“Required Reading” at Gallery 1988 (Curated by OMGPosters and Rob Jones)

With the help of Rob Jones, I’ve been working like crazy on a new Gallery 1988 print show. “Required Reading” will feature limited edition prints based on classic books. We’ve been really, really impressed with the work that has come in, I think it’s easily our best show yet. It opens April 15 from 7pm-10pm at the G1988 Melrose location. I’ll keep you updated about online availability. For more info, click the invites below, or visit Gallery1988.com.

Click the images to see them larger:

10 Responses to ““Required Reading” at Gallery 1988 (Curated by OMGPosters and Rob Jones)”

  1. Could not be more excited about this, was hoping something like this would happen with G1988

  2. Loving both those Prints – can you say what size they will be available in?

  3. I’m really excited for this show, great list of artists Mitch!

  4. Really looking forward to seeing these. I’m quite curious about the full “index” of books!

  5. woah! that’s a rad idea for a show. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

  6. So great! Congrats on doing another show – I loved Multiplayer!

  7. Photos are down. Looking forward to the show, I’ll be there early!!

  8. Photos back up

  9. Wait… Rob ins’t in the show though?? 🙁

  10. Really like the color pallete

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