Rob Jones at the Grammys – The Video

I know some of you are probably getting sick of all this Rob Jones coverage, but I talk to the guy every day, so it’s beyond exciting for me.  His acceptance video finally showed up online, enjoy!

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  1. Great job, Rob

    Not to take anything away from Rob and this but before seeing the packaging I was bummed that Jack didn’t use a Canadian designer. There’s a ton up there

    After seeing the packaging its not doubt Rob was the best choice and this only solidifies it

  2. That’s awesome. Hard not to like Rob…

  3. I love how he thanks god while looking down, then immediately looks upwards, throwing up the horns. (thanking satan? i like to think he’s thanked both god and satan in the same speech!)

  4. Yay Rob!

  5. fuck ya Rob! way to go

  6. Good ole Capt Sensible! Where would Rob be without him.

  7. yeah baby!

  8. I had to look up Captain Sensible. Now my life has changed again thanks to Rob.

  9. HELL YEA rob you rule the world!!! congrats

  10. Whoop!

  11. Shame on you Tim, did Happy Talk not make it over to the States?
    It was ubiquitous here when I was a young pup, but he’s best remembered for being in The Damned, along with Rat Scabies.

    Nice to see Cap’n Sensible get mentioned at the Grammys, I daresay it’ll be the only time.

    Super-stoked to see the vid, don’t let up on the coverage Mitch – us UK-ers can only see this stuff through these channels.

  12. look out lady, Rob is coming down the aisle!!!!!

    and side stepping the stairs……

    nice job rob!

  13. Way to go Robbie Dobbie!!! Mike and I are so very proud of you! By the way, where did you find that suit???? Keep up the good work!

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