Jurassic Park Poster by JC Richard (Onsale Info)

The second Jurassic Park poster from Mondo comes courtesy of the always-amazing JC Richard. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 375, and will cost $45. There is a ton of detail subtly hidden in this thing, it’ll be crazy in person. It goes up Thursday, October 27th at a random time. Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the image for a larger view:

39 Responses to “Jurassic Park Poster by JC Richard (Onsale Info)”

  1. Yea i can’t decide either if it just said jurassic park that would be great

  2. I actually didn’t notice the gate until I saw the variant. Very cool. I’ll make a run movie poster.

  3. Where can I see a picture of the variant??

  4. @ben
    it just looks real sloppy to me for some reason, i work in design and can always spot a quick photoshop job. like the brachiosaurus heads are the same just the one in the back is reversed. i mean not a huge deal but i see it as laziness….but thats just opinion. i’ve liked stuff other people have hated, to each his own

  5. Site won’t load for me, yet the variants are all sold out already 🙁

  6. mf bs

  7. I wonder why the variant was so much more expensive for less text…

  8. It makes it really hard not to fucking despise Mondo when one doesn’t even get a chance to acquire one of their prints. *sigh*

  9. Aaaaaand they’re all gone. I literally logged on the second I got the tweet, and the store barely loaded about a minute ago

  10. @Cayman

    its an edition of 125 vs. an edition of 375

  11. Meh, I just don’t want a Jurassic Park print. Though, I look forward to new prints for Mondo by JC.

    @Sonia – There are about 20 prints on ebay now. You can have one for the low, low buy it now price of $250.

  12. @neverly Hahaha oh eBay. As much as I wanted to give this to my buddy for Christmas, I just can’t afford that right now

  13. Missed out on this but they prices will go down for sure. Ebay hype.

  14. Cayman, they had to do a completely new set of screens for the variant, and the cost of that has to be spread out among fewer pieces. There were three times as many regulars to absorb the printing costs.

  15. @dylansdad You’re totally right! I can’t believe I missed the lower edition size…

  16. I’m sad to have missed this one, but it would look great in my son’s room, so I’m off to eBay.

  17. I gotta say I didn’t love this because I’m not a big enough fan of the movie… But that variant looks freaking sweet… Missed it

  18. Yeah. Missed it over here too. By the time I got to the site it was absolutely deadlocked. Bummer.

  19. Got them both, cant wait to see them in person.

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