Help Fund Jay Cheel’s “How To Build A Time Machine”, Get A Jesse Philips Poster

Documentary filmmaker Jay Cheel is currently running a campaign for his upcoming film, “How To Build A Time Machine”, as part of Hot Docs’ “Docignite” project (kinda like Kickstarter, but for documentaries). I first started talking to Jay after becoming a fan of his podcast, Film Junk, which I highly recommend. What does this have to do with posters? Well, if you donate at least $100, you get a limited edition poster by Jesse Philips (which MAY be screenprinted, they’re still deciding) plus some other goodies. Check out the campaign video below, then think about throwing him some cash. Visit Docignite.

How to Build a Time Machine – Doc Ignite Campaign Video from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “Help Fund Jay Cheel’s “How To Build A Time Machine”, Get A Jesse Philips Poster”

  1. Very cool poster!

  2. Hope the film lives up to the poster as that’s pretty awesome.

  3. very nice. He is using John Titor’s future military insignia.

  4. This looks so incredibly awesome.

  5. Oh shit that poster’s awesome! The film looks rad too but Philips did a stellar job on the art.

  6. Wow cool poster. I was really fascinated by the John Titor fad back then but I don’t really believe any of it now. That documentary looks really good however, and I’ll see what I can do to help it. Not sure if I can give $100, although I would absolutely love to get that print above.

  7. awesome poster

  8. Yeah, i was fascinated with Titor as well. I didn’t know the doc was about him (except for seeing the military insignia) on my first post until I read more. I gave them some monies. I figure an interesting sci-fi documentary is worth it.

  9. His last movie (Beauty Day) was absolutely fantastic and it’s looking like this one is going to trump it.

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