Recap: Mondo Mystery Movies III-VIII in Los Angeles

Mondo was warmly welcomed into Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles over the weekend for six Mondo Mystery Movie events. We had an awesome time and were honored to show a few films that we consider underrated and deserving of a 35mm theater screening. Can’t wait for the next one (it’ll be here before we know it), enjoy!

Night One

28 Days Later by Charlie Adlard / Hellraiser by Florian Bertmer:

Night Two

The Iron Giant by Kevin Tong / Assault On Precinct 13 by Tyler Stout:

Night Three

The City of Lost Children by Ken Taylor / The Mist by Daniel Danger:

12 Responses to “Recap: Mondo Mystery Movies III-VIII in Los Angeles”

  1. Cool stuff but fuck these are shit that it is not possible to get any of these awesome posters. sigh.

  2. Oh wow – Kevin Tong’s ‘Iron Giant’ is jaw-droppingly good. Pick of the bunch by a country mile for me.

  3. +1. my gut reaction would have bneen to see Whalen give it a lash, but Tong went ahead and knocked it out of the park.

  4. Initially the Tong was my vote as well. but after I got home and gave all these beuties a good stare down, I’m finding it hard to pick a fav. Even the ones that didn’t grab me at first are starting to stand out to me know.

    The tong is obviously amazing. The mist is other worldly in person. AoP13 has a great classic vhs cover feel to it. And that Taylor looks like it needs to be hanging in a museum. Great weekend, and great prints all around really.

  5. Amazing posters. I sort of wish that the 28 Days Later and Hellraiser poster had been done differently, but fantastic posters none the less. Though, I wouldn’t really consider any of these movies to be “underrated”. I’m pretty sure every single one of these films is prased and appreciated as the great films they are, City of Lost Children perhaps being the acception.

  6. whoops, *exception.

  7. Was a great weekend for sure. The posters are almost secondary to the fun I had at the event and meeting up with a bunch of EB folks out there. Met Afro standing in line actually.

    I am still not really sure on my favorite from the weekend, probably either Giant or Mist, but really they are all good in their own different way.

    Also good to meet Mitch out there as well, he cracked the whip and tried to keep people in line, which sometimes was harder than other times.

    Hopefully it becomes a yearly thing and Ill fly back in next year.

  8. A movie lineup like that and great posters. If this is a yearly thing I may have to fly out there to participate. I’m already looking for a few of the print on ebay, mainly CoLC. Jean-Pierre Jeunet is one of my favorite directors.

  9. These are all ok, but the mist! wow. is that a D.Danger image?

  10. I think Bertmer’s ‘Hellraiser’ poster may be my favorite, but holy cow, Danger’s ‘The Mist’ print is right up there! Well done all around! Fingers-crossed this becomes an annual thing in LA.

  11. I still can’t believe that Iron Giant was one of the six, and that the poster was so fantastic. I count myself lucky to have been there.

  12. Will these be for sale online at all?

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