Martin Ansin’s Cronos Poster (Onsale Info)

Mondo will release this stunning poster Cronos by Martin Ansin tomorrow. It’s a 24″ x 34″ screenprint, has an edition of 340, and will cost $45. The variant has an edition of 120 and will cost $65. It goes up tomorrow (Friday, June 24th) at a random time. Visit

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  1. I’ve had Cronos on DVD for a while but never watched it. Might make an effort to watch it tonight & if it’s good go for the poster. Hmm.

  2. Sweet, I’ve always wanted a Ted Danson poster!

  3. looks a little Taylor-ish to me, and I’m not sure he mailed Perlmans distinctive profile.

  4. ‘nailed’ not ‘mailed’ – oops!

  5. also ‘Perlman’s’…captain typo-man strikes again…

  6. IMO the regular edition looks much better, and it seems ansin made perlman look much better than he does in real life. Beautiful print!

  7. Very nice. The nose card puts this over the top for me.

  8. The nose card and the knockout of the girl are nice touches. And I think his likeness is pretty spot on when you actually look at young Perlman and not Hellboy Perlman. Gametime decision though due to funds, but if I do pull the trigger it’s for regular… would like nice next to Wolfman.

  9. So is the 24×34 dimension correct? /film said 24×36 i believe. Hope it’s 24×36.

  10. I’m digging the original more as well. If this looks anywhere near as awesome as the Wolfman print…

  11. actually the more i look at it, the more i like all the cogs and stuff. probably looks great in the papery flesh…

  12. Absolutely love this. Fairly simple composition executed beautifully. Been dying to see more out of Ansin, so this is a pleasure. Shots on Mondo Blog look great.

    Hopefully the 34″ is a typo!…

  13. 34 is unfortunately no typo, but after looking at the actual pics on Mondo this is a must have(or at least try).

  14. yeah, 34 seems to be correct for some reason. Guess i’ll just buy it and put it in my flat file.

  15. ^


  16. The detail shots in the blog are impressive. I won’t quibble over two inches when his work is so strong.

  17. i rotate my prints in and out of 24×36 frames. Can’t afford to custom frame every print i buy. Like you guys frame every print you buy.

  18. I wish I could frame every print I buy. This won’t jump to the top of my framing list but you can bet at some point it will get to the wall.

  19. I must say, this is a great poster. The design, color, and illustration all work wonders together.

    Very rad.

  20. Meh… another dud for me. Haven’t bought a mondo print since Kill Bill.

  21. Very strong, as per usual. I think I’m going to wait until Ansin does more kick-ass stuff this year, particularly for Mondo. As much as I like his work, I prefer to wait until I see a poster for a film I really like so the artwork doesn’t sit in a portfolio or is filed somewhere.

  22. was only joking man, my framing pile is huge lol

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