New Daniel Danger Prints Available RIGHT NOW

I’ll type this fast, Daniel Danger’s print from Multiplayer, “I’m alone there now, in our special place, waiting for you.”, is up for sale.  It’s a 12″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and costs $25.  There are also a handful of other new prints available, including his Theodore Roosevelt print from Leia Bell’s Presidents show awhile back.  Visit

17 Responses to “New Daniel Danger Prints Available RIGHT NOW”

  1. Phew! I was getting worried there. +1 for me!

  2. Took a while. Kept getting a server error. But finally got one. Yay!

  3. Same here, server error 3 times, but was an easy score. Oh, and they’re still available 47 min. later, I sent a cute message to the first Ebay flipper that has ‘SOLD OUT’ on the description. Might wanna make sure it’s actually, you know…sold out first.

  4. Did the blue Nada Surf ever appear on the site? I didn’t see it.
    And were did the bride/corpse print go?
    One minute it was there, the next minute I can’t find it. Unless it’s the web browser playing up.

  5. Got me a Theodore, Silent Hill, Green Nada and a small Westies that is no longer there – what did I miss ?

  6. The Wolfman movie poster is now up. I don’t recall seeing it before.

  7. @LG – Funny as that has always been there since I went on.
    Did you see the bear print shown above?

  8. server error after server error… I’ve been through this before on his site and figured persistence would pay off. But alas, my flight was taking off…

  9. Missed it. Damn!

  10. @Mike – yes, saw the bear print but now it is gone. I must not have scrolled down far enough to see the Wolfman print or I was too busy worrying about the others.

  11. I snagged a random “regardless of everything” that popped up. It was not there when Silent Hill first dropped.

  12. @Mike – I was looking for the blue Nada Surf too, thought it was pretty sweet, but didn’t see it come up. Got the green instead and I think bride/corpse sold out.

  13. What is the appeal of this kid? Is it his Baroque-ish use of light and shadow? A McCarthy/Danger print would be interesting!

  14. the appeal is that im #1 awesome.

  15. Haha I like the new sassy Daniel Danger 2011 model.
    Last year’s was nice but this year’s has bite!

  16. So when my sister called me after Daniel’s G1988 solo show last year she said “Yeah Dan’s a totally nice guy… maybe a little toooo nice though.. I don’t trust that shit. I bet he killed somebody. Anyways your posters are nice” 🙂

  17. If you ever get a server error, just try out different browsers. I used Chrome and didn’t have a single issue throughout the process (and I know others used it and had problems).

    By the way, the Nada Surf posters are very underrated. I like the green one especially.

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