The Apocalypse Calendar (Plus New Jay Ryan Art Print)

Here’s a cool little project that makes light of the upcoming Mayan prediction that we’ll all cease to exist next year… “The Apocalypse Calendar” is a large-format, 11″ x 17″ twelve-month calendar featuring artists Jay Ryan, Zander Cannon, Jenny Frison, Steve Seeley,Maris Wicks, Chandler O’Leary, Ryan Browne, Dan Hertzberg, Sean Dove, Matt Moore, Nick Pitarra, and Thomas Quinn, the calendar’s creator. You can get the calendar now for a pledge of $20 or more at

And now, the real star of the show, this amazing new art print by Jay Ryan. “Coronal Mass Ejection 2012″ is an 18″ x 24” nine color screenprint. You can get one (plus a calendar) by pledging $60 or more (only 85 are being offered, so hurry) at

3 Responses to “The Apocalypse Calendar (Plus New Jay Ryan Art Print)”

  1. I love the concept for this calender. Also, $60 isn’t bad considering you get the calender and the Jay Ryan print.

  2. I love the Sean Dove and Steve Seeley pieces.

  3. Fantastic work and concept!

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