“Lotus Diamond” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Wow, this is the best print from Shepard Fairey in a long time, what a great week for releases. “Lotus Diamond” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, comes in two colorways (red edition of 400, gold edition of 200), and will cost $45. These go up today (Thursday, December 15th) at a random time. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

22 Responses to ““Lotus Diamond” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. These will surely be sold out. All pretty and has no benefit to an organization like the last three prints released. Flipsters ahoy!

  2. Look another person complaining about flipping. It is really getting old. There are more important things to complain about than flippers. You guys sound like vinyl collectors complaining about limited editions of colored vinyl.

  3. …what time!?

    Of course it’s random…but my guess would be around 3pm eastern…or noon eastern.

  4. Wow, who knew Flippers were so sensitive? Flippers make a great margin selling prints that they most often don’t even have in their hands yet, so why not let people complain about them if they want too? It’s the way the world works, some people slave away at work all day and some sit in front of their computers pressing F5 over and over again…..To each their own, I guess….I actually quit buying Fairey prints because of flippers charging retarded prices(and the fact that the guy’s art fell off a cliff).

  5. Never bought one. And to tell you the truth I have been out of a job for three years and the wife busts her butt to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table along with the two boys which I stay home and take care of. So if I can bring some extra money into the household, I will. And it goes to the kids….so STFU before you make an assumption about me. Also if I do flip, I set the price on what I paid for it and let the market dictate the price.

  6. Shawn is a stay at home filpper, you guys. Cut him some slack, he flips to keep his kids fed so it’s cool.

  7. yikes on all accounts

  8. Sold Out

  9. Why does everyone refer to it as pressing F5? I have a a mac and F5 does nothing for me. Must be a PC thing.

  10. Yup, I’m working pretty hard and couldn’t buy. Flipsters paradise. Much respect to Shawn. This life ain’t easy for sure man. Stay strong bro.

  11. @Skank, sorry about that comment, really not directed towards you personally…just in general. I know some people flip for the extreme money return. I don’t do that and some prints I keep. Thanks for the words.

  12. that’s right. hug it out. we are all friends here…

  13. Buncha whiney biotches up in hur.

  14. poke some smot Stoney numbskull

  15. You’re buying with the intent of immediatly profiting instead of letting a fan have the print. It’s the complete opposite of what Art is all about and you’re setting an example to your children that it’s OK to use others for your own benefit…you keep hitting F5 in your underwear though, must be real proud of yourself…hoard and upsell, hoard and upsell…LOL kinda void of passion/happiness and is exactly what’s wrong with this Country…

    P.s. Obey has become everything he has been against his entire career up until Mandala 2 Large…Welcome to the Machine

  16. @kalm, you have no clue what you are talking about. I am naked hitting F5. Mondo is making money off the prints…do you complain about that? JoJo’s posters (advertisment link to the right) is making money off the posters. That site does the exact same things as flippers do. Do you complain about that? No hoarding and no upselling. Let the market make that decision. If people want to stop this, they have the power. Make an open edition. No more variants. Solves the problem. Also, kalm, do you have kids and are you out of a job?

  17. Not to join this argument, but actual businesses like Mondo do things quite differently than flippers. C’mon.

  18. Shawn, the poor naked unemployed troll with kids. Get a real job or some real life skills ya loser!

  19. Does anyone think this is just a poor showing of Todd Slater’s Decemberists print? I kind of do.

    The last time I wanted a print from him was the Japan relief waves. I have always liked the original and thought it was a cool version. Well I pressed F5 all day at work and clicked buy. While I was updating my shipping info in pay pal the damn thing sold out. I think thats the reason everyone is so touchy. I dont think I’ll try that again.

  20. @Stoney, seriously…there are 30 million people without a job and I am one of them. Funny, resort to name calling. Very mature of you. I will up you one, email me personally at lupy1234(at)gmail and we can talk about this personally, or anyone else who has an issue with me and that includes kalm.

  21. Everyone else…bigs thanks for defending me.

  22. Is not all that glitters in gold and
    Half the story has never been told

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