If You’re Into Posters, You Should Be Listening to the Adventures in Design Pocast

I spent the weekend packing orders and listening to an awesome new podcast about posters and design. Hosted by Hero‘s Mark Brickey and Delicious Design League‘s Billy Baumann, the Adventures in Design podcast touches on subjects like running a small business, attracting clients, and project management, but all tied into the world of graphic design and concert posters. They’ve done three episodes so far: The first is an introduction, the second features an interview with Sonnenzimmer, and the third includes a chat with Aesthetic Apparatus. As with any podcast, they started out a bit shaky and have gotten better with every show, so stay tuned, it could get really good. Like them on Facebook, then download episodes here.

11 Responses to “If You’re Into Posters, You Should Be Listening to the Adventures in Design Pocast”

  1. That Sonnenzimmer interview was fun…great ppl making great work.

  2. Really great podcast.

  3. These are a lot of fun to listen to, I’m glad they’re doing it, and looking forward to the next ones.

  4. Meat Puppers!

  5. loving these

  6. loving these

  7. listened while working yesterday. excited about more.

  8. Great Podcast. Thanks!

  9. ugh 55 minutes into the pilot to find out no sharing info on texturizing? WTSMH?

  10. the day you posted this i had been wondering if there were any good design podcasts. meant to post this comment then. thanks for sharing!

  11. you can find AID’s on iTunes now! So, please subscribe. Thanks.

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