New Prints and a Mystery Tube Sale from Crosshair

Crosshair just put a bunch of new prints up for sale. Their ability to capture photo-realistic landscapes with screenprinting is unmatched. They’re also have a mystery tube sale (five random prints) for $20. Check out the prints at their shop, grab a mystery tube in the Classifieds.

6 Responses to “New Prints and a Mystery Tube Sale from Crosshair”

  1. If only this deal were really $20. But alas, it is actually $40, shipping included (or am I missing some kinda OMG special?) Still a great deal IMHO for five of Dan’s/Crosshair’s prints, even if they are “scratch & dents.” I own two art prints and they are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Purchased the scratch tube last year and literally all 5 prints I got were in next to perfect condition, inclduing one of the Fort prints. Considering buying again but I have literally no space on my walls anymore.


  4. Crosshairs are so sick…so many noobs have no clue at how hard this photo-realism is to duplicate PERFECTLY via screen printing…the Phish Utica & Detroit are superb and capture their respective cities nicely…they aren’t photoshopped you idiots (young phans)

  5. @kalm: Couldn’t agree more. Completely sick skills and talent. I think Crosshair is turning out some of the best, most restrained and subtle work out there right now.

  6. Wow, Crosshair has come a long way! I’ve got some prints they did for Paul Pope way back in 1997 that are absolutely terrible. Nice to see they’ve stuck with it and improved tenfold.

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