“Required Reading” Prints Available Online NOW!

The prints from our “Required Reading” show at Gallery 1988 are online right now (though the site is getting hit hard). Some will go fast, so hurry over. Take a look through, we’re pretty proud of this one. Visit NineteenEightyEight.com.

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  1. +1 on Tong

    Was hoping for Moby Dick gray variant too but oh well, super stoked!

  2. cant even get in

  3. Yea it’s completely dead now, I was F5’ing for a while

  4. Same here. Site seems dead

  5. Yep. Won’t even load.

  6. site seems down, agreed

  7. Be patient…ive been slowly crawling toward the checkout for the past 20 minutes…don’t think im going for any of the big names though…trying for the velveteen rabbit, catcher, and breakfast of champs prints…

  8. Just got the site to load. The only thing sold out is the Bertmer Cthulhu. So don’t give up!

    Also, the Ken Taylor variant didn’t arrive in time for the show. It wasn’t available last night or online today.

  9. Searching the Zarathustra print doesn’t yield results either.

  10. so where the hell are the prints? I don’t see a clickable link on the home page…is it one of the “shop” links in the drop-down menu?

  11. Do not do a search on the site! Click the link above to be taken to the list of prints. The Tong is there.

  12. Still loading…thanks for the info, guys.

  13. thanks dylansdad, Kevin Tong print added to cart, but it still loads and loads. Hopefully some of you are lucky.

  14. The link at the top of this page just says nineteeneighteight.com, but if you click it, it takes you to http://www.nineteeneightyeight.com/la/bookpost.html. That is where you need to go.

  15. aww..that helps…thanks, guys. Now I can try to slog through this shit-storm with the rest of you!

  16. Just remember to be patient. It’s going to load slowly–but it’s going to load slowly for everybody else, too.

    The good news is, I saw this stuff in person last night and it’s all worth the wait.

  17. ah bummer. The Bertmer is the one I wanted. Hopefully Moon actually has some for sale later as well.

  18. The Tong and the Richards are gone…

  19. Got all the way to review order but it keeps coming back around and saying “Please select a valid shipping method”. I did, but it won’t go, does that mean it’s sold out or F’d?

  20. @sheff, i think you need to select “home delivery” instead of Fed Ex…not sure if thats what youre trying…

  21. now on checkout, the tong is sold out. maaaaaaannn

  22. I wonder how many people who bought the Thus Spoke Zarathustra poster have actually read Nietzsche.

  23. just made it through checkout…wasnt trying for the Tong, but psyched to get the ones i got. Sperry, both Bertmers, taylor, tong, and richard are gone…

  24. @Nick, I’ve tried “Ground” and “Home Delivery” several times each, no dice. Both of these appear under the Fedex header in the drop down menu. Unfortunate.

  25. I really wanted that Paradise Lost print. Fingers crossed on the artist having a few left over.

  26. @Andy – I have

  27. Picked up both Florian, Ken Taylor, and Jason Edminston yesterday. Met really cool people. @dylansdad thanx for info:)

  28. I got almost everything I wanted, but no Sperry, or Taylor. Both Whalens and Tans, the Hynes and the James Flames.

  29. +1 Tong and Schaefer. What an exceptional show. Congrats OMG and G1988. Please do a part 2 of this one in the future. So many incredible literary works out there deserving of great posters.

  30. You know how in the email it says that some prints may oversell and refunds will be issued?

    We should be safe by this point if we haven’t gotten refunded yet on a print that sold out, right?

  31. who dropped $750 on the Kelly? very well played.

  32. That thing was a steal.

  33. Could have so easily spent a whole months paycheck on there. Managed to grab the Tong, pretty stoked about that!

    @Andy – I don’t think one must have read Nietzsche to appreciate that print. I’m not sure many people would read Nietzsche unless they had to; it’s not exactly light everyday stuff..

  34. love american psycho, wish the print didn’t suck. really…a business card….that’s it…really?!?!?

  35. I think the American Psycho poster rules. The business card thing kinda represents the whole crux of the story.
    Personally I was hoping someone would be ballsy enough to do a hamster trail for American Psycho but that might’ve been too much :)

  36. Did anyone else NOT get an email for their orders after they went thru? I didn’t get one.

  37. $21+ for shipping is too rich for my blood.

  38. I picked up about a dozen prints last night, and half of them were for members at EB. Several others were doing the same–there were a lot of poster buddies in line, and it was really cool to see that.

  39. picked up the origin of the species and the perillo oz – gonna run out of space in the kids’ rooms if I keep up the poster crazy!

  40. Had to grab a couple of these; missed out on the Tong unfortunately. Love the Masque of the Red Death, too, though, and I got that one.

    Now that I know it wasn’t represented in the show, if anyone’s interested they can check out my cover for an awesome modern book here:


    And if anyone has an extra Tong, well… :-)

  41. Fantastic show. I bought six prints myself. It was my first time at the gallery and I plan to go to many more. Can’t wait for the Moss show coming up.

  42. This looked like a fantastic show. Great concept too. With so many worthy books, hopefully part 2 is in the works…

  43. I surprised at the lack of love for the Rhys Cooper prints. These things are insane.

  44. wow, nothing jumped out at me here.

  45. Congrats Mitch; you da man!

  46. Late to the party, but managed to score a regular edition Siddhartha. I love the background on this print, and being that I have tiger blood and my Chinese zodiac sign is the tiger, this has special significance for me :)

  47. The remaining Paradise Lost and Call of Cthulhu prints will be sold through Moon Editions sometime soon.
    thanks again to Mitch and Rob for such a cool show!

  48. everyone’s work is so great. Stoked to even be a part.

  49. what a great project, this looks amazing.

  50. Well done….LOVE the Rich Kelly! He is so talented and it’s really refreshing to see someone hand draw his stuff!

  51. ^ agreed, his work is really great

  52. @ Dave: yeah that olly moss show sounds so tantalising – shame i live on another continent. here’s the flyer: http://www.moss.fm/

  53. Would love to see a Wuthering Heights print in the future (could be very dark and menacing with gravestones and a hectic Heathcliff) or even Lord of the Flies. There are so many other books to create posters for. I hope there is a “required reading, part deux”

  54. this show was just 100% fantastic through and through.
    I anxiously await part deux.

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