000 copies of everything they’re making the edition sizes comparable to the demand.

    thumbs up Mondo and everyone that makes up of the Mondotees crew. i’ll gladly spend my last dollar on you guys before the next one. you guys started this whole art collecting scene for me so i’ll never forget you guys for it.

  55. and for the guy crying, man stop trippin of fucking colored paper artwork. who cares if they made 90 Akira, the fact that mondo printed it and made it available for fans to purchase is already great service to us.

    if you’re so desperate for a poster go to fucking kinkos and print yourself one, problem solved.

  56. I’ll second what hammertime says. My first poster was a chuck sperry, i didnt know what screen prints were i expected a glossy cheapish poster when i got it i was blown away . Soon after that i found mondo posters and when i got my first one of those i couldn’t believe the beauty the skill, the size of it for what was then equivalent to £16 . I then found this site omgposters ,which has led me to so many great artists . Mondo has gained so much poularity but in my opinion hasnt sold out and i’ve never thought that mitch who runs this site has ever used its popularity for his own financial gain which most would have done. Mitch and mondo (sounds like a cartoon) are both examples in my eyes of people who create and sell posters because they love the medium . The accusations in this thread have saddened me because they are aimed at people who although i have never met them i respect through seeing how they conduct their businesses .

  57. @ Kim, then why are they not releasing more numbers in their print run? Or doing Second run, etc. That would be more money in everyone’s pocket. And, I agree with you on that. As I stated before, the Independent DIY labels figured it out. Wondering why Mondo is not doing it. There has to be a reason.

    @Hammertime, sorry, they are not making edition sizes comparable to demand. How do you explain $2K for the Tyler Stout Akira, >$1K for Olly Moss’ Star Wars, >$300 for any Mondo Variants, the list goes on. Obviously, they are not.

    For anyone who questions my quote of $60,000…Find the value of each print every printed by Mondo including variants on the secondary market and add the up the total $$$. Tell me I am wrong. I can find 10 prints right now and I am 10% of the way to the total.

    They have been in this business long enough to know which prints will sell at a couple hundred to a 1000 or more. Would love to see Olly Moss’ numbers on the Pokemon series he just did? Would bet the number is over 1000.

    For those who insult, it is easier to do that and miss the point of what I am saying.

  58. That was a thoroughly good read, thanks Shawn.

  59. I can’t believe I’m responding to this, but I just can’t deal with this much stupid.

    Shawn, Mondo does not release larger editions of their prints because they are in the business of selling limited edition prints. As has been pointed out here, sometimes the edition sizes are related to licensing restrictions, and in some cases, the artists are the ones determining the size of the run since it’s their artwork. Yes it sucks when you don’t get a print you want because someone else beat you to it (especially if that someone else only bought it to sell on eBay). But you know what? Increasing the run is not what Mondo is going to do.

    Runs of 1000 may still be “limited”, but not in the same sense as the boutique business model Mondo follows. Mondo is not responsible for the aftermarket prices, buyers are. So long as someone is willing to pay an exorbitant amount, sellers will sell for that amount. There are also plenty of other artists who sell extremely limited amounts outside of Mondo, but I don’t see you griping that they’re manipulating the market in order to drive up the prices of their “personal stash” of APs — cause you know artists have more personal copies themselves than Mondo employees will ever have.

    Bottom line is you just need to accept that Mondo does things in a way you don’t like (low runs of highly popular prints) and move on. Spouting off conspiracy theories about how Mondo employees are manipulating the market for their own personal gain just makes you seem like sour grapes, not to mention uninformed.

    As a wise man once said (paraphrased) — you won’t have every print, you CAN’T have every print, there’s always another print, and once you accept these things, you will be much happier. So take a deep breath, and find your happy spot.

  60. I want to keep egging you on out of fun.

    I’m not sure you understand the definition of “hobby” and “limited.”

    Doing second runs or increasing initial runs waters down the brand. And if you’re going to say it’s all about the art, then take the above guy’s advice of just going to kinko’s and making a copy. Screenprinting is what it is because it takes talent and skill and this hobby is what it is because of that talent but also because it’s not the same as going into a walmart and buying a tightly rolled up glossy print of SI bikini models or terrible floating head one sheet for a stupid glittery vampire movie.

    Also, I don’t think anyone questioned your $60,000 value. Just made fun of it. If you think these guys would sell their integrity for $60,000, then I simply must come to the conclusion that you are just doing this to entertain us all. Thank you for hat.

  61. @Rob Jones: I have a boat that I will trade for your Grammy.

  62. @dd, Oh noes not the Beanie Babie theory! *passes out*

  63. Shawn, you would fit in with the rest of the loonies right here:

  64. @Shawn

    I have an Akira poster and you don’t.
    Stop blaming everyone, it’s annoying.

  65. When the value of the U.S. dollar falls to zero mondo prints will become the U.S. currency in post-apocolyptic America. Austin will be the new capital of the United States and people will flock their in droves while avoiding the zombie hordes. Justin will be the richest man in America followed by the admin of omgposters. All Hail Mondo!

  66. All Hail Mondo !!

  67. All Hail Mondo!

  68. Man, this is so good.

    I’m scrambling for something– ANYTHING– that I can sell to Shawn.

    Out of curiosity, Shawn, how old are you? This might make the whole thing make more sense.

    Like, if you’re 8 years old or something, then I don’t really expect you to understand how a market works. The whole thing would just be kinda cute.

  69. Shawn: Yes, the a lot of labels ARE making fifteen different editions of different colored vinyl in the same shitty slipcase, and it fucking sucks. Also, they have to sell 50-100 times as many units of an album for the artists themselves to make half of what an artist is making through selling a run of 100 posters through Mondo. And the vinyl is such a small part of their revenue stream… and, and, and… apples and oranges.

    Their licensing, demand, growth of the business model etc., all hinges on their editions being lower than the numbers you re talking about. It is not as simple as “print more posters” so everyone gets one, just as a bank can’t “print more money” so everyone has enough.

  70. I have to give it to Shawn, he has a point there.

    Why it have to be between “you get none” and “you get all”?

    It would not probably do any harm to anyone if the runs would be a bit bigger. This dos not mean that it should jump from 90 to 1000 or 10000.

    Would be really cool to see what would happen if Mondo would drop some poster same way like Olly did with Pokemon. Then most who really want that one would really get it, people would not miss out cause of “calculating shipping” thing/lag, if print is ugly like Gremlins 2: The New Batch then there would not be leftovers and some people would still miss out and buy that from ebay but prices probably would not be so insulting high.

    Like that Stout Akira, well i dont have change to fly overseas for that kinda thing, but maybe for 2k$ i could have done it.
    Makes me sad, but hey grats to them who got one to sell.

    I am not collecting posters for some stash, i really want to put em on my walls. Maybe some day i run out of space and then have to think about this again but not there yet.

    I really enjoy this site, Mondo and have found some cool new artists but Mondo could try to make their thing bit more fair to people who dont live in Austin, Texas or U.S.
    And maybe some day i will also get Mondo print of an movie that i really care from Mondo’s site and not directly from Artists or Ebay.


  71. @shawn: who cares what mondo does and how much their personal collection is worth? you sound like an old man with a high blood pressure problem from all the salt you’ve been taking. this hobby isn’t a fucking race bro. enjoy the ride while it last.

    the fact of the matter is they got people in this hobby because of their creativity and vision. even if mondo is worth 100 million now, if they keep the catering to the fans we’ll still support them. you know the game’s dead when mondo starts busting out 2nd and 3rd editions. fans see through that a scheme and from my experience mondo isn’t all about the money. compare mondo and mbw and you’ll clearly see who’s shafting the fans.

    like what i said, why don’t you print your Akira on Kinkos if you’re gripping about the edition size.

  72. Posters and Toys releases second edition APs. They have been fluctuating on run sizes though. @ Shawn
    Ben E Hala Mela Me!!! Lol

  73. Since everyone else who is on this site, made a post, I feel left out.

    Missed a print and can’t get it? Hire an artist to draw something similar for you. There’s a shit-ton of talented artist out there, drop us a line.

    Just saying……

  74. Since everyone else has an opinion…in think Mondo is everything that’s wrong with Art.

    It’s a couple guys who found a niche to exploit…simple as that…but hey, cant really fault them as loving what you do is great…but a majority of their prints are photochopped collages that are handed off to master printers to pull. It’s up to the consumer to realize that most of what their buying is run of the mill, team oriented design.

    If you don’t think the early hype machine was in full effect for Mondo, you’re uneducated….every business creates supply and demand, Mondo is no different…therefor I, as an educated consumer with personal preference stay out of the Mondo Machine’s way unless one falls in my lap (like an Akira that will never be framed)

    “Shawn” is spot on….though his angst/jealousy is overshadowing his articulation of the matter.

    Some people have no problem creating a business model that exploits certain markets…I just think the Arts is an easy mark that shouldn’t be taken for a ride….but what the f*ck do I know, really?

  75. Wow, again.

    Photochopped collages that are handed off to master printers to pull, huh?

    We consider most of the artists that work with Mondo to be some of the best working today.

    If you don’t agree, well, probably good that you steer clear.

    Saying you don’t like Mondo is one thing, but don’t disrespect the artists, they are extremely underrated and are probably just as talented (if not more) than whatever you’re buying.


  76. Mondo is great – Mitch is awesome – Shawn is a nut – Kalm is Shawn – Im an insomniac – end of story!

  77. I’m not Shawn….and yes, many Mondo Artists are great…but that (semi)new movie style is scribble collage that’s put together and rearranged in Photoshop and then burned to a screen > off to master printers…there are artists on this page alone that put months of work into pulling prints themselves, no short cuts. Again, this is my personal opinion….if you like it, that’s great!

  78. Mondo releases tend to be this way…not all the artists works…

  79. I am not jealous…never said. But, think about it people. Why would an artist want to limit a print number to a small amount? That makes no sense. Why would Mondo want to keep things limited so only a small amount of people has access to it. If they printed more, more people would get their hands on a print and not pay the high secondary market price, the artist would get more money and people would know more about the artist and most likely purchase the artist’s other works, and more prints sold means more money for Mondo. So, why are they not doing these? Those people who think they know the answer, do not. The three have stated that they control the numbers printed in interviews. admin has been ignoring this by calling me “dumb.” And of course, majority of you are going to defend them even if you are blind.

    And again, admin is not saying anything about my points. That means I am correct. They do not want to fix the problem of the secondary market. They can easily keep things “limited” for you collectors by printing variants.

    As for the colored vinyl, the labels issued colored vinyl for people to purchase directly from the label. This brought in more money to the label directly…instead of money going to the retailer and distributor (that is a way of getting more people to buy their product at the retail level). Once, this caught on and the secondary market exploded, more vinyl was produced per release to lower the price on the secondary market. The labels even did the reverse, made black vinyl the rare/variant and the colored vinyl more available to the public. Mondo does not want to do this. They want to keep the demand high because they know that their personal collection will be worth 6 figures soon. Funny thing, the three do not mention anything about Tim Doyle running Mondo. So, there is a reason for everything.

    Why is the game over if they do 2nd and 3rd edtions? Looks like they are doing it with the Sideshow variants. The game would be over for you uptight collectors.

    No, I am not going to go to Kinkos and print something that has been copyrighted or licensed.

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