Rich Kelly’s Bottle Rocket Poster

Wow, I love Rich Kelly. If you happen to be in Texas this weekend, be sure to hit up the “Save The Bottle Rocket Motel” event in Hillsboro, where his new Bottle Rocket poster will be debuted. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 225. If there are any left, they’ll be for sale through Mondo eventually (I’ll keep you updated). Get more info on the event at

8 Responses to “Rich Kelly’s Bottle Rocket Poster”

  1. simply awesome… nuff said..

  2. Rich Kelly never ceases to impress. Is this the perfect Bottle Rocket poster? I think so.

  3. Rich Kelly is slaying it left and right. HOORAY!

  4. Rich, you are the best.

  5. After seeing this, I don’t think that anybody really needs to make another Bottle Rocket poster ever again.

  6. thanks for the kind words you all. i was super excited to be able to work on this one.

  7. Indeed Rich, a winner every time!

  8. love the color scheme

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