Stumptown Coffee Mug Set by Arik Roper

For something completely non-print-related to make it onto this site, it’s gotta be pretty damn awesome, and these are. This set of four Stumptown Coffee mugs by Arik Roper are packed into a beautiful wooden box for a square $100. If you’ve got a relative that’s into drinking joe, I can’t think of a cooler holiday gift. Visit

6 Responses to “Stumptown Coffee Mug Set by Arik Roper”

  1. absolute class!

  2. but no shipping to the UK 🙁

  3. @ Matt, If you send me the money plus shipping to the UK, I will purchase it and send it to you.

  4. @ shawn- that’s a very kind offer but, alas, i don’t know you from adam so i will, regrettably, have to pass- thanks though!

  5. WoW…Those are the coolest cups, Arik Roper really captured his style into this, very nice concept, love the wooden box too. If they only shipped to Norway I’d be so buying it. If anyone could help me with purchasing this please contact me on this e-mail address:

  6. @ Matt, completely understand.

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