The Jason Noble Benefit Art Print Collection

If you were around about a year and a half ago, you might remember the first benefit print set that was sold for Jason Noble (of bands Shipping News, Rachels, and Rodan) after he had announced he was battling cancer. The battle is still ongoing, so a second set of prints has been organized and is even better than the first. This new package includes 17 prints by artists like Aaron Horkey, Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Dan McCarthy, Mat Daly, Sonnenzimmer, and more. It also includes a CD of new music by Noble. The sets are limited to 200 copies and cost only $250. The proceeds will benefit the Noble family. Visit

20 Responses to “The Jason Noble Benefit Art Print Collection”

  1. Thanks for the shout Mitch- The art in this set is amazing, I was honored to be a part of it. Jason Noble’s progress is ongoing and encouraging. Thanks to all of the collectors out there who are not only getting an incredible set of art , but helping a human to live and create.

  2. thanks for posting, mitch. the prints i’ve seen look awesome. jason is an awesome guy, and i’m excited to be involved in something like this.

  3. In for one. All the best to Jason. Hope he stays strong! Thanks to all the artists who contributed. Amazing stuff.

  4. The Dan McCarthy print in this package is fantastic.

  5. I had to grab one, missed on the last one so needed to get this one!

    Keep up the fight Jason!

  6. much love and respect to the many talented artists that contributed to this very worthy cause
    y’all rock!!!

  7. The everything about this package is fantastic.

    A noble spirit embiggens even the smallest man.

  8. hahaha , embiggens ? is that even a word ?


  9. embiggens (that line) is a simpsons reference.
    and ha, “only” $250? Why my wallet is flying open right now. I wish the guy well, but seriously, I think whoever made this post should think before they say “only” for a couple hundred bucks.

  10. What would you propose 17 full-size screenprints cost?

  11. best print deal ever…. yes indeed
    17 awesome prints for $250…. Hell it could have been $500 and it would still be a great deal…just do it peeps

    +….. it’s a great excuse to flip prints

  12. $14.71 each?

  13. Amazing print set. Amazing cause. And yes, an amazing deal at ONLY $250.

    Now someone help me out as I’m trying to figure out if the bat w/ the stereos is wearing a scarf or a sumo thong on his bottom.

  14. @ yoyo …

    You see that big winking thing under my two question marked statements? That suggest i’m in on the reference . It was a perfectly cromulent reply .

  15. How is this not sold out yet….wow. C’mon this is a great cause!

  16. +1 set. I dont even know if there is a place to see them all, but the ones I could see were plenty reason enough to make a purchase, plus it also helps out someone in need. Even if it didn’t do that, this is one hell of a deal at ONLY $250.

    @B – I thought it was a sumo thing at first, unless maybe bats get cold asses and then it could be a scarf… Jay himself posted in the thread earlier, maybe he can enlighten!

  17. great prints, and yes, a great deal.

    best wishes to Jason

  18. Just a couple days left of this benefit! 40 sets left! Thanks all you(s)!

  19. I’m a lucky dude, I get to see all these prints first! Holy smokes! I’m freaked out!

  20. …also! This thing ends on June 15th!

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