Two New Phish Posters by Ken Taylor (Onsale Info)

Ken Taylor’s two newest posters for Phish will be released later this week. The Alpharetta poster is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 1000, and will cost $50. The Columbia poster is a 12″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 1000, and will cost $50. Some of the copies will be sold as sets, so you won’t have to hurriedly push the “buy” button on both (although these editions are large, most were sold at the shows, very few will be online). These go up Friday, July 1st at a random time in the afternoon (central time). Visit

6 Responses to “Two New Phish Posters by Ken Taylor (Onsale Info)”

  1. Random time? Kind of lame, last time you did that was for spusta night shimmer owl, no? If a server can handle the traffiic, why go to random?

  2. Everytime something this big gets announced down to the minute, big oversells happen. Just trying to avoid that.

  3. Random time? Excellent idea! If you want one, you will invest the time to get one. Even though your server can handle the traffic, I applaud your decision to go random.

  4. I love that first one.

  5. Its a Friday loser, I have better things to do, shouldn’t we all? Plus it’s an “oversell,” not like mitch has to tell someone his mom died. Will an email annouce when this poster is released, you did that for the shimmer.

  6. Scored a set of both! Individuals still up.

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