American McGee’s Alice at Gallery 1988 – The Prints

I’m happy to be able to reveal the art prints that will be sold at Gallery 1988’s American McGee’s show this week. Each image was inspired by the new video game, “Alice: Madness Returns”, a dark take on the Alice in Wonderland universe. They’re all done right, screenprinted and limited. These will first be sold at Gallery 1988 on Melrose this Wednesday and Thursday, then online starting Friday at

Kevin Tong:

Ken Taylor:


Rhys Cooper:

Phantom City Creative:

James Flames:

16 Responses to “American McGee’s Alice at Gallery 1988 – The Prints”

  1. Kevin Tong killed it with that! That is stunning!

  2. Must own that Tong!

  3. These posters are all gorgeous, but between the movie last year, the national ballet, the new video game, and the Blu-ray Jan Švankmajer “Alice” re-release from the British Film Institute this year . . . I think I need a ten year moratorium on Alice.

  4. Beautiful work fellas

  5. amazing work from these folks. as always.

  6. will be attempting. these are great.

  7. Tong’s work here is, as usual, exceptional. Loved that he focused on the gryphon.

  8. Holy crap, Kevin, amazing work!

  9. Thanks for the praise guys. I certainly appreciate it and it looks like everyone here brought their A game. Should be a cool show (I’ll be at the public opening). I made a short process video of the drawing and color separations if anyone is interested:

  10. That Tong is just beautiful. Angryblue’s is stunning as well.

  11. Are prints going to be available Thursday or be allowed to sell out Wednesday?

  12. Was under impression these would be sold at event. Weak sauce all around. Just too a look gallery 1988 sold out. Guess tommorrow out of question. Bummed out. Post should be more specific. Hope I’m wrong

  13. Will you be so kind let me know what time Alice2 website drops prints on Friday? Anyone out there?

  14. They’re finally up.
    Scored a Tong. The man does amazing work! Always glad to add to my Kevin Tong collection.

  15. Yes! got my first Tong! Got it after all 🙂

  16. + 1 Tong, nice, was also really tempted by the Phantom City playing card… very cool

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