Jay Shaw’s “The Servant of Cybele” Art Print for Novos (Onsale Info)

Jonathan Brebner continues to recruit great illustrators to help fund his upcoming sci-fi film, Novos. Jay Shaw (aka Iron Jaiden) provided the latest in the series, and it’s looking quite nice. “The Servant of Cybele” is an 18″ x 24″ seven color screenprint, has an edition of 75, and will cost $40. There will also be a wood variant (edition of 15) for $75 and a metal variant (edition 10) for $100. Everything goes up tomorrow (Friday, May 6th) at 9pm Pacific Time. Visit the Novos Store.

39 Responses to “Jay Shaw’s “The Servant of Cybele” Art Print for Novos (Onsale Info)”

  1. WOW!

  2. that is aweosme!

  3. that is awesome!

  4. That is amazing IJ.

  5. So well done–this would be right at home in between a Kevin Tong and a Martin Ansin. Jay’s got talent.

  6. Keep it up IJ, ridiculous stuff. Illustration is top notch.

    Awesome concept/sentiment you’re conveying here as well.

  7. Jay kills it again. Great work!!

  8. “Iron Jay” really rocked it this time… and I see that one of my fave Aussie artists is in total agreement! One of your best works yet, amigo!! I say “amigo” because it’s Cinco de Mayo!! Fiesta!! lol

  9. I’m SOOOO psyched to release this one.

  10. another top job IJ. Interested to know if you draw freehand or is it computer enhanced in some way.

  11. Hey thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I’m still a rookie in this thing so every release is pretty exciting.
    If you like the jpg I think you’re really gonna dig how this one looks printed. I’ve been messing around with pearl-ex metallic additives recently and the results are wild.

    @SIQ: the whole thing starts on paper as a sketch and then gets brought into Illustrator for “pen” work with the Wacom tablet. The stuff in the background (grid lines and skyline) are made using the shape tools but all of the foreground lines are freehand though. The coloring is all done in Photoshop but it’s obviously just a guide as the real coloring happens during printing.

  12. Thanks IJ. As a professional illustrator myself I’ve been very keen to experiment my own work in screenprint. And just like you I always start with a sketch and then onto the good old Mac.

  13. The great thing about screen printing is how accessible it is. It requires a tiny financial investment to get started and the initial learning curve really isn’t very steep. Once you get into it you realize how incredible the work of folks like Chuck Sperry and Jay Ryan and Malleus are so it becomes this really fun pursuit of new and interesting ways to get images onto paper.
    I would definitely say go ahead and jump in with both feet. The water’s warm :)

  14. Catches my eyes for sure. I love the color scheme and artwork. Can only imagine what the print looks like in life. Awesome.

  15. Who the drymount is Iron Jaiden!

  16. Iron Jaiden is a failed Expresso beans flipper turned artist. This print does nothing for me. Sperry has a beautiful new image recently released, http://www.chucksperry.net .

  17. @meh: I have no idea who you are or why you’ve decided to personally attack me every time I get mentioned here but I’m really sorry you feel the way you do. The “failed expressobeans flipper” comment is confusing at best.

    And you’re right that Sperry Mogwai is gorgeous.

  18. Thanks for the advice IJ. Do you think this artwork would screenprint…


    My concern is the graduations…

    And ignore meh, clearly jealous… 😉

  19. Very cool j! Any insight into what the print is about in terms of the film? @meh, don’t be a dumb ass. J is the anti-flipper, dude hooks up folks on the regular. Hater gonna hate :(

  20. @SIQ: whoa dude is that your stuff?! Right on man! If I’m not mistaken Geekart covered your Empire poster a while back. It’s as badass now as it was when I first saw it.
    You’ve got a hell of an eye for layout.
    Yeah gradients are a challenge for screen printing. You’ve basically got two options. You can turn the gradient into half tones or you can do what’s called a “split fountain”. A split fountain is where you run two different color inks on a single screen at the same time and gradually blend them in the middle with the squeegee. Folks like Chuck Sperry and Malleus are masters of this technique. I’ve tried to do it and come up with some pretty goofy results. Need lots more practice. You tend to see split fountains used for more background stuff though and not small complex gradient shapes. For what you’ve got there it’d be really tough. I would say your best bet is to turn those gradients into half tones or remove them all together and go with solid colors.
    You’re clearly a strong enough artist do make either look rad.
    If you do print it put me down for one and if you ever have any questions about this stuff toss an email to ironjaiden[at]kingdomofnonsense.com. I’m still learning myself but I’d be happy to share what knowledge I do have :)

    @selassie: one of the big themes of the film is mother nature reclaiming what was once hers. Humans have abandoned old earth and left behind synthetics to keep an eye on things. This is a dying synthetic being reabsorbed nature.

  21. @SIQ: Jay is right, you rocked that ESB image! You simply *have* to get that piece of awesomeness screenprinted. Any way, shape or form, it must be done. Resistance is futile.

    @Ironjaiden Jay, outstanding advice you gave on screenprinting, etc! I always like it when the artists post the “behind the scenes” stuff. A Wacom tablet… does that ever take me back… back…. waaaaaaaay back!

    You are obviously someone with alot of talent *and* an inspiration to many up and coming artists. Keep it up, amigo!

    Now… as for the *amazing* Chuck Sperry’s latest work (on his webpage)? Meh… 😉

  22. Cheers IJ, REALLY useful tips. I thought as much re. the graduations, but halftones can look really cool if done right, so I will bare all this in mind.
    Yep, Geek Art featured the Empire poster, really stoked about that, now if I can only get my art featured on here someday I know I’ll have made it!!!

    Thanks for the compliments, always nice to hear from a fellow artist! I’m working on Terry Gilliam’s BRAZIL and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA next, just for a personal project.

    Re. the themes of this film and the composition, it now makes more sense, sort of a grown-up version of WALL-E?

    Be emailing you soon dude! 😀

  23. Thanks CJD!!! 😀 😀 😀

  24. @SIQ, re the themes: Exactly like grown-up Wall-E, except the robots have actually succeeded in their mission and don’t want humans back.

  25. Thanks for the kind words Iron Jaiden. Your work is amazing – love it – keep making beautiful stuff! – Peace, Chuck

  26. Jay, this is just the beginning for your career, you are clearly getting better and better each and every print. I will own this one as well. As for that meh person, sounds like he has a case of ChinNuts, don’t give him the satisfaction of having to write an explanation for anything you do. Let the haters hate, they will always be one who just doesn’t see it.

  27. keep up the good work, another nice illustration, all the best for the future

  28. @meh
    Bite meh! Eat your heart out fool! I’m trying for this beauty. Good job Iron-Lion-Zion-Jaiden!

  29. So it looks like the Novos copies of these sold out really fast. Wild.
    My copies will be available at http://kingdomofnonsense.bigcartel.com/ in a few minutes if anyone’s interested.

  30. Oh and holy shit Chuck Sperry thanks man!

  31. Got one, love the print man. cant wait to get it.

  32. Great artworks!!! Is it a tree growing up from a body of a robot woman?

  33. when does this ship out.

  34. @alp
    I know how u feel. Seems like poster prints take forever to get. The crazy thing is we pay good money for them and shipping. Makes you think sometimes if the artists’ have even printed them when they are sold. Just got to be patient; is all. Plus I read somewhere IJ say when he had print he would post image, not jpeg that we see. Sure it’s worth wait though.

  35. Wait, really? 13 days? Dude’s a student and a filmmaker, give him a break.

  36. Sorry admin. TMI on my thoughts.

  37. Yeah i don’t mind waiting a bit, i was just making sure they didn’t ship yet. my building is good at losing packages. happened before. Plus i didn’t read if these were already printed or not at the time of the sale. i have got prints in with in a week and sometimes with in a month.

    also “admin”. not everyone knows the artist’s person life. No need to jump on that guy.

  38. so i got it and it’s an AP print. i saw something about that on the novos site but its not clear when or if the numbered print will ship. anyone else know :)?

  39. @ alp I got the same AP signed in silver on bottom. Also the goofy note; I’m not sure about note. I was stoked to even get this after all the hardship IJ went through. This is already up in my living room- high in plain sight.If I look closely I see a gold finger print-doesn’t bother me. I love this print. Awesome to stare at.

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