“Required Reading” Third Reveal: Two Prints by Florian Bertmer

I’m happy to reveal two more prints from our upcoming “Required Reading” show at Gallery 1988 on Friday, both by Florian Bertmer. He took on Call of Cthulhu and Paradise Lost, creating two of the most impressive pieces in the show. Enjoy!

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  1. Holy Shitballs! This show is going to ruin me! Each one thus far a CORKER!

  2. …amazing!

  3. This has got to be the best idea for a print show. If I had the cash I would probably snag all of them. What’s been shown so far has already been impressive, can’t wait to see the rest. I only hope that some of my favourite books/authors are featured (Lovecraft: Check).

  4. Amazing work

  5. Hot damn! Both prints are insane! The Lovecraft moreso.

  6. Amazing! Just had a fantasy football moment: Aaron Horkey doing Ambrose Bierce would give me a heart attack!

  7. That Paradise Lost is awesome.

  8. These are ridiculous. Literature is so metal.

  9. The Paradise Lost one is beautiful.

  10. Sick!
    This is going to be one kick-ass show!

  11. Yeah, no shit…all four reveals so far have been absolutely stellar. You guys have outdone yourselves, Mitch. Congrats on wiping out my bank account in advance. You earned it.

    And yeah, literature is so metal. Especially when Florain’s on it.

  12. Florian in his element, love them both!

  13. yeah these are dope. any thoughts on when you’ll be putting them up on the 1988 site or elsewhere mr admin? no gallery 1988 in SF any more so no chance for me….

  14. I’m living in HP Lovecraft’s old house right now, the place he lived in on Barnes St in Prov. It was his sister’s house and he lived on the first floor and wrote a bunch of his well known stuff there. I haven’t seen the ghost yet, but I hear he’s around.
    Its funny to see goth couples taking photos in front of the house all day and night….

  15. Regarding online sales:

    opening reception: Friday night, April 15th, 7-10 PM. (Runs through April 30th)

    *small note – we have been given only a small quantity of each poster, so we do plan on selling out of many of them. You can begin lining up at the Melrose gallery starting at 5 PM. Whatever is left the next day, will become available online.

  16. damn, bertmer does it again. hope these prints get online.
    incredible, lovercraft is my favorite!

  17. How much for prints? Can I line up before 5?

  18. super sick, this show will be awesome since I love books!

  19. Paradise Lost is amazing.

  20. This is Florians best work since Hagakure ! He just showed us what he is capable of. Simply brilliant.

  21. The Paradise Lost one is great…true artist

  22. Problem is, they’re both only limited to 60!

  23. How much are prints? Can I line up before 5?

  24. I have got to own both of these. Dark, incredible and stunning…

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