“A Perfect Vacuum” Art Print by Jeremy Geddes (Onsale Info)

Jeremy Geddes will release another stunning new art print later this weekend. “A Perfect Vacuum” is a 23.5″ x 35.5″ giclee, has an edition of 250, and will cost $235 AUD. It goes up Monday, May 30th at 7am Melbourne Time (that’s Sunday at 2pm in California, Sunday at 5pm in NYC, etc). Visit JeremyGeddesArt.com.

Click the image to see it larger:

20 Responses to ““A Perfect Vacuum” Art Print by Jeremy Geddes (Onsale Info)”

  1. If I see a more amazing print than this all year I will be very happy indeed… doubt I will mind! Geddes is next level amazing!

  2. I’ve checked out his previous pieces with interest and enjoyed his style, but this is the first time I’ve actually been tempted to purchase.

  3. LOVE this guys work.

  4. amazing piece – wish it wasnt so pricey though. too rich for my blood.

  5. First one I’ve been tempted on. More work without Astronaughts please! Good stuff

  6. This looks so amazing, I can’t stop looking at it. But for some reason that damn right hand over the left forearm kinda looks like some face staring and screaming at me.

    Overall, this print is awesome! Less space suits more this!

  7. There’s only one piece left in the Cosmonaut series I believe. PV is also the first in a series of related works. So all those not into the Cosmonaut pieces should be quite happy going forward. Still, for me White Cosmonaut is still my Geddes of choice. Can’t find one for love nor money mind! I love those pieces but can see why the likes of this and Cafe have a broader appeal

  8. Want!! Wantwantwant! His work is spectacular.

  9. im in – brilliant !! gonna look amazing

  10. Couldn’t get the page to refresh–then sold out. So I guess I’m not going to start collecting his stuff after all.

  11. +1 and now looks to be sold out…

  12. gone!

  13. +1! But only just! Got in there with about 20 seconds to spare!

    Last print was available for 6 hours with no cap on sales… this sold out in 4 minutes with a limit of one per person. It’ll be less than a minute sell out craziness from now on! See you on the drop…

  14. missed out on paypal, not used to such a frenzy – a bit gutting but i do have 3 other prints from last year to console myself with….framer will be more gutted : |

  15. @dylansdad same for me…was hitting refresh, when it finally dropped the page wouldn’t load again and when it did, it was sold out

  16. Wow, amazing work. Love surreal pieces like this.

  17. Sigh… one more artist I have loved for years that I will likely no longer be able to get prints from any more, due to the insane print drop. Its crazy to think that not long ago, his prints were literally for sale on his site for like up to a year or more each, and now they sell out in a minute. I guess thats what happens when you become more famous, but kudos to him, his work is ridiculously amazing.

    Luckily Heat Death is waiting to grace my office wall when I finally get around to having it framed how I want.

  18. Try your luck at the next release, Ben. You never know how the next one will go. There has been no pattern specifically for Geddes’ prints yet. Sell-out times will be more solid after a couple more releases.

  19. His working is amazing in person! Those who got a print will surely be impressed!

  20. The prints have landed and look amaze balls.

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