Daniel Danger’s Art Prints at The Cotton Candy Machine Today (Onsale Info)

The Cotton Candy Machine will release a number of new Daniel Danger art prints later today. They were originally debuted at their gallery show a few weeks back, but they’re just now making it online. The six new ones are all 24″ x 36″ screenprints for $60 each. Everything goes up today (Monday, August 1st) at 3pm Eastern Time at TheCottonCandyMachine.com.

These are just a few examples, click the link for more:

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  1. Ah brilliant! Been wanting the Wonder Wheel one for ages now. Hopefully I can grab one today…

  2. Picked up the Wonder Wheel and Coney Island at the source a few weeks ago. Look awesome in person, really vibrant colors, as long as you’re cool with the pink (it’s much brighter than what you’re seeing on screen).

  3. Nice to know since Tara doesnt return emails.

  4. I don’t get it–I sat there refreshing “Please Don’t Worry” and it never came into stock…

  5. so glad i was able to snag the wonder wheel print…debated between the pink and the green…ended up going with the green.

  6. Oh man I got Cyclone but missed on Wonder Wheel

  7. dylans, they only had like MAYBE 2 copies. its entirely possible there was one left to sell. ill be doing another run of that one for seattle, so ill have it soon enough.

    if anyone missed out, ill have my copies of the coney island prints up soon as well, just trying to square away a few backend details.

  8. same here dylansdad, can only assume that all the copies must have sold out at the show or that the rest of the world is much quicker on the mouse than us!

  9. Awesome news–I’ve been wanting that one for a while. At any rate, congrats on so much stuff selling out so fast!

  10. +1 green Wonder Wheel. Nice! Was a super quick sell out though… Skin of my teeth on that one I think

  11. Got a pink cyclone. Huzzah.

  12. Love the pink prints. To my knowledge DD has never done a pink print so it’s cool to see something out of the norm color spectrum.

  13. These are really wonderful posters. DD is one of those rare artists that can handle dark themes without coming across as kitschy or silly. Excellent stuff.

  14. excellent release and super-value — !!

  15. Awesome prints!

  16. My favorite one is still available. Life is funny like that.

  17. i should of tried harder

  18. Was gonna purchase, but the $31 postage just takes the price over what I’m willing to pay.

  19. +1 pink set!!! Love the Wonder Wheel print, I can’t wait to see these in person. Great Work DD!!!!

  20. @Anna – out of curiosity, which one is your fav?

  21. While I missed out on yet another drop (having a job where I can’t actually just F5 all day…I wish) I am intrigued as to Daniel saying “ill be doing another run of that one for Seattle”. I’m apparently out of the loop. What’s happening in Seattle?

  22. @aaron b, i feel your pain…being a teacher i miss EVERY weekday drop from september through june…having a part time job over the summer makes going after drops much more exciting.

  23. @Aaron B: I would assume he is talking about Bumbershoot Fest which is at the beginning of September. I would be guessing he is going to have another edition of the print. Its a great print, I have the black paper edition and love it.

  24. Ahh cool, thanks for the heads up. And also, that wasn’t a slight towards anyone, I’ve got the odd Mondo drop, I mainly collect Jacob Bannon and DD stuff, but working 2 jobs while simultaneously running an online business means I have about 2 dozen tabs open and just dart back and forth while working. Saving up for a wedding though, it probably saves me more money in the long run haha.

  25. are these inspired by the former Riverside Amusement Park in Agawam, MA? There was a roller-coaster there named the Cyclone. If so, cool.

  26. the riverside park sign one is. the green ones are coney island.

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