Giveaway: Win a Copy of Jay Shaw’s “Animal Earth Mother” Wood Variant

Oh boy, the OMG giveaways return! Jay Shaw was kind enough to offer up the rare wood version of his “Animal Earth Mother” art print. It’s limited to only 15 copies and is long sold out. To enter, just say something in the comments section.  Only enter once, multiple entries will be canceled entirely, I will be checking (plus you’re a good person).  The contest will be open for about 24 hours, I will announce a winner on the morning of Wednesday, August 24th. Good luck!

EDIT: Using the random number generator at, commenter #372 came up lucky. Congratulations Jason, you’ve been emailed. Thanks to everyone that entered, I’ll try to do more of these soon! Extra thanks to Jay Shaw for the awesome offering!

431 Responses to “Giveaway: Win a Copy of Jay Shaw’s “Animal Earth Mother” Wood Variant”

  1. Can I win please?

  2. I hope I win but being #1 probably hurts my chances.

  3. oh hell yes I love me some boobies.

  4. Looks awesome! I think this is the first I’ve seen of it… wouldn’t mind having it on my wall.

  5. resisting….urge…to…stoop…to….please…give….me…wood…pun…

  6. Yes !!

  7. Something!

  8. Wuoah! Is the giveaway open for international fans? If so, I am in!

  9. I am not a spammer

  10. I would like to own a Kingdom of Nonsence… !

  11. Buwuhuuu, i’d love to hang that onto my wall. 😀

  12. I’ll bake you a cake, or at least have my mother in-law do it!!!

  13. Cool

  14. I command you to choose me!

  15. count me in!

  16. You’ve got red on you..

  17. Yes please!

  18. In!

  19. yes please

  20. Nice work, thanks for the give-away!

  21. i would like one art please

  22. Good home waiting right here!

  23. i’d lose sleep over winning this.

  24. Thanks Jay and Mitch!

  25. Animal earthmother – f@$# yeah!

  26. Wood versions for the win!

  27. Awesome Giveaway! Count me in.

  28. hell yeah!

  29. Jay has really stepped it up this year.

  30. I would love this!

  31. Awesome!

  32. Entering to win!

  33. in like flynn

  34. It looks great on wood!

  35. Looks great!

  36. May the force be with me or i’ll go straight to the dark side of it.

  37. i’m spartacus!

  38. boobies and gorillas. separately of course. Pure awesomeness.

  39. “something in the comments section.” lol

  40. Love your blog, (very) desperate for decent room decoration! :)
    Regards from Berlin!

  41. Weird…I had a dream about her last night.

  42. …looks great! thanks!

  43. I’ve been lucky once before; in the fourth grade.

  44. AMAZING!!!

  45. Awesome print! I’d love to own it.


  47. this wood gives me wood

  48. Nice.

  49. Diggin the design – killer!!!

  50. Rad pants.

  51. is it wrong to say…… ‘i wood’ ?

  52. sweet. thanks IJ and OMG

  53. That is amazing.

  54. thanks for the opportunity!

  55. okay

  56. Print looks dope I like it!

  57. Wife broke her droid and bike in the past two days, winning this would make up for those accidents.

  58. awesome!


  60. Would LOVE this!

  61. That is a stunning variant. I so curious to see how the textures of ink and wood play off each other in real life.

    Live it!

  62. why not?

  63. This is pretty sweet!

  64. Hell Yeah! Awesome print!

  65. Ah, the mother of all of us!

  66. Thanks for the chance!

  67. “You think that thing wanted to be a dog? No dog could make it a hundred miles.”


  68. looks great on wood!!!

    thanks for the contest, Jay and Mitch!

  69. Gimme!

  70. that is awesome

  71. This is amazing, what a print!

  72. This print is sick!

  73. Amazing Print!

  74. Sweet!

  75. Swait!

  76. The wife would love to have this hanging over the bed.

  77. Nice print. Thanks for the contest.

  78. thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Super cool

  80. Thanks for the contest. Good luck, everyone!

  81. Hell yeah Jay & Omg thanks for the giveaway!!

  82. love that color on the wood

  83. I’m in!

  84. Who will it be?…

  85. in it to win it!!

  86. Go Jay!

  87. something

  88. Neat!

  89. Thank you

  90. Awesome print Cheers Mitch and Jay.

  91. This counts as a comment, doesn’t it? Pick meeeeeee.

  92. What a great contest and even better print. This would look amazing in the Freedom Fighter Skateboards office.

  93. Awesome. Count me in.

  94. Jay, you’re a hero!

  95. Dibs.

  96. how ya doin?

  97. Wow that is a howling monkey


  99. want want want want want! My chances are totally looking good!

  100. OHEY! Jay Shaw is a BOSS.

  101. Fantastic looking — I’m in.

  102. Thanks again. Looks dope.

  103. I deserve this beauty!!

  104. I would like to win this. Yes, I would.

  105. Awesome!

  106. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  107. Absolutely Love the fact that its printed on wood. LOVE!

  108. Very cool piece!

  109. Nice!

  110. Love it! Even if I don’t win it!

  111. What an Awesome Print! Had not seen it before. Thanks for the opportunity!

  112. OHEY!

  113. amazing work jay!!

  114. Gorgeous! Love the wood!

  115. Yes please!

  116. Oh man, this piece is awesome… and it’d be a great addition to the wall of art we’re cultivating in our loft.

  117. Oh wow, this is a beauty. Hope I win!

  118. love to get the poster!!!

  119. Looks great, count me in!

  120. Another fantastic piece that I would love to own.

  121. awesome!

  122. one sweet poster!

  123. Comment!

  124. Good luck to me.

  125. it’s on the tip of my tongue

  126. Congrats to the future winner.

  127. Oh my. That’s wonderfurishical.

  128. I keep seeing tank girl when I look at this…

  129. Salut à tous ! :)

  130. Love you, love your show, love to have the print!!!!


  131. Love it!

  132. I can haz wood print?

  133. Love this guy’s work – this is a killer print.

  134. me!

  135. This is Nice!!

  136. Love it, perfect art for a wood variant…

  137. HELLS BELLS! I’m in!

  138. I WANT… REALLY BAD! I already have a spot picked out for it :)

  139. Geez that’s sweet. I’m so glad I signed up for Jay’s newsletter. His work is wild.

  140. Very Ansin-esque plus more, I love it! :)

  141. weeeee!

  142. WAAAAANT!

  143. INNNN. Great print.

  144. yummy! please consider me!!!


  145. I hope I win!

  146. wow!

  147. Thanks

  148. What a great contest for a great print.

  149. Nubian Goddess!!!

  150. my all time favourite website and a utterly beautiful piece of work. does it help i look a bit like her..?

  151. I’m raging against the machine…

  152. gabba gabba hey

  153. A’YO!

  154. come on i want it so badly

  155. <3

  156. Love me some IJ.

  157. Love it — I’m in!

  158. Want

  159. So excellent!!

  160. Nice.

  161. Amazing!!

  162. I would like to win, pretty please.

  163. nice print!

  164. Sacre bleu!!!


  165. word

  166. Woooo!

  167. Good things happen in…..24 hours!

  168. Jay rules!

  169. That is a VERY nice wood print. Count me in! :)

  170. Gorgeous work.

  171. whoa! love gripping grain!

  172. The world needs more topless women in gas masks.

  173. Great Wood, thanks

  174. Love the design on wood! Great print great giveaway. Thanks.

  175. Great work, Jay!

  176. Shotgun!

  177. I want this pronto, por favor!!!

  178. Me likey

  179. would love one. thanks.

  180. Looking forward to hearing who the winner is. gl.

  181. yes, a wonderful image on wood by jay!

  182. Never won anything before, worth a try

  183. Such an awesome print!

  184. OMG Competition Sweetness!

  185. I know I won’t win. Just received Redux Version of Servant Of Cybele,is something else; in its own league. I’m in love with as much as Animal Earth Mother :) Kudos, and keep on striving brother.

  186. I want to win!

  187. I still have some free space at my walls!

  188. I want one!!! (or two)

  189. comment = win

  190. Awesome hope I win.

  191. Would love to have this. GL everyone. :)

  192. If you’re not in, you can’t win….

  193. I love it.

  194. saweeeettttt!

  195. everybody loves wood!

  196. NICE

  197. bam

  198. yes please

  199. i could use something like this in my life!

  200. very cool. love it.

  201. Awesome! Thx for the contest!

  202. Good Luck!!

  203. Good luck, everybody!!

  204. ZOMG

  205. Beautiful print!!!

  206. thanks for the giveaway guys!

  207. Jay knows I love his stuff. Someone is gonna get lucky having this on their wall.

  208. Awesome print…Can’t believe its being given away!

  209. This needs to be with me!

  210. Yes sir, sign me up for a big victory!

  211. Sweet, it’s a beauty! Does winning include shipping to europ?

  212. Me likey!

  213. Yes sir, score a victory for me!

  214. Quiero!!!!!

  215. Holy goodness! What a great giveaway.

  216. Love this print.

  217. Oooohhhh…perty. I like!

  218. Great piece Jay! So nice of you to have a give away for this :)

  219. want. WANT> WANT!!

  220. Ooh. Very lovely. Good giveaway!

  221. I’m so wanting this. Love it.

  222. Mr Gotti sends his regards and appreciates your — “understanding” — in this matter. And that problem with your parole officer? fuggetaboutit!

  223. It rubs the lotion on its skin, it does this whenever it’s told.

  224. Right on! Giveaways rule!

  225. I like animals, earthes, and mothers!

  226. I’ve ‘got wood’ for this! Big style!

  227. Never seen so many comments. Good luck. I hope this comes with a box of kleenex 😀

  228. I love this print!

  229. Grrreat!

  230. Nice wood

  231. i love prints on wood. very nice. thanks

  232. plenty to look at – amazing!

  233. win?!

  234. Good Times!

  235. Tasty Tasty Tasty!!!!

  236. gorgeous!

  237. Awesome IJ!

  238. Sick artwork, yeah buddy!

  239. spam

  240. Shampoo is better

  241. I like this print

  242. Great!

  243. Combat boots rule.

  244. hell yes

  245. That print is amazing! If I could just buy it I totally would. Good luck me!

  246. You smell really nice today.

  247. Great piece… OMG is one hell of a great site.

  248. wow this is amazing!! WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. I’m not against boobies hanging on my wall. My husband would appreciate it, I’m sure.

  250. My walls are very lonely. Need this print..

  251. That’s on beautiful print! 😀

  252. Sick!!

  253. Hello. I’m writing you because I have recently inherited much money from a distance relative in your country and I need your help to claim it. Your name was referred to me by a dear friend. For your help in this matter I will compensate you handsomely of course. Please get back to me and I will send details. Regards.

    (Also send me this piece holy crap it’s awesome)

  254. How did the cat get so fat?

  255. Awesome print, I would like to win it.

  256. “something in the comments section. Only enter once, multiple entries will be canceled entirely, I will be checking (plus you’re a good person). The contest will be open for about 24 hours, I will announce a winner on the morning of Wednesday, August 24th. Good luck!”

    that is all.

  257. This is pretty fantastic! Nice opportunity to uncover on a bland Tuesday morning 😉

  258. Looks great IJ!!

  259. This print is gorgeous…I’ve never been able to snag a wood variant before. Here’s hoping!

  260. Love it – great piece.

  261. Count me in!

  262. This print is beautiful. Wood make a wonderful medium!

  263. Awesome

  264. Winner, winner, chicken dinner (or wood variant!)

  265. Awesome giveaway, and a wood variant no less–thanks guys!

  266. Supah suhweet.

  267. It’s really great that such a nice guy has gained such a devoted following…+1!

  268. Another great print by IJ! The winner of this is one lucky bastard.

  269. i should be working

  270. Did someone already say “something?” I’m always late on “something.”

  271. would look great on my wall…

  272. Want. This. Art.

  273. beautiful!

  274. Love it.

  275. Can’t hurt to try. #FreeStuff

  276. This will look great on my wall!

  277. That thing is magnificent!

  278. Looks like a nice print would be great to add to my collection and the price is right!

  279. I want in…

  280. I like that one.

  281. This would look great hung on the wall with all my other great prints…….would make the first woddie!!!

  282. great print, great artist and great blog

    i belive iron jaiden will be one of the best artist out there in the near future if he keeps like that many will know him, his art is simply amazing, he just have eyecandy and those who got the subs scored a great assorment of art.

    just take a look at the redux version of cybele its pretty amazing hope, this print goes to a real collector good luck guys hope any of us score

    amd remember Jay is not a hype he has talent boys
    Samdwich aka the critical eye

  283. Wow… good art is good.

  284. There is an empty spot on my walls that calls for this print. If I’m not lucky enough to score this my wife wants to fill that spot with a large family photo.
    Here’s hoping that I don’t have to look at my family any more than necessary.

  285. Good Wood!

  286. How does a monkey make toast?
    He puts it under a gorilla!

  287. I’m a sucker for girls with gas masks.

  288. my daddy never bought me a pony, maybe I’ll win this?

  289. I’ll take it.

  290. Awesome! Here’s to hoping.

  291. would look great in my house

  292. Very nice!

  293. cool – thx!

  294. Love the art and I love the earth, please bring us together

  295. “Good things come to those who wait.”

    PS. I’m a waiter…

  296. Royale With Cheese!!

  297. Awesome design, ‘ would love to win it!

  298. Good luck people. good luck me.

  299. Something

  300. Win ! Win ! =)

  301. Incredible! I would REALLY like to win this.

  302. want it!

  303. Nice boots.

  304. Beautiful piece!

  305. great piece of wood

  306. This is beautiful!!

  307. A beautiful piece I would appreciate until I lost my sight and had to gift it to the seeing… then they would appreciate it, I suspect.

  308. Beautiful work, been wanting to pick something up by this artist

  309. Thanks!

  310. I sure “wood” like it

  311. Thanks Mitch and IJ, fingers crossed!

  312. ME GUSTA!!! and I will give it a good home!!! :)

  313. fingers crossed, love it

  314. awesome piece – thanks!!

  315. Awesome work!

  316. This site has exposed me to so much new art!
    i love this btw

  317. That.s so sweet! I Hope I win!

  318. I would love to win this print!

  319. Love it

  320. i like potatoes

  321. this is such awesome work!

  322. it’s my 8th wedding anniversary tomorrow (Aug 24th), and my wife/mother of my 3 kids would dig this! PLEASE!

  323. Great piece.

  324. Awesome print.

  325. Boobz.

  326. Would you gargle raw sewage for this? I would.

  327. Something in the comments section

  328. I have a handful of websites I check everyday when I’m surfing the web – and yours is one of them. Thanks for the website and thanks for the contest.

  329. This wood be my first.

  330. wicked pissa’ guy

  331. kingdom of nonsense!

  332. Cold milk is underrated

  333. Well i do love wood.

  334. :-)

  335. I AM THE WINNER!!!!

  336. I have come to this site every gosh dang morning for the last 2 or 3 years. Thanks for being freakin awesome.

  337. Nice!!!!!


  339. Les duet

  340. Nice!

  341. This way please!

  342. word.

  343. I’d like this.

  344. Ill take one!

  345. This will be mine! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  346. Great idea, awesome art.

  347. orale! vatos loco forever carnal ! 😉

  348. Looks amazing! Would love to hand it on our wall!

  349. Me Please…

  350. 100+ comments, yet not one slating Shepard Fairey. OMG. A record.

  351. winner winner chicken dinner

  352. Looking great on wood!

  353. Thanks for the chance, great giveaway! ::fingers crossed::

  354. Nice Print…

  355. I’m glad your giving this away for free. Money will kill Animals, Earth, and Mother. Peace.

  356. ME ME ME

  357. woot!

  358. (waves hand gently) “this is the comment poster you are looking for”

  359. I’d like this print.

  360. That’s a lot of comments!

  361. ij is the man.

  362. Yes

  363. Get on my wall!

  364. knock on wood

  365. The likelihood that I win this is up there with an earthquake happening in DC…

  366. I get wood just thinking about this print.

  367. I would love to win this.

  368. Something!

  369. Nice

  370. Great giveaway, Thanks!


  372. What a great piece! Very cool of him to offer that up as a prize for OMG! Hope I’m lucky enough to win this one!

  373. Very nice print!

  374. I want this so bad that I will give Shep some free Kick Boxing lessons……

  375. very cool wood print!

  376. amazing print!

  377. This is a comment

  378. Here comes my post!

    I hope it’s the winner!

  379. How many trees died to make this?

  380. OMG Posters rules. Iron Jaiden’s Animal Earth Mother is stunner. Hard to beleive this is free in such a tough economy. Thank you for the opportunity. Bless you brothers.

  381. yes please

  382. good lookin ink right there

  383. I’m not too proud to try to get free things!

  384. I will wear sandwiches on my hands for the next 6 months if I win this. I promise.

  385. Love this piece, walk with the earthmother.

  386. Ha! I’m never gonna get picked for this too, am I?

  387. Just starting doing work with wood, and burning images. Would love to have this in my dorm for inspiration

  388. That’s dopness, the mark of the beast.

  389. I could find a place for this on my walls…

  390. Awesome Print!

  391. Is the 24 hours up already? Please say No!

  392. wow, I would love to have this.

  393. I woodn’t know what to do with all that wood

  394. Please don’t let my wife put our wedding photos up instead of that piece of amazing art. Loving it!

  395. please and thank you.

  396. Please pick me! I never win anything and LOVE this! Good luck to all!

  397. pick me! :)

  398. YOWZA!

  399. wow. so good.

  400. i like your wood

  401. Pray for Rain

  402. I want to win this…

  403. Great Poster, I will happilly take it. Not sure if the wife will like it though…….

  404. Wood Prints are insanely cool

  405. Thanks for the contest.

  406. OMG Poster Giveaway! Woo Woo Woot! Yes, I would like 1- please and thank you!

  407. beautiful!

  408. Reminds me of Jeff Jones’s Descent.

  409. Too Late???

  410. I hope I am not too late! HOLLAAAAA!

  411. How can I be down?

  412. Ayuhasca

  413. Awesome piece!

  414. Holy Cow that is a lot of comments

  415. I WANT IN

  416. I had a vision I won, so I said “What the hell? I’m all in.” Now my fingers are crossed.

  417. Recently been informed I need more artwork for my bare walls… Um, duh. There’s a track light devoted to this over my fire place. ‘Nuff said.

  418. shure, that would do

  419. you have to be in it to win it!!!

  420. Norway likes veeery much!

  421. I’ll take it!

  422. In it to win it!

  423. This has been my first experience of viewing work by the talented Jay Shaw and I’m loving what I see a lot, pure talent.

    I’ve been staring at this print for a while now, think i saw her and the lion move slightly but just might be me going slightly loco, if I could only will it into my house ;-). It’s an amazing illustration that so complements being on a wood grain, gives it a raw and fresh feel to it. So would love to have this on my wall so I could show it off to all my friends. Fingers and toes crossed.

    Good luck to all.

  424. I’d love to hang this in my house…

  425. I kan haz??

  426. If a wood chuck could chuck wood, would he chuck Animal Earth Mother in wood?

  427. congrats jason – we’ll cross random number competition swords again some day…

  428. bump

  429. I would so love to get this

  430. Nice work lads, and congrats to the winner. Nice score!

  431. So I finally received my winning prize and he hooked me up with a Wood Brothers wood variant and 2 other silkscreen prints! I definitely scored! The Animal Earth Mother was 1 of 15… He gave me #1!

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