“Abécédaire” Alphabet Art Print by L’Encre Violette

I’m loving this retro alphabet art print by L’Encre Violette. “Abécédaire” is available in a few different sizes for €39-€109 each. Visit LafficheModerne.com.

2 Responses to ““Abécédaire” Alphabet Art Print by L’Encre Violette”

  1. Love this artist….very cool kids prints…racking my brain with my 3 year old though….what’s the “W” animal?

    Wapiti or White-tailed deer? Whoa

  2. The truly amazing thing is that, as long as you don’t mind bending the rules slightly and calling a globe a map, this poster works equally well in English and French. Wapiti is definitely not a common word in English, but it is the French for elk and can be used in English as well. Everything else translates directly as a word in English beginning with the same letter as the French one. I’m not sure if she did that on purpose, but “bravo” I say!

    Fabulous piece of art, in any case. Love it!

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