THEY LIVE at The Alamo Drafthouse with Shepard Fairey (Ticket Onsale Info)

Tickets for The Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo’s “They Live” event with Shepard Fairey will go on sale later today. The $60 ticket price includes a poster as you leave the screening. Some of the posters will also make it online afterward, but this should be a really fun show to attend. If that’s not enough, there will be an afterparty next door at the Highball with DJ Diabetic himself. The show is June 9th, the tickets go up today (Thursday, May 26th) at 12pm Central Time. Visit

17 Responses to “THEY LIVE at The Alamo Drafthouse with Shepard Fairey (Ticket Onsale Info)”

  1. Holy shit balls.

    The usual crowd of Mondo fans AND Fairey fans…

    When the remaining prints go up for sale on the site they will sell out in under 0.00368 seconds.

  2. This is the first print I’ve ever actually wanted from Shepard… *sigh*


  4. @ Collin have you seen the image already?

  5. This has FAILIP written ALL over it! I’m even passing on the movie tix for my friend in Austin… Hope I’m not wrong!

    Anyone see the print yet? Bet it’s an edition of 1,000 easily!!! I wonder who likes cash more, Shep, or Mondo…

  6. @Taper

    Failip? U Trollin’

  7. +2

  8. Damn that was hairy for a minute.
    See you Austin dudes next month 🙂

  9. Has anyone seen the poster?
    I would imagine it is either the Obama They Live image or a print of the fine art They Live piece Fairey did.

  10. anyone get 10 tickets?! I bet some people loved/hated that limit

  11. There’s one on Ebay.

  12. Complete and utter HORSE SHIT!

  13. Snagged my ticket. Was pretty worried, what with the site seeming to crash for about five minutes, but made it through. Now my friend and I just have to figure out the best way to get from California to Texas (and be able to stick around for Saturday’s Rolling Roadshow up north). Also, according to Mondo’s blog the poster image will be revealed at the show, so I don’t think it’s any of the ones already out there.

    See some of you folks there! 😀

  14. +4

  15. WOW. eBay listed @ $3000.00 buy it now.

    I had it up on the purchase screen but chose not to pick up tickets. Personally, I don’t know the movie and didn’t want to take away the opportunity from someone else.

    Congrats to all those attending. I’m really interested in seeing what the prints go for on eBay after the show.

  16. best movie everrrr!!! demand this print on my wall will kill some one in front of their own mother/reptiod for one

  17. “I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum…and I’m all out of bubble gum.” I think Shep has already admitted to birthing his entire brand identity from this movie so I am ok with it.

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