“SF Fire Escape” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey continues his billboard series with “SF Fire Escape”. This is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will cost $45. It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, April 7th) at a random time. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

13 Responses to ““SF Fire Escape” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. did i just turn a corner in his berlin print, this is boring

  2. another print “mailed in” by Fairey…..He is literally somewhere laughing at the fact that this is going to sell out. How much longer before he actually has to start caring about his work again?

  3. Here’s a better photo of San Fran he should have used


  4. ^^ LMAO

  5. ^^ x2

  6. I love it! His shit is so wack ppl don’t even bother to post anymore.


  8. Don’t bother posting haters. Enough hate in this world already. Go do some flipping or something. Lol 🙂

  9. Funny, this is the first one in a long time that I actually like and would consider buying. But yeah, in general I agree that there’s been a lot of weak work lately. However, I think its pretty weak on the haters part to chalk it up to SF selling out. I think he’s just exploring new subject matter, techniques, etc. Let the guy grow, yo!

  10. Man his stuff has gotten so stale

  11. Damn you people are repetitive.

  12. The haters aren’t the flippers.
    The haters are the collectors.
    The flippers could care less what crap obey puts out, they just want to flip.


  13. its more about being disappointed then hating.

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