Ken Taylor’s Phish Posters (Onsale Info)

Ken Taylor continues to be the most underrated poster artist working today.  A handful of artist copies of his newest Phish posters go up for sale on Monday.  Both versions are 12″ x 36″ screenprints, have editions of 600 (much, much less online), and will cost $50.  They go up Monday, January 10th at 2pm CST.  Visit

PS: At the same time, a few artist copies of Martin Ansin’s Star Wars prints go up for sale.  “A Wretched Hive” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 360, plus a variant with an edition of 150.  Very few of these will be online, just a small handful.  Same place, same time,

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  1. It would be nice of Ken Taylor would put out something I don’t like…. He’s starting to put me in debt.

  2. Ken is hands down one of my favorite artists, I want to see some prints with no text and no bands though, this NEEDS to happen.

  3. God, I am really not a Phish fan but just like with Rich Kelly’s new releases, the art does wonders…


  4. I suppose I should go for the reg edition of the Ansin SW print since that will take me down to just missing the variant set and then having a totally complete set!

  5. I’m assuming that the Ansin prints are not signed, right?

  6. ken’s the poster artist of the year… can’t believe how much amazing work he knocked out in 2010… every time i go to D&L there’s some new crazy illustration by ken being printed… he’s unstoppable

  7. Great execution and awesome color but incredibly unoriginal. I wonder how Mr. Horkey would react to this…

  8. Awesome! Yup, Ken Taylor Rules

  9. Oh yeah Ken’s got his shit together. Truly the dude was on fire for all of 2010, can’t wait to see what he does this year!

  10. This poster makes me wish I liked Phish.

  11. That Ken Taylor looks a lot like Anville’s Isis print

  12. Horkey?

  13. Horkey.

  14. It looks like Horkey doesn’t it? That’s what I thought..I’m gonna try for these but it’s gonna be a

  15. It’s gonna be a shitshow with star wars release also…DO NOT TELL PT! Haha

  16. will both colorways be available? can I try and buy one of each or will there be a limit?

  17. Both available

  18. Can only buy one color per trans. Though

  19. Love the art. Can’t stand the band.

  20. SOLD OUT (A Few Refunds Are Coming)

    That was just about as fast as I expected it to be! I love Taylor’s work, but I left this one for the Phish fans.

  21. I struck out on this, but was glad to even have the chance…

  22. I love Ken Taylors work & he is an Aussie like me..but this one does remind me of a Faith No More Poster he did early last year, with a fish in a bowl and an Eagle. similar design features.

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