The Kills NYC Poster by Rob Jones

Rob Jones has been quietly cranking out some of the best work of his career lately. His new poster for The Kills in NYC is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with metallic inks, has an edition of 235, and costs $35. Visit

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  1. Really nice, touching as well, and nothing wrong with that as we can use more prints of substance with feeling and sentiment that rings genuine!

  2. Is there a back story to this? On my end it just looks like a photo of NY with two balloons. I love Rob’s posters but I’m not seeing what is so good about this

  3. I think the feeling is that the two black balloons perhaps represent something now missing from New York? Or maybe they are just two runaway balloons from The Kills anniversary party…I’m not sure.

  4. Maybe since this is his wife’s favorite band, maybe she like the song Black Balloon? Love the scene of NYC with those two balloons. Not his best but represents the Kills well IMO.

  5. If you cannot see what is so good about this, you need your fucking eyes checked or to find a new place to hang out. – E

  6. So much hostility. Ah. did someone lose another fight?

  7. “Is there a back story to this? ”

    its a rob jones poster, theres a bare minimum of six back stories to it.

  8. I think a lot of it has to do with “Black Balloon” being a gigantic (and awesome) song by The Kills. As for what a black balloon means thematically, both in the song and poster, that’s a deeper subject that I’ll just sound dumb if I explain (but basically the opposite of a red balloon). Listen to the song.

  9. I have to listen to that song. BTW, I love the poster. Black balloons are good.

  10. if this looks good on the computer, then its sure to look 100% better in life. I love this print, and i dont even like NY. Im from Cali.

  11. I think the two black balloons are also The Kills themselves. There are two of them (VV (Mosshart) and Hotel(Hince)), and often people release balloons at celebratory occasions e.g. a 10th anniversary.

  12. Beautiful poster

  13. Thanks for the clarification. I’m not really a big fan of the band so I was wondering what it meant. Off to listen to the song now!

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