Shepard Fairey’s They Live Poster (Onsale Info)

Ahh, we can finally let this one out. Shepard Fairey is in Austin tonight to host They Live at the Alamo Drafthouse, so naturally he did a great new poster. This is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and will cost $50. Some copies go up tomorrow (Friday, June 10th) at a random time. There will also be an alternate colorway released by Obey eventually, I’ll keep you posted on that. Visit

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  1. Looks alright, was expecting more though.

  2. The man who gave us the “Hope” poster doing a piece about our obedience to advertising and propaganda?


    And that face is a mess.

  3. You realize this isn’t supposed to be a human face, right?

    I’d say it’s pretty spot-on.

  4. Yes, I’ve seen the movie, I just think this looks a little too simple. something seems off to me.

  5. to whom ever runs this site…stop posting obey shit

  6. The typography is bad, it’s just an afterthought. It doesn’t look like it was even considered as a part of the poster until after the entire image was complete. Bad design. It’s just not a very successful poster and $50 for an 18×24 print? At least give us a 24×36 for that price. This image is the same image from the ‘They Live’ film that Fairey has been pushing for years. He did nothing new other than stencil a bunch of crap on a piece of paper. At least try to do something new for an event like this, especially for the collector’s sake and for your fans. Lazy work all around.

  7. Yeah, you tell ’em BIGBY!

  8. they are all on ebay already i hate flippers

  9. More Illustrator trace being put to good work. HORRIBLE!!!

  10. Mondo should also make that seal their logo. Thats how they have become.

  11. So, this movie is one of the main influences behind one of the biggest U.S. street art, and now, mainstream art movements in the last few decades (Obey Giant) … and Shepard Fairey does the movie poster for the Alamo Draft House, basically a marriage made in heaven, and you folks really are saying, “meh, it’s ok, was expecting more.”

    Really? What were you really expecting? I think this is almost perfect.

    (could have done without the Andre card in the hand of the speaker … regardless, this *is* what it should be.)

  12. More illustrator trace? Maybe you didnt see the hand cut stencil progress photo posted earlier…
    Anyway, seems kinda interesting actually, far better than the crap thats been released recently by obey

  13. Shepard’s recent work (most of 2011) seems to be missing the passion that much of his older work held, but I think this is a step back in the right direction. Of course this is my opinion and it doesn’t matter in the toilet bowl of “facts”, aka the internet.

    Supply and Demand! if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    @Steve “Mondo should also make that seal their logo. Thats how they have become.”

    lol…Waat? Logic huh? I ready this post as “Mondo is a doo doo head.”

  14. Poster looks awesome in person. The event was a blast. I’m really glad I came down for it. Big high fives to everyone involved.

  15. I am sorry guys but this is just plain plain fucking ugly.
    I mean, it’s bad executed, the colors looks like the toilets walls of the cbgb little before it was closed. Also the message is totally messed up: basically the film was a reflection against the brainwashing of propanganda & marketing. Fairey turns this message into marketing for its own brand., this guy is an auto-marketing machine. Like many forms of contemporary art, it’s total imposture. Watch the banksy movie, it’s really about that.

  16. Why wait and pay $50? There’s one available right now on Ebay for a mere $4,999!

    That’s not a joke by the way!

    Nice print though!

  17. better than i was expecting but didnt he already do that image?

  18. @ben – you don’t make a stencil for a silkscreen. a stencil is used for spraypainting. so yes, i say that this thing uses illustrator live trace.

  19. I’m not buying this ‘i don’t like it’ stuff.

    You guys are fakin’ – in the hope that it’ll make it easier to get hold of one.

    I see through your plan!

    (with the aid of special sunglasses of course)

  20. I think this is one of Fairey’s better pieces this year. The background is my favourite part of the entire thing. Signature Fairey pasting.

    I don’t care for his work most of the time, but it’s an interesting collaboration with Mondo.

  21. I was expecting somthing good (why? I don’t know) but this is a big fat pass. I don’t have enough time to tell you everything that sucks about this peice.

    If shep (or should I say his interns) keeps putting out shit like this only the most gullible fans will actually pay for it.

    I love the movie, but the print is garbage and a rehash of his gallery 1988 print.

  22. i dig it.

  23. Hey Topo, not sure where this misconception is coming from, but the image was never a print for Gallery 1988. It was, like almost all of his prints, originally created as an original piece of artwork, in this case for Gallery 1988. This is the first time it’s ever been made into a print (and anything below thousands of dollars). Cheers.

  24. I will not obey!

  25. One of my favorite movies but I’m going to pass. Wish Stout, Horkey or BErtmer would have got a crack at this one.

  26. First Shep print I’ve ever wanted… yet, I doubt I’ll get one.

  27. i like this but if bertmer had a go at this it would blow fairey outta his badly traced black water he keeps re-hashing. fairey can’t do hands

  28. @ admin my bad I don’t want to be posting things that aren’t factual ( I should have said peice not print) but it Still doesn’t help the peice seem more original.

    I am just a big they live and john carpenter fan and can’t help but be dissapointed

    it’s all just opinions and I’m sure there are plenty enough good ones for this to sell out in an instant.

  29. better than a lot of stuff he has been putting out. Appears he put effort into it. Had to after he saw what Ken was doing.

  30. compared to his latest prints this seems ok but not good enough for me to buy one.seeing how this movie was supposedly such a huge influence on him the central figure seems rather bland.
    i agree that Bertmer would have been a great choice for this one.

  31. i love this print and i think a lot of the hate just comes off the hate for obey. I always wanted to own the gallery1988 piece and now i can

  32. Gahhhh, release it already!

    I’m gonna end up heading to lunch and miss it, would be my luck.

  33. I’m with Bigby. Posting this stuff is just linkbait now. Its pretty evident that 90+% of the people that check out this site daily don’t like Shep

  34. Just for the record . . . you can make hand-cut stencils for silkscreen, and depending on the thickness of the material you use (placing it between the screen and the paper), it can slop down a lovely depth of ink that will look like gorgeous cake icing once it dries for a couple days.

  35. He used stencils in the process, probably to create the rubylith.

  36. Nice +1

  37. They are up by the way.

  38. Wow. Even with it’s poor outcome it still sold out in seconds.

  39. quickest mondo sell out i have seen. Sold out before it was even posted for sale.

  40. Just like every Mondo drop…had it in my cart and then gone before I can check out. Sick of Mondo’s crappy shopping cart system.

  41. Was right on it the second it went up…sheer luck… but sold out before I could complete the payment!
    Never mind… far from a classic Obey!

  42. Sold out as soon as I saw it posted. :( My wall really wanted it.

  43. Not as many on eBay as I figured and certainly not going for very much.

  44. Mentally fast sell out.

    Blimey, I must have been lucky. I twice had to go back once i had it in my cart. Once to add my phone number and then again to add my Sate (I’m in the UK so I had left it).

    I was sure i wouldn’t be able to process my payment, but it went through no wuzzas. They must have beefed up the server as there was little/no lag, unlike the star wars drops.

    Happy to have got one, one of the only Fairey prints I have liked in the past couple of years. Only grumble is all my other movie prints are 24×36 so this will have to be framed and hung on it’s own.

  45. sold out..

  46. i gotta say, im SO bummed shep got this commission. I mean i understand with the whole “obey” thing being a huge part of the movie and all, but cmon Tyler Stout would have KILLED this print.. it would have been 10x better, and kept its worth for years to come..

  47. Completely agree with you, Billybob. Typography is very poor, just slapped on and doesn’t pair with the poster at all. Stenciling looks lazy and just not feeling the intense grunge effects. It just comes off as very amateur-ish, like a bad forum signature. Was expecting a lot more out of Shep.

  48. SHIT! Missed another one. I’m 0 for the century on Mondo… I’m changing hobbies.

  49. Cool stuff! Congrats Mondo for nabbing Shepard, love the imagery here.

  50. @Steve “Mondo should also make that seal their logo. Thats how they have become.”

    DITTO, ironically, they have become more about the money and no passion, just like the alamo going corporate, they’re selling out,,, irony at its finest hour!. I could have done without the andre card in his hand and the face looks horrible, even if it is a stencil. People these days are just buying up this stuff b/c of the resale value, has nothing to do with good art…

  51. they really should have tried to make the “obey” part a little bigger, no? it doesn’t quite overshadow the move title yet. and the hand looks like it’s from Tron. does there have to be one of these a week? someone needs a sabbatical.

  52. +1

    Wow, a lot of haters out there today.

    I think the image is dope. When I saw the original piece (I think Kevin Smith owns it), I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get one as there was no print version.

    Kudos (IMHO) to Mondo & Fairey for making this image available to a wider audience.

    And pewter, totally agree with your post as well.

  53. just have to say i love shephards street art yet this looks just like the cover art. I say it would be alot cooler to come up with a design that isnt straight ripped from the cover art like an image from the movie or a collage or even hey an artistic rendition of a scene from the movie.. other stuff he has done is pretty dope.

  54. @admin i completely disagree. in the process picture you posted, there are TWO copies of a cut-out stencil. one is black that has been “sprayed over” and one is white that has just been cut out.

    you cut rubylith by placing your final artwork underneath. i suspect they have taken a screencap (that has been posted earlier in the comments), did a live trace on it, then printed it out and then cut the rubylith. but i suspect even further that they don’t even cut ruby in order to make the final negatives.

    usually when people make a stencil for spraypainting, they draw the design out on the actual stencil. there are no pencil marks anywhere on the stencil that was posted. of course you wouldn’t need one if all you did was print out a black & white print out from an illustrator live trace, laid it on top of a rigid board, and then cut it out…

    my overall problem is that the illustration is ‘too perfect’ when you compare it to ( ). the angle of the hand is changed in a weird way to make it fit in the poster. otherwise its a near perfect match. the stripes on the tie; the way the hair breaks; the shadowing on the thumb… detail for detail is matched.

    to me this isn’t ‘art’ anymore… its a product.

  55. @stoopidtool yes you “CAN” use a board to make a silkscreen, but you wouldn’t do it for something as detailed as the face of zombie. look at the process picture and look how thin the material appears.

  56. Conjecture of process is a dimwitted conversation for those whom have little knowledge of screen printing, stenciling, or digitizing. Best to stick with your strong suites like blog trash talk.

  57. suits- dimwitted typo

  58. @huthbot – i know about screen printing, and also offset litho, digital, gravure and flexo. i started working with rubylith in 1995 in highschool. i have a degree in graphic communications management.

    the stencil in the process picture was made for an original spraypaint work of art, and NOT the silkscreen.

    the only one trash talking is you. i’m trying to ask important questions about how this print was made. its my belief that there was minimal effort put into the production of this print.

    don’t get your feelings hurt because i’m critical of this print.

  59. Don’t take that comment personally as it wasn’t aimed specifically at you but just about everyone cut ruby in a high school art class. What I am saying is the only thing people should offer insight on is their own process, blindly debating the technique’s of others is an exercise in futility. I can dissect this image and earlier process images and tell you there is nothing that couldn’t have been used to create the final screen printed product and there are an infinite number of ways you could have arrived at that final product. I am just tired of people assuming expertise because someone showed them streamline or live trace and they think that’s all you need to make viable design anymore.The market is flooded with half-assed “designers” thanks to online courses, open admissions to Art Institute programs, and relative availability of imaging software. Even if you think Shep is a hack (and I am not his biggest fan) he and his accomplices put in work and I don’t think their technique should be dismissed for being any more formulaic than that of others. We have all cut corners. Perhaps their approach to graphic communication has become habitual and arguably tawdry at this point but I am not debating the preeminence of concept to execution.

  60. this thread is funny to me because its nothing but critic comments, then nothing but comments about the image selling out, then straight back to critique comments.

  61. I guess I didn’t express myself well with the rubylith statement. What I meant was, I assume the finished stencil work is scanned in and used to create the background and achieve certain textures. It’s probably manipulated, made print-ready, then exported for cutting of the rubylith.

    Of course it started from a photograph and some computer work, welcome to 99% of graphic design (he has never claimed to draw his subjects). I guess if you’re taking a stance against all photo-sourced graphic design, then fine, but there are certainly MANY prints out there with much less treatment to the original photo than this one.

    Personally, I think the most exciting thing about it is that we’re all pretty well versed in screenprinting (I don’t print, but I’ve certainly been in the middle of the creative process a number of times, you seem like you know what you’re talking about as well), and we don’t know exactly what the process was, given the pictures. He could have just “live traced” it, pulled some photos to collage for the background, sent the separated file to the printer, and been done with it. But that’s not exactly what happened here.I just think there is more to his process, further evidenced by that photo, than you’re giving him credit for.

  62. Yup, agreed. People pick on Shep all the time (including myself when it’s warranted), but I’m not just going to throw random accusations and critiques out there without knowing what actually happened.

    And I love all the comments that Tyler Stout should’ve done it. He’s very talented, but not all of his illustrations are original either. And he can’t do every single poster for you guys.

  63. To each his own, but I wouldn’t hang this in my closet. I like Shep sometimes when the image is strong, and some of the Mondo posters are cool, but it seems like these releases have become pure hype built up by the secondary market. Obey indeed. Meh all over this ugly poster.

  64. Some of the whining on this comments section and @MondoNews is almost laughable.

    Shep can’t draw hands
    Mondo are sell outs
    Everyone who bought one is flipping it on eBay
    It’s a linetrace from a photo, that’s it!
    Tyler should have done the print.

    The truth is..

    You Jelly

  65. @Ben It may be ugly to you but a 32 second sell out says plenty of people thought otherwise.

    I kinda like it. It’s going to look great hung with my Stout ‘the thing’ 7 ‘BTILC’.

    Incidentally, Stout’s Big Trouble In Little China print was available on Mondo Tees for a couple of weeks before it was sold out. No one complained that someone else should have done the poster. No one complained that Tyler can’t draw fingers. The people who liked it bought it, that’s all.

  66. @admin: That’s what I’m sayin’ book≠cover

    You have to be kidding me with any comments suggesting alternative artists on this project. This is the perfect marriage of artist and movie. Obey has based its entire empire from backbone branding to graphic elements on concepts from THIS movie.

  67. Hence the disclaimer ‘To each his own’. I have no doubt some people actually like this and it will go great with Shep or Mondo collections.

    But you can’t deny that LOTS of people thought they could flip this for easy money. Just look at all the ebay & eb listings sir. It’s like selling Elmo dolls at Christmas. And a 32 second sell out doesn’t mean jack shit. Shep + Mondo = Flipper’s paradise.

  68. nickelback sells a million records… it doesn’t mean its good.

  69. To anyone who picked this up, im jealous. Pretty fairey like if you ask me. First in a long time.

  70. I like Shep (his inability to draw/stencil hands is not a deal breaker for me). I like Mondo (their huge-ness/hipster/flipper’s paradise status notwithstanding). But, even more so, I like EB, and the sucker is down…

  71. LMAO at all “collectors” in this thread who know zero about printmaking.
    A. You most certainly CAN use stencils in silkscreening

    B. Tyler Stout draws doodles on small pieces of paper and then decides the arrangement before he SENDS them off for others to print…he doesnt pull his own prints, nor do most higher tier artists.

    C. Google for knowledge

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