Ken Taylor Wins in the Secret Wars Semifinals

Ken Taylor sent over this awesome video of his semifinal Secret Wars battle. He will now move onto the final round. Considering the 90 minute time limit and lack of sketching, Ken’s piece is beyond impressive. The dude oozes talent. Enjoy!

7 Responses to “Ken Taylor Wins in the Secret Wars Semifinals”

  1. cheers! had so much fun doing these – rules are – no sketches – black paint only – 90 mins time limit & reference the other person…. his name was drewfunk 🙂

  2. i went to this. was a cool time and Ken definitely deserved the win. rules to see it come together in front of your eyes.

    congrats, Ken!

  3. It was certainly an awesome night.
    Looking forward to the final, against Scale it should be a great battle.

  4. When are you up against the champ Rhys?

  5. Congrats, man. Well deserved- awesome work.

  6. Battle reminded me of that scene in Raiders. Other guy is just flipping his sword around, and world-weary Ken just takes a gun out and shoots him.

  7. Awesome video…makes me appreciate Ken’s work even more to see him work at that scale.

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