“Rise Above Rebel” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

If you’re an Obey fan, this one should make you very happy. “Rise Above Rebel” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will cost $45. It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, September 15th) at a random time between 9am-12pm Pacific Time. Expect madness. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. If I can’t get this at work, gonna have to buy on the bay. This is beautiful. I’ll be hiding in the porter potty smelling for a score.

  2. Make this the 2nd Obey print I go for this year. The Doves being the first

  3. i need to get in the biz of making sub par obvious adobe illustrator made prints. i dont know why you idiots spend your money on this want-to-be pop art. give me the 45 bucks and i’ll slap you in the face….it will have the same effect.

  4. Fuck you bigby. One of the better ones this year. Just shut up already

  5. I would hang this photo above my bed. Seriously.


  6. Nice to see old Shep is purchasing his source images from istock now a days. May I suggest Veer or Getty next time?


  7. thank you CDunn

  8. Good try CDunn, but that istock woman’s not wearing a scarf around her neck.

  9. srdzevon, you honestly don’t think that’s the same image??? There’s nothing wrong with using stock images. I would just expect a little more from an artist…maybe spend some money on a photo shoot to get the image you want.

  10. srdzevon was probably joking.

    This is one of the better Shep pieces this year. But still going downhill.

  11. istock in the hizzy!

  12. :)

  13. I was totally joking. Although, I do think this is one of his best of the year. Might try for it.

  14. I think it sucks, but that is just my opinion, man.


  15. It’s the fashion week isn’t it.
    Shepard Fairey used to redesigned pictures from history book that’s why his work was so powerful and sometimes violent. With models pictures taken from an image bank, the style looks the same but i do not feel anything when i see the print.

  16. Not the best of the revolutionary women-themed prints, but still pretty nice. The fact that it’s mostly based on an istock pic doesn’t bother me at all.

  17. CDunn owning shit today!
    Yeah definitely weak, but its still one of his better ones this year. Wonder what that says about his work as a whole?

  18. Shep will always be the P Diddy of the art world…

  19. he’s more like ma$e.

  20. I’m not commenting on this piece either way, I do think, however, that if you are going to publicly bash or judge an artist, you should be required to post a link to your own work for fair play.

  21. that was easy +1

  22. If that were true, then all Ebert would have to show for himself is the screenplay for “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.” Very few film/music/art/food critics actually make stuff of their own.

  23. Sold out before I could check out. Not mad about it though.

  24. I think it’s pretty rad. I don’t mind at all that the image is from istock at all. How come people complain about Shep appropriating images… that’s what he does, and he does it really well.

  25. RISE UP, all you doe eyed retro glamour rebels!

  26. @3d. Funny.

  27. Good point, @dylansdad, but most film/music/art/food critics are educated, published and do it for a living. Amateur Critic = Talentless Shit Talker.

  28. I probably agree with you there, lol. I was thinking of professional critics, not armchair critics.

  29. I think all the haters are jealous. He has done good for himself, even if he has pulled a Metallica.

  30. Dammit. Have money to buy on the bay. Just isn’t the same. All my stuff hanging up from obey I got directly from. It’s painful to spend that money. I really love this, but gotta be responsible first. Ouch! Kinda vain that this doesn’t have an explanation to this. Still beautiful piece. Congrats to those that blah, blah, blah.

  31. It is one of his nicer ones as of late, but seeing that iStock link did affect my over all opinion of the piece though. As CDunn pointed out he should really try using his own photos or directly hire someone out to do it for him even. Using iStock for something like this really does cheapen it imo.

  32. The “you have to have experienced it” or “you have to have your own work in the same field” argument does not work for everything. If your child is acting like a little shit in a restaurant, is it OK for other people (non-parents) to get annoyed and believe you should control your kids? Of course it is.

    Also, sometimes you need to look at the work from a different perspective.

  33. I don’t think that Amateur Critic = Talentless Shit Talker….We are free to have whatever opinion we want about the man’s work. It’s the same reason he is free to spend 10 minutes on Illustrator and charge us $45 a print (making $20k in 2 minutes)…..I personally think the guy has fallen off a cliff. It’s hard not to see a massive drop off in the quality of his work, coinciding with his rise in fame. I started collecting prints because of Fairey and I’m looking at 7 beautiful pieces hung in my office as I write this, but this stuff is crap. If he started his career with his prints from the last couple of years, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now because no one would have heard from him. For me, someone like Tyler Stout who obviously spends a tremendous amount of time on each piece deserves much more respect than this…..What would everyone’s thoughts be if I produced this image (because myself and I’m sure a number of other people on this comment thread probably could)? Do you think it would sell out in minutes and net me $20k? I think everyone can agree that Fairey’s work is not getting better when compared to his older stuff. You could make a case for his work evolving, but it’s going in the wrong direction to me personally. For a guy who spent money he didn’t have at the time to get his hands on any piece he could (’06-’08), to completely stop trying for the prints is a big statement……He’s losing fans every time he drops a print these days….

  34. Well put maxx.

  35. thats heavy maxx ..

  36. consume consume obey obey

  37. Oh @Maxx, all those words, just to prove you have no idea what you are talking about.

  38. And he’s falllllllling into aaaaaaaaa deeeeeeeeeeep

    Shep doesn’t even do the work anymore….his team does (and has for years)
    Just like most of the other artists the masses seem to like…it’s all done with doodles and computers….the true artists who put the time in and do it old school aka bleed and huff fumes are my kind of aesthetics…one less flipper for you guys to compete with I guess….because no true, passionate Art collector would hang this shit on their walls outside of LA

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