The Entire 2011 Mogwai Poster Series

I’ve just finished curating an official poster series for the band Mogwai. I’m really happy with how the prints turned out, so I wanted to show them all off together. Check back for sales info as it comes in (expect a Postersandtoys announcement for a handful of them soon). For now, enjoy!

New York City – The Small Stakes (aka Jason Munn)

Toronto – Doublenaut

Pittsburgh – James Flames

Detroit – The Silent Giants w/ Zac Gorman

Chicago – Jay Ryan

Omaha – Doe Eyed

Denver – The Bungaloo

Portland – Jeff Proctor

Vancouver – Guy Burwell

Seattle – Chris Huth

San Francisco – Chuck Sperry

Los Angeles – Kevin Tong

Albuquerque – Rich Kelly

Dallas – Florian Bertmer

Austin – Todd Slater

Houston – Ken Taylor

Birmingham – Drew Millward

Atlanta – Landland

29 Responses to “The Entire 2011 Mogwai Poster Series”

  1. A who’s who of the best poster artists working today. What an amazing collection!

  2. man so many of these are awesome…thesmallstakes always makes me smile whenever I see his work…i’ve already snagged the Sperry and Tong but now i really want the Millward, Taylor, Landland, Munn, and the Slater…my name is jools and i am an addict

  3. oh man; for show posters i really try to limit my purchases to concerts i actually attended. this series is really testing my resolve…

  4. They’re all great, but the Bertmer is my favourite.

  5. The only artist missing from this who’s who list is Mr. Stout. What a great collection!!!

  6. It was a great series…. But why no San Diego poster??

    I was really bummed about that, it was a great show.

  7. YES! bertmer one is insane! I want!

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