Order Stickers at Sticker Robot and Get 25% More Free!

Sticker Robot is running an awesome promo with bigcartel. If you’ve been thinking about getting some stickers made, do it now. For every order placed, no matter how large, you can get 25% more stickers free. They use the highest quality materials and everything is screenprinted, no digital printing at all. OMG is also now officially teamed with them, so by ordering via our link, you’ll help support the site. Check them out at Sticker Robot.

6 Responses to “Order Stickers at Sticker Robot and Get 25% More Free!”

  1. Great promo. Ordered a cool thousand (via OMG link of course). Thanks for the heads up!

  2. For whatever reason I get ticked off when companies charge the consumer for stickers that are obviously meant for mass propaganda which only benefits said company. It’s a win win for “sticker robot”, we pay for the stickers, we put them everywhere we go and they reap the viral benefits. Give the damn things out for free if you want to be known worldwide.

  3. Huh? I think you’ve misunderstood. This is to get your own custom stickers made, the ones in the picture are just for example’s sake.

  4. well that makes more sense. I was wondering what IJ was going to do w/ 1000 robot stickers

  5. Haha yeah man Sticker Robot is a company that produces really nice custom vinyl stickers. I ordered a thousand silly OHEY joints from them. I’ll send you a bunch and you can stick them everywhere you go so I can reap the “viral benefits” 🙂

  6. when is this deal good until? i’m hoping until at least new years!

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