Daniel Danger’s The Woman In Black Poster Is On Sale NOW!

Due to Daniel and I having a very, very late night conversation originally, the on sale time was wrong. These are for sale NOW. 24″ x 36″ screenprint, edition of 200, $60. Visit TinyMediaEmpire.com.

14 Responses to “Daniel Danger’s The Woman In Black Poster Is On Sale NOW!”

  1. I got one!

  2. With all the entries into the contest, I can believe this hasnt sold out yet. Beautiful print! I cant wait to see it inperson!

  3. *cant*

  4. i agree, almost 900 people try to win one but can not sell 200, strange

  5. Should look great with Star Trek, and Cowboys and Aliens of the recent movie posters he has done. I like when he works with blue.

  6. well, its “writing your name” vs “paying $60”, of course its not going to be the same number. plus, the movie just came out today, people are going to go see it first. its not that strange to me. a majority of the run sold today, the rest will trickle away through the weekend.

  7. I love the image so I entered the contest. I know nothing of the movie and unless it’s the next Citizen Kane (or caddy shack) I don’t really care $60 worth to have the name on my wall… If he does a variant I’d grab it

  8. I like that Daniel is coming out of the Harry Potter image in this movie. I love the poster. Kudos!

  9. I know why it hasn’t sold out. It’s not flippable.

  10. why do people care so much whether a print sells out? Its like buyn a shirt at the gap then comin back to check if it still there

  11. Wait, you mean other people have my Gap shirts?

  12. Personally…I dont know if its that I “care” if a print sells out or not…But when it comes to something like a limited edition print and you are able to score one that does sell out for your collection. I guess it just makes it a little more special in some strange way. I duno? Just my opinion. Either way I bought one cause I love Daniels work.

  13. Throw Mondo onto it and will sell out.

  14. How was this printed? It doesn’t feel like a screen print?

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