Aaron Horkey’s Pan’s Labryrinth Poster (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will release this stunning Pan’s Labyrinth poster by Aaron Horkey tomorrow. It’s a 15″ x 37.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 420, and will cost $75. There is also a variant with an edition of 125 for $125. Both go up tomorrow (Friday, April 22nd) at a random time. Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. I really like it but can’t help to think what some other artist like Ken Taylor, etc could have done with all the great elements and characters from the film. Feels like a missed opportunity. Great poster none the less and will most likely try and obtain one of the regulars.

  2. Both are stellar.

  3. holy shit! I LOVE Pan’s Labryinth and this poster is SICK. Will be trying for one.

  4. Good luck to all you cats going for the drop.

  5. Mondo blows…..

    Great poster that won’t be joining my paper party.

  6. Enough trolling.

  7. Horkey’s style leaves me breathless, the workmanship involved in all of his art is staggering. The typography is also mind blowing, this is a work of art.

  8. F*** you & your “at a random time”

  9. im digging this. the variant’s colors just arent really popping off imo. its already on ebay too..(SHOCK!)

  10. The poster is fantastic but the variant definitely seems bland. These always end up on Ebay right away as they typically have a deal with the the theater for first dibs before they’re sold on Mondo or another site. Ugh, Mondo and their random sell times.

  11. It’s on Ebay because it was realeased prior to the online drop at the mystery movie screening. I’ll try for the variant.

  12. Ahhhh NO! Really cant afford anymore posters!

    Although I agree with others that the film could have been pulled off a bit better the color contrast in the regular version is awesome!

    Might have to try for this one,even though it will be $100 with int delivery….

  13. It’s already on ebay for 300 sterling!!


  14. Another poster from Mondo that I won’t have a shot in hell at getting. Flipperific.

  15. I thought this just said ‘Labyrinth’ and I nearly exploded… Pan’s Labyrinth is fine, though.

  16. I really prefer the variant. Others don’t seem to, and it costs $125–so it won’t flip as well. Does that mean the masses will be going after the regular, and I might have a shot at the variant? Hope so.

  17. Great print, wonderful movie but I love the mondo hate 😉 I’ve been preaching that for a while now! I love when my order is completed & I’m all excited just to have it cancelled 2 hours later due to oversell. Can’t these wonderful artists find an actual professional company to release their prints through. Honestly Tyler Stout & othersdefinitely needs a better place to release their prints. He & others r professionals giving wonderful pieces of art to the amateur hour at Mondo. I called their once to talk to a manager & they literally told me no manager comes in the building and they had no idea how to answer any questions. I’m embarrassed for them. Here comes admin warning me of negative talk again yet now I’m not the only one 😉 Oh & way to sell the stout akira to about 50 flippers selling it on eBay for $1000 and not giving everyone else a chance, that’s real fair Apparently I have to move to Texas for a chance at my fav artists prints

  18. I like the variant best. It may seem muted in the colors but I think that’s what I dig most about it. It’s more subtle.

  19. 1250pm EST and still no drop. Mondo is def looking out for the West coast on this one. RESPECT!!

  20. Tony, this is going up on Friday. May as well take the rest of the day off from refreshing!

  21. Um Tony…. it says the drop is tomorrow

  22. im tony and im an idiot…just fig out this doesnt drop till tomm. (lol)

  23. Cant wait to make it through the 15 different checkout screens only to see its sold out!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Damn looks like the trolls win this one….

    Mondo = Flippers paradise.

  25. Knowing Horkey, this thing will put your eyeballs out when you see it in person…Don’t care much for his muted variants but either one will be a stunner!

  26. trolls never win

  27. Variations are irrelevant when the key drawing is that good . . . I’d go for a single run black of that baby.

  28. It really stinks that the concentration has shifted from the awesome skill it takes to produce something like this to Collectors whinning….i feel for the true collectors…

    That being said…I think this is somewhat a departure from(what Ive seen of) Horkey’s traditional layout. He’s a master. But i think Florian, Taylor, etc..all wouldve produced a killer product

  29. JonEwaD, you made your bed, quit trying to troll about flippers, it’s laughable.

  30. It’s sad when more people are speaking about the seller than the art itself. As Stupidtool mentioned above, “Variations are irrelevant when the key drawing is that good.”

  31. A truly gorgeous poster. I’m glad the original spanish title was used. It’s hard to not love what Aaron does but this one’s really something else.
    Good luck to everyone going for this one.

    Here’s hoping for a Cronos poster sometime down the road. Just watched the new Criterion release of that last night. Such a great movie.

  32. It would take a whole hell of a lot more to get me to move to the state of Texas than just to snag these…although I suppose if you lived mighty close one could survive on preying on mondo releases prior to the showings.
    Love this movie, the print is alright…as someone stated there were so many different elements with this movie it could have been done 500 different ways.
    That being said, me and 10,000? other people will be virtually dueling on mondos server tomorrow afternoon
    Good luck to the collectors

  33. Digging this print, just overall in its insanity. Going for the reg in the drop tomorrow, this thing will be beautiful in reality.

  34. Well I wont be around for drop, but hoping my poster buddy can rock it for me!

    Great poster. Love the spanish titles on this one. Would really love to see what the OG ink of this looks like, I can only imagine it is mind blowing. And having them printed at BoNA you know they will be looking spot on.

    Dont really like touching on this subject anymore cause I feel like it is beating a dead horse here. But honestly the majority of us dont have any issues with Mondo or the way the store works. You simply CANNOT expect to get every poster you want with the way it has blown up lately. Just put on your big boy pants and take it on the chin.

    Good luck to everyone going for one tomorrow. :)

  35. Beautiful print, probably my new favorite poster of 2011.

  36. Outstanding work based on a great movie. I rarely anguish over the fact that I don’t have disposable income to spend on posters, but this is doing it to me.

  37. i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again… Aaron Horkey – possible the world’s greatest living illustrator.

    beautiful, beautiful poster.

  38. I think I’ll agree with that deancc.

  39. Can’t wait to see one of these in the flesh , it’s a combination I never thought I’d see .

  40. Horkey is the best artist Mondo uses, period. Well, other than Vania.

    They should get John dyer baizley to do a poster. Or James Quigley, aka Gunsho. Maybe Thomas Hooper. Need some fresh blood.

  41. One complaint though. Not a big fan of the varnish. I have two other varnished prints, and with all 3 it seems harder to focus on the detail. I love the flatness of the agalloch one he did. It looks like the ink is drawn on. If glossy is the way of the future I suppose I should get used to it…

  42. went for the variant, and it cost my a shot at the regular…

    both gone.

    oh well…

  43. Holy Hell that went fast. I was on the site the second it went live. I think they sold out in about 1 minute. Whew

  44. Missed out again.


  45. NOTE: Adding the item to your cart does not guarantee your purchase. You must fully complete the checkout before the item is considered yours.

  46. gone with the usual quickness…first mondo print that I’ve wanted in a while but lost it during checkout. I still don’t understand why mondo can’t allow their customers to hang on to the print for a bit while it’s in their cart.

  47. Damnit!!!!!!!!! fuckaflipperfuckaflipperfuckaflipper

  48. +1 on the variant. I’m shocked I nabbed that one. Can’t wait to frame it.

  49. I had the variant in my cart before the Tweet even hit my phone. I clicked to proceed to checkout, and got a blank white screen. No loading progress/activity, nothing would refresh. Just a blank white screen.

  50. Yeah, I had a reg in my cart and went to checkout. Gone. Oh well. Congrats to those who got it.

  51. I got a non-variant, unless I get a cancellation notice later. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it goes through because Horkey + Pan’s Labyrinth is just too good to pass up. SO happy I won’t have to pay flipper prices.

  52. How long does it take before Mondo starts cancelling orders due to oversell?

  53. I am amazed at how many of these posters are on ebay now, variants included. It’s mildly ridiculous.

  54. Did daylight savings or something hit the US? Went on sale over one hour before the usual time.

  55. It went on sale after 11:15am EST, which is the usual time the posters go up on sale. The Kill Bill one definitely went up around that time too.

  56. For a few months, they were almost always dropping the posters between 11:00-11:30 CST, but that Kill Bill snuck up early around 10:30. The Pardee Scream/Nightmare posters went up around 9:45. They have been getting about 45-60 minutes earlier than they used to. Gotta keep us on our toes!

  57. Too slow again.

    In the cart but sold out before I cleared the payment/shipping screens.

    Any chance some of these will make it to Posters & Toys?

  58. 31 on ebay. I think its fair — to an extent — to grant mondo some disparagement for increasing the fetishization and commodification of some artists work. I continue to equate mondo with frustration. That said, this poster kills and I genuinely hope the majority wound up in appreciative hands.

  59. I know we all hate people flipping the stuff on eBay, and I missed out on this one too, but if that number is right, and 31 out of 545 (420 regular, 125 variant) ended up on the resale market, that’s really not so bad. Like, under 6% of the total run.

  60. Mondo’s system and business model really does not work. It caters for those with ultra super broadband connections and the time to wait for the drop. Meanwhile those of us who are on a budget (ie: kids to feed etc…) and have other things to do in a lives other than press F5 have to go without or pay flipper fees. NO, I don’t think I’m ‘entitled’ to a poster or I am ‘bitter’ when I lose out according to certain other members on the forum here, I do consider myself a fan of the illustrators and films that are depicted and would like a fair shot at owning a print or two. Mondo, why not do much larger runs of a regular print, and shorter runs on the variant, you’d still sell every single print and make many more of us a happier?

  61. I am personally not a fan of how Mondo drops prints. I think Emek is a bit more creative. He once sent everyone on his mailing list a mulitple choice question and the right answer goy you an invite to buy the print. It seems fair and even and you know you are competing with others that really care about the work. I also like Tyler Stout doing his lottery drop which seems pretty fair as well.

  62. Hate hate hate the idea of a lottery, then you really feel like you got screwed and people will claim it is rigged. The multiple choice thing is not a bad idea.

    Also @SIQ, I see your point on the larger runs. But it comes down to why people want to buy these. If you love these for the art, then larger runs are perfect. But if you are a collector and value prints for their rarity, you hate the idea of larger runs. And we have seen a larger run with Stout’s SW sets (850 reg and 250 var) which has reduced the price that flippers can get them for on ebay.

    I’m not saying Mondo’s system is perfect and it does cater to people who can sit in front of their computers with high speed connections but if it is really important to you, you might just have to pay more for faster internet and take a half day at work if you want to get the drop.

  63. To avoid frustration I chose to simply admire the art & not even go for the print today. I think I’m pretty much done trying to get anything from Mondo anyway. Awesome work as usual by Mr. Horkey. Congrats to those who scored. :)

  64. love the print but everyone hating on mondo and flippers..just give it a month, youll be able to get this print on ebay for $100

  65. Really? Bigotry now? Bums me to out to come here and see this stuff. :(

  66. IJ, I deleted the comment you were talking about.

    From now on, unfounded shit-talk will be deleted. You guys are exhausting lately.

  67. Are we certain that Mondo employees aren’t putting these on ebay themselves?

  68. I usually don’t understand all the fuss about Horkey’s work, but these really were fantastic, wish I coul have landed one

  69. I usually don’t understand all the fuss about Horkey’s work, but these really were fantastic, wish I could have landed one

  70. Wow, reading all this whining made me really miss expresso beans… HAHAAH! I don’t really dig this, for a Horkey, wish I could read the lettering :(

  71. I appreciate the fact that Horkey stuck to the original title.

  72. Noob, yes, we are sure of that. I know all of the Mondo employees personally and that doesn’t happen. Plus, if they were out for more money, Mondo could’ve easily just charged more for the prints in the first place.


  73. Mondo is rubbing it in…just got this via email after I lost my print during the checkout process:

    “We noticed that you recently visited Mondo, but you did not complete your order.

    Did you have any problems placing your order? Is there is anything we can do to help make your shopping experience better?

    If you would like to continue this order click here.

    Please let us know and we will do our best to address any issues or concerns you might have.

    Thanks for your feedback, Mondo.”

  74. So you got burnt twice!

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