“Required Reading” Fourth Reveal: “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Kevin Tong

Rob Jones and I both agree that Kevin Tong’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” is definitely our favorite piece in the entire “Required Reading” show at Gallery 1988. This is a HUGE 24″ x 36″ screenprint. For those asking about the sales protocol, everything will first be sold at the opening in LA tomorrow, then online sales will follow on Saturday. For more info, contact NineteenEightyEight.com.

Click the images to see them larger:

30 Responses to ““Required Reading” Fourth Reveal: “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Kevin Tong”

  1. Awesome sauce!! :)

  2. WOW!

  3. blink…widen…boggle…boggle…

  4. Every print so far has been amazing. My bank account is glad I’m on the other side of the country but I am sad.

  5. Wow…. just…. wow.

    Kevin rocked this one.

  6. Fucking great job again Kevin, another amazing piece!

  7. This.is.awesome.

    Bummer having to miss soo many good shows considering I’m in MD.

  8. I am dying inside that I won’t be able to get my hands on any of these. I definitely want Moby Dick and this puppy right here.

  9. Bottom half seems to have some Olly inspiration.

    Great work.

  10. Anybody know Mitch’s email?
    I found a badass sale going on and want to inform him.

    Ultra surprised OMG isn’t up on this?!



  11. Must. Have.

    I think this might be Kevin’s best print ever so far.

  12. Wow, this is so awesome… Its funny, i just recently hung up 5 paintings in a bar in Portland depiciting Darwin, Freud, Nietzche, Salinger, and Hemmingway among a few others. So far i am 3 of 5, but i bet all my authors will show up for this. its good to know that gallery 1988 is tackling some tough reads that require some real thinking vs the crap that is being published today..

  13. Kevin has been on a Horkey-esque run of quality lately! Good for him! Awesome work.

  14. @legion
    There’s a ‘contact us’ link under all the ads on the right side. You can contact Mitch there.

    Print looks killer!

  15. @Legion

    Or you can post it here and I can stop checking every art retailer I can think of…

  16. mr tong is on absolute fire at the mo

  17. Thanks wisdom101
    @ Jesse email me and ill fill you in.
    dont want to spam, I already feel like a dick.

    Thanks again

    >>>>>>>>>>TONG RULES! Hope this joins my collection!

  18. Kevin this is downright OUTSTANDING!

    If the rest of the collection is even have this good it’ll be show of the year IMO. Will be incredibly tough to top these.

  19. Brilliant!

  20. *half this good… it’s early :)

  21. This is absolutely killer, I wish I lived in LA and had a real shot at one

  22. Such a great piece Kevin, awesome work.

  23. Kevin is KILLING it lately.

  24. Amazing. I never read the book, but if I had this would be an automatic purchase.

  25. Wish I could make it to the opening for this. Too much going on for a trip to LA and need to make an appearance at Mark Murphy’s opening tomorrow night at Subtext.

    Hopefully there will be some prints left over I can snag online on Saturday.

    All of the prints shown so far have been amazing. Great work.

  26. Tong’s best print to date. His work just keeps getting better and better!

  27. so good.

  28. With how good these are looking I doubt most of them will make it online. :( Want this and Moby Dick.

  29. i should just do an automatic deposit into kevin tong’s bank account every month…this shit is bananas

  30. “Bottom half seems to have some Olly inspiration.”

    I don’t get this at all. I guess you’re speaking about the lone figure with the elongated shadow, but that’s been around for ages.

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