Tyler Stout’s Kill Bill Poster (Onsale Info and Variant Reveal)

Mondo will release Tyler Stout’s Kill Bill posters tomorrow. Below you will also see the first reveal of the Japanese variant. The variant will be printed on paper that lands somewhere between rice and parchment, plus it has some subtle changes to the art (consider it his “director’s cut”). The regular version is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 600, and will cost $50. The variant has an edition of 225 and will cost $100. Both go up tomorrow (Tuesday, April 5th) at a random time. Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the images to see them larger:

90 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s Kill Bill Poster (Onsale Info and Variant Reveal)”

  1. I like the Japanese variant. Hope I can get one!

  2. Been eagerly anticipating the release, hopefully I’ll be able to cop one of these beauties. The Japanese variant is pretty rad.

  3. my prayers to the god of drops have been answered…day off 2moro, i’ve been dreading this was gonna drop on wed/thurs when i’d be at work.
    Reg will suffice for me, don’t wanna find I’ve missed out on the reg while failing to get the variant.
    love the extra blood and the coffin punch scene in the variant

  4. lol, got that the wrong way round…probly prefer the reg because of the coffin pic actually, but i like the extra blood in the var….choices choices

  5. Im in. Not sure which one I want yet. Do I run the risk of getting shut out and go after the variant or just get the reg and feel pretty confident ill get it. Decisions decisions…

  6. Well, an extra 50 bucks for the long awaited variant. I wonder?
    I’d be satisfied with the regular and i guess even that is gonna be difficult.

  7. Hell yeah!

  8. Can’t wait for this one. It should be a hell of a drop.

  9. these prints are almost as lame as the movies

  10. BIGBY
    That’s a stupid comment
    Unless you want to try to dehype to buy it

    Anyway stupid

  11. @Lion
    Do NOT feed the trolls!

  12. Eh, people are entitled to their opinions. It’s not one that I am interested in, but good luck to those of you who are (unless you’re just scalpers).

  13. omg omg omg POSTERS!

  14. What’s the sellout speed gonna be like for that variant. I’m guessing 30 seconds at most. Then give it another 30 seconds before 10 show up on ebay for $800 a piece.

  15. @Dave
    I’m thinking anywhere from 1-2seconds. Then, of course, we will see Buy it now! for 999.99 not including shipping. gotta love flippers.

  16. i’ve never understood how it can sell out in 2 seconds. Even if there are 500 people waiting anxiously to buy a poster, they all have to enter their credit card number, exp date and code to finish the order. Hmmmmm

  17. The variant will be gone as fast as people can get through the checkout as soon as they go up.

    The reg will be probably 30 secs behind it.

    The price on these has already leveled out some, and with an edition of 600 it wont be “cheap” on the bay, but you arent going to see “Thing” prices for one of these either.

    Good luck all.

  18. These will be impossible.

  19. the variant is sick, but no hope of bagging one, if i get lucky it will be reg

  20. John, you should be more confident given the size of your tool. Regardless, anyone familiar with how Mondo drops and has scored at least one very hyped print should be fine. I can’t imagine that this drop would be as hyped as the Stout Wars triptych.

  21. sick. must have one.

  22. do want~!

  23. The variant looks great!! I think I speak for a lot of people when I say his recent variants have been rather mundane with just the lack of color etc.

    Not the case here for his Kill Bill variant. Lots of blood in the variant compared to the regular edition. A switch of colorways on the top of the print, and of course the font/text all in Japanese.

    I’m all about the variant on this one and might skip the regular release depending on if Mondo drops them simulataneously, which hasnt happened most recently with the sxsw and star wars stout prints.


  24. Much like the movie this will be a bloodbath, but I’m going for it just the same! :) Both great prints!

  25. pfff nobody buy these…wait till they go on ebay

  26. hate mondo…….
    must attempt

  27. Blink twice and they’re gone. Must have an intel pentium III processor and lightning fast reaction time.

  28. so what are u suppose to do, site at your comp the entire day on the site n hit refresh until it pops up?

    first time buyin popular prints lie this but LOVE the movies so thats why im interested…

  29. Legion you’re going for a Mondo poster?!?
    Well I’ll be…

  30. (hahaha!!) im on high speed at home. :)

  31. Im on slow speed at work, but figure if I can bag Moss SW prints on this DSL, I can grab this too.

  32. Stuck in a meeting all morning. If anyone grabs one of each, I’d be more than happy to take one off your hands!

    Best of luck!

  33. Do we F5 on the Home Screen or in the Mondo Store???

  34. Vik, it’s the store page you want to be F5ing 😉

  35. Thx Relaxing, really appreciate it!

  36. yay! Regular edition score!

  37. All gone in 2 mins.

  38. YES! Got one. FUCK YOU eBay flippers.

  39. Wow, Those went so so so fast!

  40. Does Mondo always crash like that? I was on time the very second it was released and then the page wouldn’t load. If you don’t have an insanely fast connection, are you pretty much screwed?

  41. Arrrgh Mondo site is already having issues. ha.
    @ IJ – gotta give it another and another and another try. My like button for Tyler’s work should be a love button.
    It’s sad really it just joins the other 15 prints of his in my drawer.

  42. Really hate Mondo Tees sometimes. Sit there for 45 seconds waiting for it to add to cart the second it drops only to get the error message. What a pile of horseshit.

  43. ok that was most retarded drop ever cart wouldnt work at all

  44. HOOOOOOOLY crap. +1 of each! This is the first time that I’ve been able to get one of each, and I am beyond stoked right now.

  45. +1 Variant … hopefully it holds up!

  46. lmao . . . . fuck mondo

  47. +1 on my Variant :)

  48. ^Agreed. I had it the second it was out and I get an error. Why don’t they switch to Big Cartel or something?

  49. Jesus, had one in my cart, them lost it at check-out. Happened to me with the Star Wars prints, too. I believe the universe never wants me to own a Stout.

  50. +1 Regular edition. I had just finished watching volume one and was two minutes into volume two when they went on sale, pretty pleased with my good fortune – ALMOST makes up for my cancelled Moss SW prints…almost, haha.

  51. I hit it right when it dropped, got to cart, pressed check out, error….

  52. I was right there the very second it loaded & still fail. Tired of being disappointed by these instant flipper sellouts.


    I was on ebay 10 mins before the drop and some flippers already had the variant up for sale.

    Am i right in thinking that the variant hasn’t been available up until the online sale…?

    How the Fuck do these C**** get hold of them?

  54. You have to understand, there’s at most a few hundred copies and thousands of people hitting the site at the same time to grab those few copies. It’s a lottery, basically. If you’re not sitting at your computer refreshing the site and Twitter constantly you have no shot, and even then it’s pure luck.

  55. Had the Variant in my cart, but couldn’t get past the choose address screen (mostly my fault, since I botched my first attempt at entering my gift card numbers). Oh well, there’s always next time.

  56. got half way through checkout and got an error fuckin fail Mondo.

  57. +1, thanks mondo for releasing it at 8:30 am pst and totally dicking the west coast, & thanks for the crappy site locking tons of ppl out

  58. +1 on had one in my cart and lost it at check-out,

  59. A lot of these have sold on ebay the last week of March. Does anyone know how these people got a hold of these early?

  60. They were sold at some event, sxsw or some show

  61. +1 reg….the email confirmation of my order arrived before the “processing payment” screen had gone…nervy few moments but gift card FTW again….how long did the variants last?

  62. @Greg I’m sure that people who have access to the variants (Stout, Tarantino’s people) gave out copies to friends early and a couple decided to make a profit. We all know only a fraction actually sell online. If you really want one now, look to TS’s website.

  63. @Greg 100 copies of this poster (regular edition) were sold at a screening for Tarantino’s birthday that was a surprise for him.

    The variants were first released today though.

  64. @Greg

    The posters were sold at the New Beverly Theater here in LA for a special screening of Kill Bill last month. I picked one up there, so I avoided the Mondo madness.

  65. Wow that was quick. Good times. :)

    100 copies of the regular edition were sold at the new bev in LA for the screening. That’s why folks had it early.
    The variant on eBay was just some fool pre-selling in hopes some sucker would give him a thousand dollars for a poster he doesn’t have yet. Worst comes to worst he has to refund the sale if he doesn’t score. It’s shady as hell but where there’s money to be made…

    Congrats all you +1s. This thing is Stout at his very best for sure.

  66. The regular versions were sold at a screening of The Whole Bloody Affair at the New Beverly Theatre in LA a couple weeks ago. They only brought a couple hundred and they sold out of those at the show.

  67. Who in their right mind is paying $1000 for the variants on ebay? I just cannot imagine shelling out that kind of money, even if I had it. I could have 2 Josh Keyes prints off ebay for what this thing costs.

    Don’t mind me, I’m just pissed off & disappointed.

  68. Is EB not working for anyone else?

  69. Hey Greg these things were sold at the… 😉

  70. Hahaha

  71. And as for the people that were selling variants before the drop, those people are just called cocky. Im sure all the people selling them on ebay if you read it all they probably say they will ship once received from mondo.

  72. @Casey: yeah EB’s toast. I wonder if we broke the 238 member online record today

  73. The posters were sold at a screening of the movie. Word got out and people descended on the theater just to get the poster. You can read all about it at Mondo’s blog at http://blog.mondotees.com/.

  74. +1 regular, so lucky, hit F5 randomly and they were up! There is no way im selling this bad boy! Fuck you flippers!!!!

  75. Haha, I see we were all pretty fast on the responses there….:)

  76. Can’t win them all. F5’d since about 9:30 AM, was on the site the instant it went up, put it in cart, site down, refreshed, got to shipping calculating, SOLD OUT. Boy this was much easier when I purchased My Thing print back in 2008. Hey, them’s the breaks. It’s all in the game. I’ve been successful and I’ve failed. Congrats to all those who snagged one. Maybe on the next drop . . .

  77. All the last Mondo drops were after 12 EST so I ran to the bathroom in anticipation and when I got back to my computer they had dropped! Needless to say I am pissed/dissappointed, but at least I got the SW ones at New Years. You can’t win everytime.

  78. @Shak13 Yeah, I hear you. Same with me, only I got nearly finished checking out and they slapped me with the error. But you’re right; win some, lose some. And hey, at least you’ve got a “Thing” to marvel at.

  79. i have lost my mondo luck. this is the fourth time my slow work internet has screwed me out of a poster.
    fingers cross for Tylers sale now.

  80. I f5 for a while and then have to go take a shit…come back and they are sold out. wow, what terrible luck.

  81. Haha folks get off EB’s neck already. Some of us don’t feel like working today 😛

  82. Wish mondo was a ball so I could kick it in the face

  83. So am I correct in understanding (from the description here and at Mondo) that the regular has metallic inks and the variant does not?

  84. Nevermind. Looks like the description changed at Mondo to state that the variant does indeed have metallic inks…

  85. I am disappointed, for a third time! What kind of a company sells a product that you can only buy in the first few seconds that it is released? It seems like it is designed so that only few lucky Ebayers can make money from people that have the means to pay big bucks for a poster print. What would be wrong with selling a low production variant for collector’s and increasing the numbers that they run for the regular edition? That way, fans that just want to have one to put on their wall could buy one. Or how about sell them for an entire day and then run however many orders are placed? That would stop the flipping.

  86. This is the 4th time in a row that I get shut out during check out. It feels like shit. Still, I’m really grateful that at least I get to try. Keep up the awesome work Mondo, maybe someday I’ll get lucky again.

  87. um… did anyone else NOT get a tweet when they dropped? WTF

  88. And just got out of that meeting. Haha

    Congrats to those who got them! Looks like I’ll be slugging it out with the rest of you over on Tyler’s site. Maybe P&T will have a few too!

  89. Any chance Posters & Toys will get a few?

  90. Tyler has an idea who the flippers are by this point

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