Don’t Forget – A Bunch of Mondo Posters Will Be Released Tonight During The Oscars

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, real life pulled me away for a bit. I wanted to give a quick reminder that a number of new posters will be released randomly tonight during The Oscars (which start at 7:30pm Central Time). The info is below, visit

Hugo by Kevin Tong

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 295, $45:

Hugo by Kevin Tong (Variant)

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 100, $65:

Rango by Tom Whalen:

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 270, $40:

Bullhead by Jay Shaw

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 80, $30:

Bridesmaids by Dave Perillo

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 220, $40:

32 Responses to “Don’t Forget – A Bunch of Mondo Posters Will Be Released Tonight During The Oscars”

  1. I find that I don’t particularly care for any of these. Which is kinda sad being Mondo usually produces such amazing work. They all, unfortunately, kind of feel like afterthoughts.

  2. Scored a regular Hugo print!

  3. Tried to get one of the Mondos from the Oscars: anyone; and I got the regular Hugo right before they sold out; Lots of waiting; but I got one;Thank you Mark P.

  4. Boo Hoo for me. I tried, but no luck. Refreshed, refreshed … clicked immediately for the standard Hugo, went to purchase and got the endless gear spin as usual. There must be a trick. Someday… Looks like eBay again for this one. Already like 50+ listed. Amazing. I very much liked the Hugo and Rango posters. Bullhead was not my cup of tea and I figured I’d get beat up if I hung the Bridesmaids poster in my office.

  5. Anyone wonder how much Justin makes (in pocket) per print? Is it $5, $10, or more? Anyone else wonder why he is so secretive about who his contact his in the movie world or how he does it? If you keep the information to yourself, there is no change or new thoughts that come into play and things become dull and boring. Just a random thought.

  6. i didn’t try for these but i am a fan of mondo’s prints. that said, looking on ebay the flippers are just killing me. 94 prints on there now just from the release last night. these people are going to buy a print just to make a extra $20 on ebay. they make promises saying it won’t even be opened just put right back into the mail. that to me is lame. i’m not trying to tell someone what they should do with their money. i just think these people seem like roaches to me begging for crumbs of money. it’s like a person that crashes a wedding, steals a piece of cake so they can go around to the relatives trying to sell it to them.

  7. Totally agree. Theres a Rango on there for $70 or best offer. After ebay and paypals fees get taken out, you may make $8-10 bucks. Whats the point?

  8. I have never flipped a poster. However, I can’t help but wonder what the big deal is? If I buy a home at auction and flip it for profit, I’m actually doing the neighborhood a favor by raising the value of their homes. If I buy cases of freakin pinto beans at wholesale and sell them for retail, nobody thinks I’m “killing” them or calls me a roach. I just don’t get the anger. It seems like some “boo-hoo, I didn’t get to pay less for a poster than it’s actually worth and somebody else did” bullshit. Where does the sense of entitlement come from?

  9. I’m not taking one side or the other, but anyone who is saying that it only makes you $8-10 is thinking short term.

    1. The point is that you never know which poster will sell for $8 or $300. It’s no sweat off their backs if it just breaks even, or makes a few bucks. About 1 of every 6 posters sells for a significant profit, and it’s an even better ratio if you know which artists will make money or not.

    2. If you buy two sets of posters a month, keep just one, and sell the second for it’s cost + shipping then you save around $25+ a year in shipping alone. That guy who sold the Rango poster for $8 in profit also paid no shipping on his Hugo posters. So it ends up being $22+.

    All together, if you buy every print and resell it then you will make about $1500+ a year tax free for taking a poster on your front door and dropping it off on the way to work. Add in that you almost never pay shipping and you save $350+, and it’s more than worth it’s just to fund one ridiculous print a year. Who on here could afford to buy an Ansin Phantom of the Opera today? People who flip is the answer.

  10. That should have been $350 a year in shipping alone.

  11. So what you’re saying is youre the one selling the Rango for $70 or bo? :)

  12. The ones who complain are the ones who do not get a print. If someone makes $10 to $20 off a print that costs $40, that is a 25 to 50% profit. Can not beat that on the stock market. Some, like the Olly Moss, bring in almost 500%. Don’t hate the player…hate the game. All Justin has to do is print more. If anyone should be to blame, it is is him. He creates the supply and demand.

  13. i must be confused i thought i was looking at and enjoying art. i will tell you right now i didn’t even try to get one of these print so don’t use that hating the game line. but just being realistic its messed up some fan wanted one and it’s on ebay being sold by some guy who can care less whats in that shipping tube. i hope these people don’t think they are art dealers. it’s closer to a scalper buying up all the tickets to a concert or game they don’t even care about then selling them at an inflated price. glamorize it all you want, these people are scum.

  14. Don’t hate the player OR the game. The only reason all those 18X24’s in your flat file are worth the paper they’re printed on, is because somebody sold theirs for more than they bought it for.

  15. @Tommy, Dad with two kids…not scum. Some prints I sell, some I keep, and some I do not get. And, that is life.

  16. If you can’t beat ’em , join ’em.. It all equals out if you play it right.

    But I agree, prints would still sell if the runs were to double in most cases with mondo .

  17. Just bought a Hugo reg on the bay… had to! Great movie!

  18. Natas, you are talking some weird shit. First of all, Mondo isn’t even owned by Justin. He’s also not the only employee or the only person making decisions on edition sizes (the entire Mondo team, the artists, and the IP holders are all involved in the process). If you’re gonna address/blame Mondo, address/blame the company, not one person that works there. Sheesh.

  19. I admit I did actually “Boo Hoo” in a prior post, but my problem is not being able to figure out how to ever get anything from Mondo. I refresh like crazy and the instant the item pops up, I move rapidly through the system. I just never get past the first step once I go to pay. Am I missing something? I see others getting both the standard and variant poster [and then putting them on eBay]. Do they have a hive of people manning a battery of computers and just getting through? Is it because I own an iMac?

    On the issue of scarfing up the posters and turning them on eBay, I don’t see that the people are scum – a bit harsh, don’t you think? Rather I envision people trying to make a buck to feed the family or fund the lust for posters they want to own and frame [which is really expensive]. Frankly there are two ways to look at these things: investments and/or art. Reselling any sort of limited edition item can create a market and thus increase the value of your initial investment if you want to sell the item or pass it on to ungrateful children who will no doubt sell them at a garage sale. So, if you are investing, you should have no problem with the idea of reselling. As to art, with no real concern as to money value, I would like to see these posters offered in two versions. Why not have a limited run for the investors and collectors concerned with such ideas and an unlimited run for those interested in the art for the sake of the art itself? Tyler Stout produced a couple versions of his amazing Captain America poster. One was an offset [nothing I would want – snob that I am], that was designated by a small red banner at the top of the poster. The art print had a blue banner. How about something similar from Mondo. A slight variation designating something as an unlimited print. Seems like everyone could win. They could even be offered as an after initial offering option and once an certain number of orders were placed and paid for, they could do the run. Or something like that. Just a thought.

  20. To add to the argument I buy posters all the time for the purpose of flipping, but I keep just as many. I usually sell one to make up the cost of the other one I keep. I also buy prints I miss by going to other flippers on eBay. I view it as the circle of life for this hobby. Basically the prints I have are free because of the other posters I flip for profit.

    I also think the runs of the more popular posters/artists should be larger, I wouldn’t care if it ruined my flipping business because I usually have to go to ebay for the Moss, Stout, Ansin etc, anyways. SpokeArt does it and I think its more fair to the collector, (I know, I know, mondo is a boutique and keeps it small to make it collectible bla bla bla) But I know file-sharing websites where giant scans of these same posters are traded freely because the demand is so high. It takes money away from the artist and the company that could use that money into more interesting projects (like Mondo Mystery Movie on the road maybe?).

  21. Hrm, apparently there are two Ryan’s. Gunna have to use another name after this.


    Nah, flipping Whalen’s stuff isn’t worth my time honestly. I just understand why others would take the chance. Most of the stuff I sell is due to buyers remorse, and only if I can’t trade it away on EB.

  22. @admin, thank you making that clear…I had noticed on the web that Justin runs Mondo or is the head boss. So, I just assumed that he made all the decisions. So, blame the entire system and not the flippers. Also, they could be more open about the process (instead of keeping it a guarded secret) and help others who would like to do this.

  23. To solve the flipper problem have open, timed editions. And, then print as many as where purchased. All this complaining is the same thing that happened during the vinyl craze that went on for the past few years…especially with Converge, Botch, ISIS and Sunn O))) vinyl (to name a few).

  24. @Real Ryan, I was just kidding with ya. You had an interesting point I had never thought about.

  25. Flipped the regular Hugo print and made just over $20.00 profit. Not much but better than nothing. Now I have $20.00 extra in my pocket to put toward the next print that I like.

  26. Natas, why the hell would Mondo help other poster-outfits by giving their business-plan away? You sure as hell don’t see anyone in *any* other form of business give out information on their business partners/contacts. If they did either, they wouldn’t be in business for long, or keep their contacts.

    Most poster artists freely share techniques, because the key to success is pretty much only doing steady, good work and building a name. However, the idea that Mondo should publish the type of information you talk about is flat out ridiculous, and this is coming from someone who is a printer himself.

  27. I still wanna know whats really in the big mac special sauce!

  28. @Kim, so if someone has a great and wonderful idea and does not have the means of contact and the idea gets lost and is gone. But, if someone would help that person out who has the information, then that it is truly a good thing. So, what you are saying, it is not about the art but the money. And, that is what I thought. BTW, I run a DIY label and received lots of help and information from other labels and they shared their experience with open arms and continue to do so.

  29. @ Bean

  30. Natas: That is not what I’m saying at all, I am saying that there is a huge difference between artists sharing techniques, and a large company handing out their businessplan and their industry contacts which is what you suggested earlier.

    The first happens every day over at Gigposters where artists share their process, their studio layouts, the blueprints for building your own equipment, offer discounts on used machinery and countless other tips and tricks, the second never happens anywhere because it is ridiculous for a business to do so and no one in thier right mind expects them to.

    Mondo is a large business, I would guess that they have a relatively large overhead for being in the poster business, and they have employees, that factors into their individual pricing, the decision to do variants, the sizes of editions, shipping costs and every other part of any release. They have been able to get a good network going with regards to licensing, and they are very, very wise to guard that network, just like any business would guard their list of clients, because that is their business and the thing that keeps them off the streets.

    Sharing techniques between artists is great, but it is a completely different thing.

  31. @Kim…I agree with the artist sharing and that I know happens all the time, but that networking would be useful to some of those with great ideas who do not know who to contact to try and get a license. Plus, they have enough of a following that it would not hurt the business model. It might even help them with new people.

  32. No matter how you nice this one up, @natas, yer wrong this time. The more time any business has to spend keeping ahead of the competition to make ends meet, the more the work suffers. The art HAS to be about the money, or the art goes away. If you have a great idea, work hard to put it out there, if nobody buys it, it probably wasn’t that good of an idea in the first place. Stealing somebody else’s ideas/clients/contacts, only waters down what you do.

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