Two New Art Prints by Zenvironments

Zenvironments (aka Zach Johnsen) has become a total favorite around here, I can’t get enough of his work. He’s got two brand new art prints up for sale. “Absolute Citrus” and “Purple Drink” are 18″ x 24″ giclees, have editions of 50, and cost $65 each (or $115 for both). Visit

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  1. + 1 set! Really great stuff from Zach here. Asbolute Citrus is one of my prints of the year so far! I waited on the last set and they have now gone… can’t imagine these will be up as long so glad I jumped straight in!

  2. how come i cant find any of his other work on ebay, these prints are awesome for the office.

  3. These are great prints, ZACH is the man. More stuff to come from this series I am almost sure of it… His stuff rarely pops up on Ebay and if it does, it is usually his shoe collaboration…

  4. Think you might need to give a while before you start seeing his pieces on Ebay regularly. But he is beginning to attract attention (rightly so) and prints are starting to see out now in his store. The demand for his prints will grow going forward and I imagine we may need to be shelling out Ebay prices for the ones we’ve missed before too long.

  5. I agree with Pete on this one. Zach”s been grinding out great stuff and he continues to gain more and more exposure, so I think its only a matter of time.

    Pete, you got some good stuff?

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