Two New Posters for Gene Ween by Todd Slater

Todd Slater mashed up a bunch of iconic cartoon characters for his newest Gene Ween posters. These are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 90, and cost $30 each. Visit

9 Responses to “Two New Posters for Gene Ween by Todd Slater”

  1. Jesus…Jesus!?! thats all I have to say

  2. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?! Genius!

  3. would be great as art prints!

  4. @ SIQ

    this has been done by Ronnie Cutrone

  5. He did something similar with cartoon cereal characters for an old nakatomi invitational. Still regret not picking that up!

  6. Brown.

  7. These would be great if they didnt say Gene Ween on them,

  8. well…um,,,,this thread would be great if you weren’t on it. JERKOFF!!!!!!!

    Gener rulz! J. Granat droolz!!!!!

  9. The words on the poster ruin the art and Gene Ween has nothing to do with Warner Bros. animation.

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