Ken Taylor’s Drive Poster (Onsale Info)

A number of copies of Ken Taylor’s Drive posters will be sold online tomorrow. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 445, and will cost $45. It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, February 2nd) at a random time. Visit

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  1. Holy shit Ken, amazing as usual!

  2. This poster is amazing! I’m really looking forward to not getting it. Oh, well.

  3. i better get this. the last 5 prints ive tried to get the last two weeks ive been unlucky

  4. I didn’t even notice the highway in the background at first. Great poster for a great movie.

  5. i hope MONDO has LOVE for the WEST COAST on this drop. Give us all a chance and wait until AFTER 9am pst PLEASE. : )

  6. Its already being flipped lol, Nice poster though I kinda like this one a little more than James White’s but its a close call

  7. Hey girl. . .

  8. They already sold alot of the prints when Mondo had a screening for the blue ray release. Which is why so many are already on ebay and why the sellers already have them in hand.

  9. correct… it was of 450 i believe, and the theatre seats 220.
    That leaves about 200 for online sale if I had to guess.

  10. I would like to have this

  11. That’s what’s up! Too bad I can’t buy this. Some of us do hard labor for a living. Congratulations to all you shysters tommorrow. This was a great movie. A few parts didn’t make sense after watching it twice though.

  12. I enjoyed it too. Congrats on the Hard Labor gig- i play the drums if that counts(?). That’s usually the case in Action flicks of this nature- actually, you’ve reminded me of the opening monologe in Rubber. Check that it’s pretty interesting.

  13. hey, if anyone wants it, i will try to pick it up for them tomorrow at cost. i have no desire for this mondo print. i will sell it at cost,. i promise nothing though. if i can get it, check back here tomorrow and i will post if i got it or not.

  14. amazing poster, dint like movie tho.

  15. hey neverly why dont you fuck off? dont want it and still try to buy to sell more expensive and make money, asshole

  16. I always gotta fuck around on another site when the drop happens.

  17. If anyone got one to sell it at cost, please hit me up!

  18. Ya, would love to have one as well for reasonable price oe trade.

  19. Hey, thedude–neverly was actually offering to sell it at cost. Don’t know if he got one or not, but it was a nice offer.

  20. the sixth print in a row that i couldnt get even when waiting for it. i give up

  21. if anyone has one to sell also- hit me up!

  22. First success with the Mondo site. One of my favorite films too – so happy. Website didn’t appear to hang at all this time either.

  23. Went to the kitchen to get a sandwich. Came back to a sold out sign. It seems like my Devil’s Backbone print still serves as a reminder to be a hell of a lot quicker.

  24. sorry folks, i was working and not fast enough this time. also, i wasn’t selling it more expensive, I was just trying to pick one up for someone. don’t know where that came from.

  25. Wow…MONDO has no LOVE for the WEST COAST once again. : (

  26. 7:40am pst???

  27. If anyone got this and wants to sell it at a reasonable price(not what’s on ebay) please hit me up on my facebook, I am a teacher and was in class when it dropped, still left class and tried to get it though;)

    Facebook-Courtney Lickliter

  28. @ Mond and neverly. Fuck You!

  29. f the dude too!

  30. […] Drive Poster by Ken Taylor […]

  31. Nice poster. Lame ass movie.

  32. And wow, thedude is a mega-douche

  33. I like how flipper hate is so overboard at this point that people are crying about others offering to be poster buddies.

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