“Imperial Glory” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will release “Imperial Glory”, his comment on the U.S. military industrial complex, later this week. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will cost $45. It goes up Thursday, July 14th at a random time between 10am-12pm Pacific Time. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. wonder if the haters are gonna try and chat shit about this one? his best in a long, long time imo

  2. I agree – solid piece for sure.

  3. It looks great.

  4. Another piece worth buying. I felt for those who were buying the flat, unfinished looking prints. Chatty mouth, be mindful of your culture.

  5. Agreed, but it is ganna make it a mission to snatch.

  6. Lookin’ good Shep!

  7. Beautius!….has an awesome Lichtenstein feel, imho

  8. Woah ….What the hell is going on here? is this shep? is he putting in work? I like this very much. may attempt.

  9. the question is, how much stickboy will sell his for? lmao

  10. This is better than some of his recent lazier work.

    Next, he should do a piece that serves as his commentary on “Art as Commerce.” Then he should put his name on it and sell it for $45 a copy.

    I mean, I get his politics. I get that to him, art is a way of expressing those politics. But the irony of getting rich by selling art that critiques the rich is not lost on me.

    He should just relax and do some more gig/movie posters now and then, just for the fun of it. Sometimes art can just be about the art–every piece on your wall doesn’t have to be about your disdain for Republicans. Who gets genuine joy and inspiration from looking at an anti-Ronald Reagan print? Too much of his stuff comes off as propaganda for sale–and that stuff rarely resonates with me, regardless of the perspective. I prefer art that unites and creates common ground in an already divisive culture and world.

  11. I have spent his last 20 prints hating on him, so I’ll give the guy credit when credit is due….I like this print! Makes me think he’s been on vacation for a year and a half and he’s had interns producing prints….I will actually try and buy this, but seriously doubt I’ll get one. Flippers, get ready to make some money. I’m surprised it’s not already on the bay for $1k…lol…

  12. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. it’s like that portlandia skit “put a bird on it” except with “street” art its put a grenade on it.

  14. @Charles Moran

    Thats why it “feels” like a Liechtenstein … cause it is.

    Not that it’s new that the Obey shit is derivative, but wow… I’m usually a supporter of his right to cut and paste… but god damn.


  15. Good eye, Aero.

  16. Loves it! I hope he continues down this path!

  17. Haha, loving that observation Avina. And yea Aero, pretty lame..

  18. But then again Lichenstein was ripping off someone else too. So now it’s a rip off of a rip off. Art!

  19. seem familiar?


  20. Definitely one of the better prints he’s put out in a while, would like to get it, but not willing to shell out the money I’m sure it’ll fetch on ebay and I’m never that lucky to catch it for sale directly.
    “Makes me think he’s been on vacation for a year and a half and he’s had interns producing prints”
    You weren’t the only one.

  21. Like the print do not like the ranting Shepard is doing about the print.

  22. Ahhh the irony…

    Liechtenstein was OG in the clip art (comic books) scheme and calling it his own…”plagiaristic collage” if you will…he STOLE every idea and drawing he ever used from Jack Kirby & DC Comics artists…but he happened to be an Old $/Upper ManHatten rich kid = why he got away with it…This “OBEY” print is in this same vain, just using clip art over the classic DC Comic “WHAM” explosions…then using the message board wing logo from the “Imperial Glory” video game and some classic post war font.

    Shep has completely aborted his roots and hard work that got him to this level in the Art World…why? I’m not really sure.


  23. Shep has been putting out so much crap for so long now, I pulled this up and analyzed it for about 5 minutes in disbelief. This is actually legit… is this a fluke, or is this a sign of what’s to come?

  24. Two quotes I think of when I think about Shep:
    “Originality is the art of concealing your sources”
    -Ben Franklin, and
    “Yes, We Sell Out — Every Seat In The House”

  25. That is the EXACT same background as in the “Power” print someone referenced above. Laziness.

  26. Finally were seeing some pretty awesome pieces from fairey again, Was not digging the re factored work hes been putting out recently.

  27. That’s a cool Ben Franklin quote Ryan…true that, but you also have to form your own perspective and opinion on the subject…otherwise you’re title shouldnt be Printmaker it should be Collage Director…it just makes those that either take the time to find their sources obscure or have ultimate original artistic abilities (RARE) look that much more special I guess…I wonder if I would use these computer programs and master printers if I had the chance??? I’m probably full of shit, who knows

  28. dropped!

  29. It’s up right now but the site is getting absolutely hammered.

  30. I agree @kalm, but not all artists are as polarizing. The problem Fairey has is that he has TWO groups of minions. The fanboys/interns and those that want to hate on him so bad, they spend every waking hour trying to find his sources and prove him wrong. How many other contemporary artists, in ANY genre have SO many people trying to prove them wrong?

  31. anyone get through?? i did and it said paypal declined the order…

  32. can’t get past the last stage of checkout…3rd time ive gotten to the post-paypal page and when i click “submit order” the site is crashing…

  33. OMG— I feel like a trained monkey– I got it… took a while, but I got mine!

  34. I have vertigo from staring at this screen for so long-

  35. every error under the sun

  36. even though i never officially got through the page on obeygiant, the charge is showing up in my paypal account so i guess my order went through…

  37. The print is sold out.

    Sorry for all the trouble today, its all weston’s fault.

  38. this is pure insanity. i’ve been denied at the submit order phase FIVE times now. nobody complained about his print, so he wanted to give us somethign to complain about.

  39. Yeah, several times filling in my paypal info and no print. They need to work on some better server space.

  40. And sold out. :(

  41. Paypal payment went through. Last message order processing error on obey store. Same thing happened last time with dark wave rising sun. They received my payment but had not shipped print, until I emailed them. You mIght want to email just in case. I am.

  42. I can’t believe I let myself get sucked into that clusterdrymount! That is an hour and a half of my life that I’ll never get back. Surely Obey could figure out a better way to conduct these sales. I’m pretty sure it’s done intentionally to add to the hype.

  43. weak typical situation –
    buy now – in cart – site crash – site down for 30 – sold out.
    It reminded me why I quit buying his stuff long ago.

    The crest of the OBEY wave has happened and now its the late comers jumping on board.

  44. I just can’t believe that he props himself up as a “champion of the underdog”, and then treats them like a dog! That was a very unkind experiance! Get it together Shepard…maybe you shouldn’t believe your own press…the ride down can be rough!

  45. I dealt with this craziness too, but too many are complaining, blaming Shepard blah blah blah. Save the drama, really. No guarantees in life, thats it. This was anticipated by many, the site crashed. I was amazed some people had no problems at all. Some of you sound like losers putting a man down, and you claim you got a print anyway. What? Hope he keeps up the good work. Plus u guys complaining sound like u got the cream of crop prints anyway. Be happy then.

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