Multiplayer at Gallery 1988 Third Preview – Daniel Danger’s “I’m alone there now, in our special place, waiting for you.”

The third and final preview for this weekend’s Gallery1988/OMGPosters Multiplayer show comes courtesy of Daniel Danger.  An ode to Silent Hill, “I’m alone there now, in our special place, waiting for you.” is a 12″ x 24″ screenprint.  This is my favorite print from Daniel in months, I am in love with it.  Get more info on the show at

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28 Responses to “Multiplayer at Gallery 1988 Third Preview – Daniel Danger’s “I’m alone there now, in our special place, waiting for you.””

  1. Holy crap! That’s just awesome…

  2. Must. Have. This.

    DD blows me away yet again with his brilliance.

  3. yeah this is awesome. i can see alot of cool stuff from this series. this might be my first danger!

  4. Chalk up another winner for the show. Gah, this is going to be bad….

  5. Jeeeezus. Amazing work. Are the prints goin online Saturday night or Sunday?

  6. Oh Jeez…. Whats the run on these?? G1988 Has a tendency to drop all the AP’s hanging on the wall while the die hards are waiting for the show to open. I hope these go on sale to the general public on Sunday or Monday. Ughhhh (To bad Iron Jaiden is in Denver!! LMAO)

  7. Will they have a full preview online tomorrow before the show?

  8. I’m pretty frickin’ excited that I’ll just happen to be in LA this weekend. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the opening (I’ll be at the New Beverly for the Edgar Wright triple feature). However, at least I’ll get to actually check out teh gallery on Sunday…

  9. wow, sick!

  10. can’t wait to see the rest of the show, but this is amazing. reminds me that I really love his work.

  11. holy shit, wanted

  12. An art exhibit paying homage to video games that opens on my birthday, and DD is dropping a Silent Hill print?! I don’t think you could ask for anything better than that!

    I must have this. Simple as that. Anyone living in Venice willing to hook a brother up?

  13. Can’t wait to go to this show.

    I will be at the opening, but I don’t know if I have the funds to help anyone out. It’s hard to tell without seeing the full lineup as well as the prices.

  14. This has to be my favorite DD ever (since 09) since got into this Thing!

  15. I hope they put everything up in a preview before the show goes up for sale.

  16. I was at the Melrose store Saturday morning and they were just posting things. I will be there Sunday morning for this show and hope to get Tan and Tong for sure.

  17. was always a bigger resident evil 1 fan than i was silent hill but this is a nice piece for sure.

  18. Any ideas when these will be made available online?

  19. I’m refreshing every now and then so I don’t miss it.

  20. My wife bought the Tong print for me, they only had 30 Dangers on hand, of 300!

    So, I’m guessing Danger kept 90% of the prints to sell in his snazzy new store at some point, which seems fair, even though it would have been nice to not pay shipping.

  21. i was at the show and able to pick one up too, i really like it in person…finding out they only had 30 on site makes sense to me how it was sold out so fast. there were some other impressive prints there tonight, too, like ken taylor’s centipede and proctor’s contra, and many others. it feels like a blur to me, so much was going on.

  22. The Danger looks GREAT in person… overall, darker then the jpeg, but more contrasty.

    Probably my second favorite print of his, after the Jabberwock.

  23. I’m honestly sorry to those who missed out on the DD at the show, but I’m literally ecstatic I have a chance at grabbing a copy whenever he gets around to it. Living in Michigan I miss all of these fantastic shows. I’m just curious as to whether or not Mitch will have a few on Posters & Toys. I certainly hope so!

    Fingers crossed on that Silent Hill print. An absolute must own!

  24. wizdom101, what link are you refreshing? the website seems like a bit of a cluster.

  25. I would also be willing to bet that if they only had a small amount of each on hand that a fair amount of the rest will hit the online store either today or tomorrow.

    Also, pumped to hear what all I ended up with from my poster buddy! Cant thank him enough!!

  26. Prints are up. Danger already sold out :(

  27. i see the prints still up!! i love this quote..”one per person. deal with it.” lol..YES!

  28. Sorry everyone, I bought the last Silent Hill print.

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