Olly Moss at Gallery 1988 (The Video)

Just in case you haven’t quite grasped how awesome the Olly Moss show was yet, here’s an amazing video from Threadless. I’m telling you, people will remember this show, it’s a big deal. Enjoy.

Olly Moss Art Show @ Gallery 1988 from Threadless.com on Vimeo.

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  1. okay, okay, i wasn’t there, i get it!!!

  2. never thought so much minimalism could be so inspiring! awesome!!! wish i wasn’t stuck in boring old texas. oh well, at least i have a couple moss pieces to admire at home.

  3. awesome..

  4. I’m stoked for Olly and his success. He deserves whatever people shower him with because he’s worked for it and seems like a genuinely nice guy. I’ve followed his work since the first Threadless days.

    Only thing is that I wouldn’t call this the best show of the year. Personally, this exhibition was more derivative of a style that already exists and I look at styles / shows like a spectrum. Not to say that he hasn’t executed it really well here. I just think it’s a bit over-hyped and people aren’t looking at it more critically as they tend to do with every other artist out there. For example, Victorian portraits depicting couples have been on plenty of wedding invitations. Olly has switched it around to feature popular culture. It’s super fun, but not revolutionary.

  5. I know it is Olly, but $400+ for one piece…and people complain about the “flippers.”

  6. HEY! That’s RB from http://www.weinershop.com and astonishingblog.com standing next to Germain Lussier at 2:04! hahah he’s just chillin’ there lmao
    This dude: http://astonishingblog.com/featured/ollymoss/

    That’s a pretty funny cameo especially because he’s just kind of standing there and gawking at the art! hahahahahha

  7. ha what a hero

  8. wow, awesome video, thanks for sharing.

    congrats to Olly Moss and Gallery 1988, that’s a hell of a turn out!

  9. Olly is the best! I’m so excited for him continually getting the credit he deserves. =)

  10. As an Aussie, I have only heard bad things about LA as a town/city. But G1988 makes me wish I lived there anyway.

  11. @Shawn the prices were not that high. I had someone pick me up a piece and after taxes and shipping it to me it was right around 300 on the nose.

    Now some of the pieces with multiples in 1 frame were more, but that is the bs expected. For 1 off pieces the prices are right.

    Can’t wait to hang mine up 🙂

  12. Wow, typing on my phone early in the morning didnt go so well. Oh well, you get the gist of what I was saying.

  13. @Baker, thanks for the update. I just saw some pictures and the price tag next to the frames was over $400+. I just thought in this economy…that is expensive…and people complain about flippers. Again, thanks for setting me straight. Which one did you get? I wonder how much Boba Fett went for?

  14. My understanding on the pricing breakdown was for the singles they were anywhere from 225-300 depending on the size of it. And then the doubles I think were around 400. And then some of the big sets were more. I know there was one that I think was around 1200, but I think that was LOTR maybe.

    I got “The Analrapist” which is one of the pieces he did based on Arrested Development.

  15. Looks like an amazing show. Over 300 pieces! Whoa!

  16. @Baker, dang, I’m jealous. If I was able to drive down that day I would have fought you for that Tobias one, haha.

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