Three New Posters from The Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse will release three new posters today. All of the info is listed below. These go up today (Thursday, April 28th) at a random time. Visit

Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” by Tomer Hanuka (see some process pics here)

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition 175, $45:

Star Trek “The Menagerie” by Mike Saputo

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 125, $45:

“Rabid” by Phantom City Creative

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 125, $35:

27 Responses to “Three New Posters from The Alamo Drafthouse”

  1. Is there a usual time these go up?

  2. Saputo’s style and composition really works for me here, the others don’t grab me as much. Good luck to everyone who’ll be after one of these. I hope we’ll see a Wrath of Kahn and a(slow) Motion Picture design in the future…

  3. I agree the Saputo one stands out for me. The Tomer Hanuka looks unfinished and rough to me. Hard to judge from a jpeg though.

    I actually saw Menagerie the other day – it’s fate that this poster comes out now!

  4. The Hanuka is just a thing of beauty… I’ll be going for that for sure.

    First Trek print that’s captured my attention.

  5. That RABID poster is the bees t!ts. Seriously creepy awesome design.

  6. Kirk’s face looks weird to me, on the Saputo, other wise I’d be interested.

  7. quick Kirk impression…..”…..spock..”

    thank you, thank you!!

  8. I got Menagerie in my cart but during checkout got an “error on page” from 3D Cart(?) and had to start over. Sold out.


  9. Missed out again.


  10. That’s it. I give up. Anybody want to buy a $100 Mondo gift card for $90?

  11. Same here… Missed out. Was in my cart… sold out when I returned to Mondo. Man, they need to print more posters, I think a larger supply would discourage the ebay scalpers… and make it easier for everyone… Maybe even do second and third runs.

  12. Just wanted Menagerie, Damn missed it!
    Hey dolemite75 Im interested, I know i’ll be trying for others in the Star Trek series might as well save a few bucks.

  13. @ mus Are you sure that’s not a young Captain Pike you’re looking at in the Saputo print? Kirk looks fine to me.

  14. Are these things EVER for sale? Seriously, every time I click on the site, everything’s always sold out. What, do they only print 10 of each or something?

  15. And already all over ebay. Avg. sale price of 150.00 on ebeans.

  16. Good looking stuff!

    I have a question though … WHERE IS ANSIN? That dude puts out gold every time I see one of his works.

  17. Ansin, Tan, Stout, Taylor, Moss, Whalen, all top artists… but I think it’s great to see some new(ish) talent have a go with Mondo. Not that there’s anything wrong with the big names, just sometimes ‘a change is as good as a rest’ so to speak.

  18. Ok going to try for this today……..O wait………

  19. Man I love that Rabid poster. It’s a great early Cronenberg film bested only by Shivers (oh please let there be a Shivers poster one day).
    I’d love to see Mondo reach out to PCC for more commissions. Justin & Paige are extraordinarily talented folks but so much of their poster work ends up available only as small giclees. We need more full sized screen prints from them.

  20. @Simp, Ansin already did a Trek print a long while ago for Space Seed. We’ve also had prints by Ken Taylor, Tom Whalen, and Olly Moss to name a few. The Ansin was one of the first of the series, if not the first (I forget now). Mondo has been really slow in putting out this series, unlike the Star Wars series which released like clockwork every week.

    Was able to snag the Saputo, the composition and colors are great on it. The Tomer I wasn’t too big a fan of.

  21. Seems like flippers do this for a living. Why not put prints up for sale late afternoon, give the hard working people a chance. I guess printsellers want their stuff on eBay? Flippers are a bunch of bums.

  22. Hi

    this was the only place i could think of to get a valuation…

    I’m thinking of selling my tyler stout Metal Robocop poster run of 35/ signed & numbered

    I’m kinda lost of the value of it… could anyone give me a ball park figure… any help would be greatly appreciated.


  23. I want to create a print of Flipper the movie for Alamo Drafthouse. Please for the love of god, let me do this for you. It would be the most amazing print ever….

    Then art flippers, could flip “Flipper”.

    I’m a genius. I’ll gladly wait for my email.


  24. @Grant Osborne, try looking on
    great site with loads of info, just search tyler stout and you’re sure to find the rough valuation for that print. Wish I had the £’s to buy it myself but I think it’s gonna be out of my league :(, good purchase for you though!

  25. Tomer killed it. It would be awesome to have a Tomer/Asaf Hanuka print. hint hint.

  26. that process thread leaves a few steps in the middle to the imagination.

  27. I have a metal robocop too and always have been curious how much one goes for. Would never sell though

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