New Large-Format Art Prints by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will be offering some HUGE new art prints tomorrow. “Long Play”, “Enchanting Sounds”, and “Lotus” are all 42″ x 42″ screenprints, have editions of 40, and will cost $500 each. They go up tomorrow (Thursday, April 28th) at a random time. Visit

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  1. “Long Play”, “Enchanting Sounds”, and ….“Long Play”

    Now he really is just screwing with us.

  2. Anyone know what Sam is talking about?

  3. …because it clearly says “Lotus” above.

  4. They are all tight. I would try for the girl. Little too much for my budget though. Good luck!

  5. If I pay $500 do I get the Ginger guy holding the poster for free?

  6. LMAO @ Brian….that was EPIC.

  7. HAHA 500 bucks each? I wouldn’t but these if they had been 20 bucks each. Looks like these had been done in 10 min on adobe illustrator. Anyone who is interested in these give me the 500 bucks and i’ll kick you square in the will have the same effect.

  8. More genius coming from Fairey…I’ll add $10 to my per piece printing cost and $450 to my retail purchase price. Design costs are $0, since I’m just recycling images I produced 10 years ago…..Looks like it will be another $60k revenue day for Fairey!

  9. Liked it, looked at some MBW prints and now I like this even more…

  10. “Enchanting sounds of Paradise?” Yeah that is really street. Hmmm seems like this would belong is some hair salon or something. Phucken lop Shepard

    100% Lost all respect for that fool

    But he is a millionaire fool…..

  11. its tough just getting quality paper that big, but I have to agree $500 for a one color screen print is pretty excessive.

  12. When I first read this it didn’t say “Lotus”, It said “Long Play” twice. So clearly a mistake on the authors part. That’s what I was talking about Willis.

  13. The comments on this board amaze me.
    Some really stupid people here.

  14. Im just going to leave positive comment.

    Sure is a nice day outside.

    Thats about as positive as it gets with OBoringEY.

    I guess I could just say “everybody is dumb”
    and not backup my statement.

  15. Legion is so clever and such a scholar.

  16. Isn’t this a serigraph? I thought all 3 for $500?

    Lotus is cool….if he released this last year at this time you guys would be lapping it up.

    Too rich for my blood but better than most of this years editions

  17. See….another “serigraph” email today….no mention of $500 each….says edition of 40 with a price of $500 (for the set I assume, hence serigraph)

    If it is $500 EACH it isn’t a true serigraph, it would be….not sure…individual large prints?

  18. Tomato tomato as far as I know there is no difference between serigraph and screen print. It has nothing to do with series quantity or size of prints.

  19. No transparency these days 😉

  20. @ Taso :)
    just kiddin around

  21. sold out

  22. why is he charging so much?? i love his work, but seriously!!! he made it so that the actual FANS cant buy his stuff anymore and rich people only buy it because it’s a new “fad”

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