An American Werewolf In London Poster by Olly Moss

If you don’t frequent poster message boards, you may have missed this new one by Olly Moss over the weekend. It was debuted at a special Fantastic Fest screening (with Rick Baker and Mr. Moss in attendance) and is likely dwindling in numbers already. Not sure about an online release yet (you should have a shot at a bunch of equally-awesome Fantastic Fest posters though), but I’ll keep you posted. Enjoy!

22 Responses to “An American Werewolf In London Poster by Olly Moss”

  1. I desperately hope this finds its way online. AWIL is one of my all-time favorite horror films, and would pair nicely with my Dracula, TCM and NotLD prints.

  2. B&W version looks great.

  3. He does it again!

    Also, the cover art he did for Resistance 3 was really good as well.

  4. Hope some make it online, great looking print and sounds like a great weekend overall!

  5. they are on ebay

  6. Wow. Another classic. Sometimes the creativity alone is staggering. Hope they have a few left over for those of us on the east coast.

  7. Thank you for that moment of clarity Bigby…

  8. I get the werewolf in the picture, but what is the rest suppose to represent…just creative license? Sometimes i feel these could be great if they would incorperate a little more of the movie, but not so much as making the piece “busy”.

  9. Hey Mike, the image is supposed to be the British Isles.

  10. Just took a trip to the shop since, miraculously, there were some left. GF and I both scouped one up. :)

  11. Olly is entirely too creative…his work is simplistic, but genius.

    I want to steal his brain.

  12. Jesus Christ Mike….

  13. @Mike – you sound like some of my clients:
    “I want it to be a simple design, but I want to include everything, but only the most important elements, plus most of the finer detail. Not busy, but simplistic busy.”
    And you seriously have no idea what the UK looks like on a map?! Fucking hell, how did you manage to type that message?

  14. PS. Moss is quickly becoming one of the most important graphic designers of the 21st century, he ranks up there with Neville Brody and Rian Hughes. the guy is just incredible. Makes me sick.

  15. Great idea and execution. Perhaps would have a bit been better if the black belt at the bottom was in the shape of the northern French shoreline. But a small gripe, killer design. Looking forward to his Simpsons show next week!

  16. I love this poster.

    Also Olly is a total sweetheart. SIQ’s right, it really isn’t fair.

  17. IJ, you’re right behind Olly when it comes to original compositions dude!

  18. Don’t be too hard on Mike – there are many people who have trouble with spatial perception. They simply can’t see both the werewolf and British isles.

    As for the image itself, Olly kills it again!! AAAAAAOOOOOO Werewolves of London!!!

  19. @SIQ…so hostile. I see it now, i wasnt thinking in that aspect. Thanks for clarifying you douche…<<<did i type that right?

  20. no.

  21. What aspect were you thinking? ‘An American Werewolf in Fiji’?

  22. wow, was that suppose to be funny,,,ehhh,,,douche…i am sure your “clients” think that also.

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