Kevin Tong’s Snow White Fairy Tale Poster for Once Upon A Time (Onsale Info)

The fourth release in Kevin Tong’s fairy tale poster series for Once Upon A Time will be released today. “Snow White” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 225, and will cost $40. The gold variant has an edition of 95 and will cost $65. These go up today (Thursday, December 29th) at a random time (ie very soon). Visit

14 Responses to “Kevin Tong’s Snow White Fairy Tale Poster for Once Upon A Time (Onsale Info)”

  1. When will this series be over…

  2. My favorite of the series so far. Nice illustration here Kevin!

  3. While I do respect the talented illustration I have to concur about this series needing to be over

  4. you guys are complaining about this series being over and nobody says anything when shepard fairey puts out the same over priced bullshit on a regular basis. i’m happy to see good art from an actual artist. keep em coming.

  5. Im sorry Bigby, Did you really just say that nobody says anything about Shepard Fairey’s overpriced BS…?

    ::rolls eyes::

  6. There are still two prints to go in the series, releasing on January 5th and 12th. I think that Kevin Tong has done a great job with these, and the gold variants would look particularly nice displayed together.

    While I’m not collecting these, I did pick up a copy of the book with Tong’s illustrations. As nice as they look in black and white on a small page, I’m sure they’d look even better full size with metallic inks.

  7. When will these be available as Hallmark cards?

  8. Kudos to Kevin for doing a great job with the series. They’re not my cup of tea, but if you want Mondo to do horror, superhero, or action films all the time, they’re also allowed to branch out and come up with new ideas and themes.

  9. I also agree that Kevin deserves mad ups for his fine work on this series. While it may not be my taste or even that of others, the dudes got talent.

  10. Looks like Olly Moss profile style he did for G1988. Best so far. That border still reminds of the platinum china plates I ate off of Christmas dinner. So great looking plates

  11. @BIGBY I have made plenty of comments on shitty Fairey prints.

  12. while i’m glad some people on here agree with me on the fairey prints every time one drops all i see is plus1 and trying to defend him. kevin tong is an amazing artist while i’m not purchasing this print i still respect it for what it is.

  13. Picked up a variant! It reminds me of one of those cut-out paper silhouettes, and my parents actually had one made for me when I was a little girl. I think this print would look amazing in a children’s bedroom, but until then it’ll go up in mine 🙂

  14. KT is the man. Get his 8$ postcard set at tragic sunshine website- they are worth every penny. As is the rest of his work. But really- 8 bucks- go get em.

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