Art Prints by Estevan and Eriberto Oriol (Onsale Info)

Baurmann Gallery will release a handful of new art prints by Estevan and Eriberto Oriol today. These are all huge (at least 44″ long) screenprints, have editions of 11-60, and will cost $1000-$1200 each. They go up today (Friday, August 19th) at 1pm Pacific Time. Visit Baurmann Gallery.

5 Responses to “Art Prints by Estevan and Eriberto Oriol (Onsale Info)”

  1. I’m sure small images of these on a computer screen don’t come close to how cool these all look in frames hanging next to each other.

  2. For 1000+ dollars, we’ll never know, sadly.

  3. This gang sheeet is tired…..These are not real thugs…They are Hipster Artist Thugs….

  4. Naw, Estevan Oriol is as real as it gets homie… Way too expensive but I bet they look INCREDIBLE in person. At some point he sold a smaller version of the LA hands in an edition of 100 for $100 but they’re probably long gone by now.

  5. Those fools are hollywood gangstas…Even Mr Cartoon don’t even tell the homies “Whats UP”…..They been brainwashed by the industry…..Both those fools lost street cred

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