New Prints by JC Richard and Mike Mitchell from Mondo (Plus New Shirts!)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be big days over at Mondo. JC Richard’s ode to Superman’s lair, “Fortress of Solitude”, is a 12″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 390, and will cost $50. Mike Mitchell’s Adventure Time poster is an 18″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 220, and will cost $40. There is also a variant with an edition of 90 for $65. These go up tomorrow (Friday, November 25th) at a random time. Visit

Click the first image to see it much larger:

Additionally, you’ll be able to score a bunch of new t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a tote bag next week. These all go up Monday, November 28th. Again,

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  1. Absolutely wonderful Superman print! You can hear John Williams’ music blasting away. I’m in for this one!

  2. Holy crap!

  3. So awesome that they got the DC license. Can’t wait to see a Batman Begins and The Dark Knight print!

  4. The Mitchell rules face!

  5. Mondo sucks :)

  6. wys

  7. It’s infuriating that anything that comes on sale worth having is sold out within seconds of being posted.

  8. What a waste of time- I couldn’t have organized myself better to make a purchase (refreshing the twitter page, already logged into my account, etc.). And scalpers have already posted a bunch of today’s releases on ebay. Too bad, I was really excited for the Superman print…

  9. Got the Fortress of Solitude Poster and can’t wait to put it in my office. Great job Mondo on commissioning great artists!

  10. … yeah, how exactly is it that this works? i stalked the twitter and facebook pages the whole morning, was there right when the print went up (i clicked on add to cart within 5 seconds for christ sake).

    I had the “fortress of solitude” print in my cart, was going through checkout then got hit with a error message, how can they take it away when its in your cart already?

  11. You can’t really be mad at Mondo for selling things that loads of people want. I remember getting my first poster from them which I assumed had been up a while and although I don’t think much of the film itself (Lifeforce) it’s still an awesome poster. What is infuriating is the flippers that obviously not only aim to sell on for profit, but also clog up the website.

  12. For example, there are already 9 on eBay…

  13. @Giant, this wasn’t an instant sell out by any means. There was enough time to get in and grab one.

    Congrats to those of you who got one. And to those of you who didn’t, don’t complain about the merchant simply because that there’s a high demand for the content they’re selling. The announcement of this came days ago and you knew the size of the edition.

    Complaining after the fact doesn’t do anything.

  14. With a little planning you can get a poster every time.

    Why is everyone so mad about people selling on ebay?

    Not everyone selling their posters just bought them to flip them. For instance, I went to the MMM with my wife and we got doubles of everything. All that was left when I bought tickets were the $200 ones. Why would I need/want four dawn of the dead posters?

    I also throw both the variant and the regular poster in the cart when I buy in case one sells out, but all I want is the variant if I get it. So I sell the regular for the price plus taxes, shipping and the ebay fee (9%).
    $40 (Cost) + $3.30 (Tax) + $14 (Shipping) + $12 (To ship to the buyer) = ~$69.

    So, to not lose money after the 9% fee I have to sell for at least $76 if the poster costs $40. It’s certainly not for profit even though it might seem that way.

    Plenty of people do the exact same thing. There are people losing money selling the Adventure Time poster for ~$50. Although the people who throw them up for $300 are obviously the exception.

    Just saying.

  15. Yeah; quit whining, you whiny babies.


  16. Post exactly how you guys are able to score Mondo posters, please. Don’t gloat and be so selfish then. I’m not whining. I like cheese with my wine.

  17. This is how you score on Mondo. Log into you account and make sure all is good. The posters usually drop on the half hour time frame. Be ready. Refresh often. Sit at the computer all day until the drop. The images will change right before the drop. Also, the drop is before the twitter feed. Gotta be fast and use your credit card not paypal. If you get the twitter feed and then go to your computer…you are too late.

  18. I know the flippers and people in the know will hate me for this but learn the lesson on Mondo. DON’T use Paypal. I won’t give up the other couple of tricks but guys and girls that one is key! This morning I was messing around and actually refreshed when this DD print went online. Just out of curiosity I tried it the PayPal way like I did back in the day. HA! Didn’t stand a chance. No PayPal on Mondo. Not now, not ever!

    Good luck to all next year on sick prints and thanks to Justin!

  19. As for flippers, some prints I score…I keep and some I sell and like today…I missed out and was going to keep Superman. Such is life and I move on. Also, I am out of a job and the wife brings home the money. We have two kids to feed. So, any chance of making extra cash…I will. And, I use that source of money on them. Economy is tough. Second, I do not set the price high as some do. I set the price I bought it for and (here is the important part for all you whiners) let the market dictate the price. If the market is going to pay for it, then so be it. If you do not like it, don’t buy it.

  20. @Skank and sometimes, it just does not happen. Much demand for a small print run.

  21. Flip or die.


  22. Much thank Shawn. Stay strong bro.

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